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A few weeks ago, I reviewed an email seeking entrepreneurs for a talk radio show.  I was intrigued but a little apprehensive about going on the radio because it was something I had never done before.  

After calling the producer to get more information as to why they would want to feature my unique dive into the events industry on their show, I asked if my twin sister could join me.  

I answer a lot of questions regarding my reasons for starting a low cost People Over Profit based event business with my family.  

Being twins, we do everything together and visiting the radio station along with working together at Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners would be as a team too.

A few of my competitors laugh about our escapades of trying to help the people they have turned away and some consider us to be hillbillies mainly because my sister is far more “country” than I will ever be as I’m a “city” girl.  Cindy’s fun and silly while I’m serious and OCD. 

Being “budget friendly” from the start, I expected a few giggles from our fancier competitors.  It’s hard to surprise me and although I live in a Bible Belt, many of my competition had no interest in LBGT Clients much less, Prison Weddings. 

I wasn’t trying to be like everyone else when I started Texas Twins Events because I knew all too well that affordable options for consumers in the events industry were unheard of.  

My twin sister was the first person in my family to join me in my venture to create affordable options to anyone wanting a Dream Event.  With our Merry Band of SUV’s, we’ve traveled several states and thousands of miles together

Perhaps because I’m dyslexic, I look at things backwards and forwards and think in a circle.  If the average client couldn’t afford traditional price structures, where did they go for help?  The client base I was seeking all of those years ago was the client that no one else wanted.  

My “niche” would be to fill the gap that no one before me was interested in bothering with.  While other vendors regularly hiked prices up year after year, we never raised our prices that were 50-65% less than everyone else.  Being affordable made us far more popular with not only budget friendly clients but also clients who didn’t need to count pennies.  

No one in the events industry was lowering their prices to attract more clients or diversify their client base.  I specifically set out to reach the people no one wanted to help from the start.  

From LBGT Clients to Interfaith Couples, we welcomed anyone and effectively created a rainbow business of clients who had difficulty finding Event help without encountering bias or prices so high that they were effectively “priced out of the market.”

We were different and occasionally, the “butt” of jokes from vendors who would never consider lowering their prices or working for free when necessary much less, volunteering their skills to help a stranger coming to them for help. 

I once had a cake vendor tell me that my clients couldn’t afford to buy from him.  “There is no way that I want any referral business with your clients. They can’t afford my designs and I don’t work cheap.  Walmart sells cakes now and you should send your clients to them.” 

It was a pretty offensive (and hurtful) statement from someone who claims to be my friend in this business. My clients weren’t good enough? What the?  Why anyone would believe that my clients could only afford a cake from Walmart baffled me but, I would hear from the cake baker again a few weeks later regarding an antique stove.  That’s right. He really wanted that stove. 

Many of our adventures are called Incidents in blogs or posts so I called this one “The Cake & The Antique Stove Incident.” There’s “The Barfing Bride,” “The Banjo Playing Boyfriend,” “The Beer Swilling Brother,” and hundreds of other Inlaw or Outlaw related “Incidents” because when you try to help anyone, you also run across a few memorable personalities.

Not all of our clients fit into a low to middle class ranks but, it’s often assumed that they are.  I’m also on staff at numerous venues in the DFW area and those clients are far from poor.  I’m regularly booked at Bell Tower Chapel Garden which isn’t a “cheap venue.” 

Over the years, I’ve been hired to coordinate or officiate or both at $300k weddings or events or $75 weddings or events.  

Anyone following me knows that is isn’t unusual to find my family and I in the back of a C130 at Carswell AFB one minute or a karate studio, park, barn, parking lot, venue or Prison the next. Our bookings are unpredictable and we like it that way.  

I easily drive 500-700 miles a week getting from one event (or Prison) to the next as well as Appraisal Appointments for Pawning Planners Clients and deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures. 

Military Clients love us because we work for free when we have to in order to work within their budget.  Our family is military and we recognize the limited budgets of military families and often provide photography and/or loaned bouquets at no cost to them.Cindy loves unique requests because they are far more “interesting.”  My sister hates being bored and loves the odd request here and there far more than traditional events.

There are no rules when it comes to the finances of Texas Twins Events Clients because many are far from poor.  Pawning Planners Clients are far from rich and the mix of rich or poor, gay or straight, black or white, religious or non religious all come together in one of the most diverse client bases on the planet.  The one thing that Texas Twins Events Clients and Pawning Planners have in common is that they hired my family and I for their Dream Event.

People googling or researching our client bases often realize that many of our past and present clients are as different as night and day but, the combination of clients from Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners works. 

I have never “directly targeted” rich or poor because my goal was to provide affordable options to anyone.  My Dream & Goal was to give anyone the opportunity for a beautiful event regardless of their income.

The snooty vendor who (mistakenly) assumed that my client was too poor to deal with missed a big sale to someone who could easily afford to buy anything she wanted.  I referred my client to another LBGT friendly vendor who was more than happy to make her a beautiful wedding cake for $1500. Assumptions.  There are a lot of them going around.  

Other vendors often struggle to find clients because they hike their prices or turn away clients for being too “different” but,their loss is our gain.  We no longer look for new clients because they find us by referral or word of mouth. Our clients love us and why wouldn’t they? We jumped in and helped them when no one else would. 

The cake vendor would (a few weeks later) see my FB post regarding an antique stove and quickly messaged me offering to trade a cake for stove that a previous client asked me to help sell for her.  My previous client had no idea how to sell online and offered me a trade of fine upholstery fabric to help her since she was a designer.  For those who don’t know why I would want upholstery fabric, it should be noted that I take trades in exchange for event services through The Pawning Planners.  Refurbishing trades requires upholstery on furniture items.  Refurbished items are sold at Texas Twins Treasures to recover our expenses for Pawning Planners Clients.  

I’m open minded about odd requests and know how to market unique items. Besides, I had the perfect flare armed wing back for her left over drapery upholstery sitting in my workroom waiting to be transformed from Trash To Treasure.

I was a little taken back by the “offer” of a cake for a much more valuable stove from the cake vendor and explained that I had no plans to barter the item since the stove was worth far more than a cake in my opinion and experience.  

Other vendors may laugh about our ventures but they always find time to troll our posts and stay updated on our latest adventures.  They are continually trying to figure out how we stay so busy or find so many diverse clients.

Bartering requires product knowledge as well as the ability to market the item to a buyer.

Wanting to trade a stove for a cake got the same laugh from me that the cake vendor had given when I had asked for help with a wedding cake for my client. 

Not surprisingly, Walmart doesn’t sell antique stoves so I couldn’t suggest looking there.  I’m adding a photo of the stove to give you a better idea of the difference between a cake and the stove.  

Cakes are a dime a dozen but furniture and/or home furnishings, antiques, jewelry, farm equipment, etc. aren’t. 

When you appraise items for a living, you research the value and Cindy or I rarely get burned on a flip, swap or trade through The Pawning Planners.  It happens but it doesn’t happen often.  We call these Barters and/or Blunders “Flips and Flops.” 

We have a motto for trades, “if you haven’t ever seen it before- it’s expensive.”  What we look for at Appraisal Appointments are items you don’t find everywhere.  We dig through a lot of trash to find a treasure and occasionally, we don’t.  Not everyone has something of value.  Rather than simply turning these families away, we sponsor their event service out of pocket.

Many folks visiting Texas Twins Treasures figure out quickly that most of our items and especially antique furniture are things you won’t find anywhere else.  Refurbishing items takes both time and money.  

Moving items often requires us to rent a truck from Home Depot or box truck from Ryder or whoever might be cheaper.  

Renting trucks isn’t free to us and we don’t have box trucks laying around anywhere but we still have the odd request to borrow a truck now and again so we refer those clients to Home Depot or Ryder.  

We don’t loan our vehicles- no one does but, folks who have seen us with a Home Depot truck picking up or dropping off items can rent it just as easily for $19.99 which is why we use their trucks so much. You can’t beat a Home Depot truck for the money unless you need a box truck which is (of course) significantly more expensive. We aren’t promoting or branding Home Depot either.  They just offer the cheapest rentals which is why everyone sees us in Home Depot trucks all of the time. 

My twin sister quickly came up with another #Cindyism regarding a cake for a stove that’s quite popular “WITHOUT common SENSE, your WEALTH today, CAN become your POVERTY tomorrow.”  

Everyone laughs at my sisters gift for comedy but the truth is that there’s a bit of honesty in her quotes along with wisdom.  Neither of us fell off the turnip truck in the back forty or were born with silver spoons in our mouths either.  

We are both hard working, driven and dedicated with backgrounds in sales & brand promotion experience so we have experience and insights when we need to target market our Flips or Event Services.

We have had a few Flips and Flops but, it isn’t an everyday occurrence and I knew the market for someone wanting this stove existed and marketed the item to the right person.  

My client got paid and I walked away with fantastic fabric. That’s called winning kids.  The irony is that the client needing to sell the stove was the very same client needing a cake.  Life is funny and occasionally, surprising.  I’m always open to trades unless it’s an item that I’ve invested time and money in.  

A few months ago, a fellow ebayer contacted me to trade jewelry for a baroque sofa.  I politely declined since the sofa was a huge investment for me and very rare.  

Curved sofas from that period are hard to find.  There’s over $900 of tapestry upholstery and the labor was $1200 so trading for non descript jewelry isn’t something that interests me.  I didn’t go into the bartering business to get more stuff, I did it to find a way to recover Event expenses and film development for families who had no money.

Once I’ve put time and money into refurbishing an item, I sell it because I’m far more interested in selling items and recovering my expenses than trading for more stuff.  At any given time, my storeroom has several antique pieces waiting to be stripped, stained and reupholstered.  The reason these items “wait” is money.  Fabric and labor fees to my upholsterer are a hefty investment which is also why I have no interest in refurbishing an 80’s sofa or old recliner.  

If there isn’t a market for a furniture piece, I don’t go to the expense to rent a truck or refurbish it.  I’m very picky about furniture trades because they cost money where Quick Flips don’t.  Quick Flips need no investment and can be listed immediately. 

We reuse, recycle and refurbish items taken in trade before listing them at Texas Twins Treasures—Trash Or Treasure, Flip Or Flop- Texas Twins Treasures.

We only barter services because bartering for existing inventory can easily put you in a hole.  Flipping something you’ve invested money in for something else that needs to be refurbished is two steps back. 

I don’t give anything away because I can’t afford to.  Researching trades is essential to finding the value when you barter services.  Moving large items also requires a truck rental or box truck rental.

Being willing to rebrand and expand over and over while helping with client requests that were pretty surprising at times.  I have never said no to anyone and countless times, my generosity would cost me money. 

Not limiting what we would do in the way of events or helping others became well known as our connections shared, retweeted and reposted blogs or posts promoting our unique business on their social media sites.  

When someone hears about an issue or problem, they suggested contacting The Pawning Planners.  Why? Because “we help anyone.” 

Doing things differently than my competitors was unheard of years ago when I started Texas Twins Events and while my competition laughed about my idea and venture, I met amazing people who all had a story to tell that often involved job loss or illness when coming to me for help.

What I knew that my competition didn’t was that no one really wanted to marry at the JP. Everyone wanted a beautiful wedding or ceremony with flowers and photos but had nowhere to look for affordable alternatives.  

Loaning bouquets, bouteniers and wedding dresses to people coming to us for help was also shocking to my competition but my sister and I knew how difficult and expensive these items were so we bought or made items to loan to clients ourselves. 

Free photography?  Yes.  When clients couldn’t afford to hire our photographers, we brought someone anyway and I went to the expense to transfer photos to a cd and mail them to clients myself.  

My son, my niece and my daughter in law have all volunteered their talents at hundreds of our events.

Within weeks of going LIVE at Texas Twins Events years ago, it was quickly noticed that I was LBGT Friendly from the get go and many of our first clients were looking for help.  Often, these clients had been turned away by my competition.  

For the first few years, there were so many clients who needed help but, had no money that my family literally worked for free for years which is why we call many of our Events Dream Events.

What is a Dream Event?  It can be anything but I’m going to give you a few examples:  The lady who requested a birthday party and presents because she had grown up poor and never had a birthday party.  

Two friends who were both pregnant and needed items for their babies and baby showers.  A lady who could no longer afford to pay for her storage and needed to liquidate the contents.  

One lady contacted us for a fence party.  Parties are expensive so I sent an email to find out more information.  Digging deeper, I found that her fence had fallen and she needed panels and fence posts.  

To solve the problem, Cindy and I ran an ad for free fence posts and panels on Craigslist.  It took two truck rentals from Home Depot and a few weeks but, we found them and delivered them to her house ourselves.  

I.E. We were contacted to help with a fence. The client didn’t pay us for the truck rentals or the panels. She needed help and we helped her.  

Yes, we are THAT DIFFERENT.  No one was standing in line to help her with this request.  No friends or family.  She had to repair the fence or face a fine from the city and was literally “under the gun” to get it done! 

Venue owners call or email all of the time asking how to generate more clients.

Small business owners inquire about running a successful socia media campaign.

A rent or “Pawning Party” for so many people who were about to lose their home or apartment has happened more times than we can count.

A young lady who worked as an exotic dancer who needed a baby shower and baby gifts because she couldn’t work in her condition are just a few examples.

When people come to us for help, their reasons are always different or varied.  If I can find a solution for people not needing event services, I do but we also offer pre marital counseling and crisis intervention.

Birthday Parties and/or Baby Showers require my team and I to buy the gifts at our own expense as well the decorations and cake.  No one loans and/or provides these items to strangers except my family and I.  We literally are Friends To The Friendless because the people coming to us have nowhere else to ask for help.

A few people have asked me how I can afford to do this.  Where does the money come from to work for free or provide all of these items to others?  My husband and I sold our home and decided that after working my entire life, it would be a good idea to start my own business.  

I was an experienced floral designer which is how I can create and loan bouquets, centerpieces, decorations and bouteniers to clients.  No one gives me floral designs- I make them myself and I buy the supplies myself.  

Finding funding for hundreds of families we helped who didn’t pay for services or have anything of value to barter became more and more expensive.  Providing birthday gifts, baby gifts, decorations and more wasn’t something I planned on but it happened.

I don’t make floral designs in a Clients “colors.” I have two sets of floral designs in stock every year that are used by various clients. Clients “borrowing” floral designs choose from 2 color options I keep in stock.

Three years after starting Texas Twins Events, my sister and I were forced to find a way to continue helping or sponsoring these families so we sat down and thought about ways to raise money together.  My sister and I always bounce ideas to solve problems together.

We have never had a sponsor and hundreds of events, film development, travel expenses and other factors were about to use all of the profits from our home my husband had split with me in order to start Texas Twins Events. 

My husband took his half of the profit from the sale of our home and put it in the bank while my portion had been spent in web development and other expenses.

I’m always the driver to Events if we can squeeze everyone and loaned inventory into my SUV.  Because of this, I’ve been through 3 suvs in 8 years and driven thousands of miles. Car repairs or replacement, tires, gasoline, oil changes and other factors come into play for not only me but also my team when we need several vehicles.

Rather than sink with our plan to help others, I merged Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners and offered the opportunity to barter to clients who claimed they had no money.  

A soft heart made it difficult for me to say no to so many coming to me for help.  

However, sponsoring hundreds of families and paying for film development for years had cost me thousands of dollars. Although my venture had brought hundreds of new friends, the fun was going to come to an end if I had to keep doing all of the buying! Finding a way to recoup or recover expenses would take a family pow wow and new ideas to generate revenue.  

The Pawning Planners gave me an avenue to find something of value rather than beating the bushes to find the money to keep things going.  I could’ve easily closed up shop but was determined to make my venture work.  

Rebranding and expanding took money for new websites and development but it worked to create a window within the events industry that had never been open to clients.

Over the years, it wasn’t unusual for me to be paid with “bouncing checks and/or broken promises.”  My dedicated readers remember all too well The Broken Tooth-Bouncing Checks Bride” but, for those who don’t, I’m including the blog link because believe it or not, I could never make this stuff up ya all—Broken Teeth, Bouncing Checks & Lying Brides.

Appraisal Appointments are now a requirement for prospects claiming to have no money.  The reason for this is actually my bottom line.  Film development and travel expenses aren’t free to me.  

When a client claims to have no money or a thing of value, Cindy and I go to their homes to see for ourselves.

By going into people’s homes, Cindy and I see firsthand whether clients are lying about finances or their situation.  This insight also keeps us from being taken advantage of.  If you claim to have no money, you might just have something else of value laying around your home. Appraisal Appointments give us a lot of information as to whether or not clients are in a position to pay for a booking, barter a booking or benefit from my family and I sponsoring their event. After all, my team would like to be paid like anyone else. 

Cindy Daniel is quick whitted and hilarious.  Cindy is silly while I am more serious.  Compensating personality twins are rare but we are two halves that make a whole. 

Using Cindy’s Redneck flair for words, we created Pawning Planners Apparel with what little money I had left in the bank to fund our latest twist.  Sales from Texas Twins Treasures are used to fund families we sponsor Events for out of pocket.

What made our apparel line “different” was the ability for buyers to choose their favorite #Cindyism Quote from the internet for their tshirt or hat.  Customized Quotes became quite popular worldwide so we made another option of language preference to clients available.  Using funds from the sale of Pawning Planners Apparel, we were able to stay afloat and continue helping families.  My twin sister has never been at a loss for words and “comes up” with new quotes on a daily basis—#Cindyism And My GingerTwin Cindy Daniel.

My background is high end sales, I knew that people wanted something they had never seen before in home furnishings.  Texas Twins Treasures features items Cindy or I have either taken in trade or found on our junking journeys and reupholstered to list on the site.  

I’ve sold Cadillacs, furs, furniture and jewelry for most of my life and made a good living because I treated every client like a friend.  I’ve also worked as a print and commercial model. Selling is actually, my speciality.  I’ve promoted Kodak, Proctor & Gamble and numerous brands throughout my career. 

We still trade with many of our connections on eBay for upholstery fabric but when we can’t find something different enough online, I buy the fabric myself and hire an upholsterer to transform our Trash To Treasure designs.  Flipping items takes time and money but I actually enjoy working with new fabrics and design ideas—Visit My Treasure Chest-Texas Twins Treasures.

Our story on the radio was remarkably different from others on the segment.  While Cindy and I waited in the control room at the radio station, we listened to two other show guests who were both successful in their enterpenuer ideas.  One had even acquired 8 million dollars in crowdfunding which was pretty amazing for an interactive app.

Although my sister and I were far from rich, we were strill rolling along with the twists and turns our dive into the events industry had been for both of us.  So many factors and/or requests for services aside from weddings have continued to surprise us but, we’ve learned that every Dream Event is different.  If we only did wedding ceremonies, I would most likely be bored anyway and the variety actually is far more interesting. 

The only thing we had in common with the other show guests was an idea or concept to do something different or new that hadn’t been done before.  

While their ventures were profitable, we had spent years struggling to find a way to make ours work.  We never had investors that believed in our idea or concept enough to fund our mission so we had to continually find ways to keep going.  

I’ve often been told by production companies and/or network executives that “no one really cares about helping poor people or prison weddings.  Get flashier and we will get you a show.  You and your family are hilarious but viewers wanted to be wowed.”  

I hear it all of the time but, the truth is that someone needed to care about these families.  Someone needed to help them and regardless of whether these families are glamorous or not, they are worthy of finding someone to listen and find a solution.

What made us “different” from others was that whether they had money or not, we helped them.  Whether they had a trade or not, we helped them.  We judged no one who came to us for help or had a unique request.  

Instead, we found ways to rally around and make their request a reality.  Families we had helped in the past would often hear about a client we were currently trying to help and ask what they could do.  

You read that right- strangers we had helped who knew and understood what we were doing would often donate their old wedding dress to someone they had never met.  

This joining of hands helped connect strangers while creating hope.  I no longer bought wedding dresses to loan people because previous clients who had purchased a gown gave me theirs to Pay It Forward.  Helping people no one else would made us different but it also made us heros to the people we had helped in the past.

Fifty thousand dollars from the sale of my home started Texas Twins Events and funded hundreds of families but finding creative ways to keep it going while more and more families came to us for help was becoming a problem when an email for a Texas Prison Wedding hit my inbox.  

Misty Faraday had found me on Gig Salad and needed an Officiant at Estes Unit.  I googled Estes Unit and realized that it wasn’t a venue but a Prison.  

At the time, I had no idea Weddings in Prisons existed but set out to find a way to help Misty.  A few weeks passed before the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved my request to become a TDCJ Officiant.

Luckily, Estes Unit wasn’t a Maximum Security Prison.  Not knowing what to expect, I was nervous but determined to help Misty after so many other Officiants had declined.  

Walking into the first Prison I had ever been to in my life was made easier as Misty walked beside me.  I wasn’t alone and I was going to be okay.  I’m claustrophobic and that first visit had caused me to endure a few sleepless nights with my own imagination running wild as to what would happen.  

My niece, Leigh Ann Blais volunteered to photograph Misty and gift her with Bridal Photos.  Misty became a friend to my Texas Twins Events Team because we cared about her story and treated her like a long lost friend.  

After rebranding Texas Twins Events and expanding The Pawning Planners, I decided to again stir things up and add Texas Prison Weddings to our eclectic mix of LBGT Clients who like Misty had encountered other vendors unwilling to work with them.    

These other vendors “screened” clients like Misty by asking invasive questions that included “are you a biracial couple? Are you LBGT or Transgender?”  Many of my clients by the time they found my family and I actually “outed themselves” after being put through the ringer by so many others.  It’s sad but true that most of my competition upcharges clients who are “different.”

Helping people no was else was willing to help in an industry that actually is “all about the money” made our story far more unique, unpredictable and occasionally- hilarious.  

No one could have seen the future of a grassroots campaign to make events affordable “while changing the wedding and events industry one family or barter at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.”

Within a few minutes of our visit with Michael in the studio, I could tell he understood what we had set out to do and how we had managed to keep it going.  Cindy explained the setbacks and successes of a people based business and a few of our unique requests for help.  

From clothing for a family who had lost their home in a fire to school supplies for a single mother who had lost her job, the stories and the people are what made my sites so popular.  No one knew what I would write about next and yet, everyone followed our story.

My web designer, Michael Brylinski had suggested blogging years ago and although I nearly published a book with Simon & Schuster back in the 90’s, I didn’t really consider myself to be a writer.  The book deal I turned down was to painful for me to complete and involved finding my mother. 

I had received a $10,000 check and sent it back after realizing that writing a book about our mother abandoning us would just be too painful for me to revisit.  The timing just wasn’t right and the story to depressing to put into words. 

Writing blogs put me on top of search engines and didn’t cost me a dime.  I made the mistake of trying to hire “a professional blogger” to do it for me when I started Texas Twins Events but after throwing $600 at her and never getting anything back, decided to jump in and do my own blogs!  The rest is history.  Paying someone to write your blogs is risky.  Do it yourself.  I did. 

The Pawning Planners site gives prospects an opportunity to upload an image of their trade—No Money? No Problem. Submit Your Trade-The Pawning Planners.

Cindy and I also handle all of our own social media accounts.  This takes a bit of time on our end but gives us an opportunity to communicate and interact with our social media supporters.  

Twitter is a sellers dream along with authors promoting their books and gave us a window to not only market Texas Twins Treasures items or Pawning Planners Apparel but also to share our story via blog posts and photos.

We had a great time at the radio station and although we were apprehensive about sharing the show with such amazing talent, we shouldn’t have been.  Michael made us feel welcome and we had a great time on the show too.  

Being on the radio was similar to my first Prison Wedding in that I probably got myself all worked up for nothing worrying about my childhood stutter returning while on the air or sneezing or something else unexpected.  

For years, I’ve stood at the altar waiting on the approach of a bride and thinking to myself “this is perfect-nothing can go wrong” right before the bride trips over her veil or a mother in law screams “don’t marry her” or a drunk boyfriend starts seranading the bride and I see my twin giggling on the sidelines knowing that my quest for perfection was blown again by the Inlaws and/or Outlaws of our clients.

There weren’t any trick questions, surprises or laughs at our expense over helping less fortunate clients.  Michael understood our journey and he understood our determination.  

We were average people determined to help strangers and honest about our unexpected journey.

It’s sometimes complicated to explain how we made everything work or the struggles we faced to keep going but our book, Paying It Forward- The Pawning Planners will help us to generate the revenue to finally buy a building and have our own affordable venue for clients who could never pay $2-10k for their event.  

Our book will share the back stories of hundreds of these families along with how we made it all work with everything going against us.  

A few of our clients were as unpredictable as their requests for help and many were so funny, warm and inviting that it will surprise you but through all of the divas, the drama and the chaos, we managed to help so many that over a thousand Clients later, even we are surprised.

Ours is a story of survival and determination to help anyone regardless of their circumstances.  Creating a business based solely on helping people that others had turned away with my family joining me to pitch in with their unique skill sets may sound different but we are different and care about the people who come to us far more than anyone realizes.  

Being a family of twins, I named Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures based on my family.  Being LBGT friendly brought me a market of clients.  

I’ve never hidden the fact that nearly half of all of our clients are LBGT and we are honored for an opportunity to continue our strong ties within the community.  Many referrals are from previous LBGT Clients.

Our grandtwins have volunteered or worked at hundreds of weddings as flower girls, ring bearers or ushers.  Helping others became a family affair for my family as we banded together and found creative ways to help others.  The bonus? Spending time with my family.  

For most of my life I’ve worked as salesperson, spokesmodel or brand ambassador which left little time for my family.  

Creating Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners gave me something that “working for the man” couldn’t- time with my family.  Working with my family was the “fringe benefit” that I had missed all of those years on showroom floors.

If you missed our interview yesterday, I’m adding the link for your review and hope you enjoy listening to the funny and honest description of how making Dream Events reality took my sister and I through a few unexpected detours but in the end, worked in our favor– World Finance News 1 CEO Money-Talking With The Texas Twins.

We were honored to have an opportunity to share our story with Michael and Talk Radio 1190 and hope to visit again.

Before leaving the studio, I explained that a venue owner had asked me to write a blog and help direct clients to his business. I will be publishing it next week and love the idea of steak and live entertainment for families seeking a unique and affordable venue.

What do I get in exchange for helping a stranger?  Nothing but, Cindy and I believe in helping others whenever we can and as we pulled out of Dallas to head to Irving, I knew that going on the show with Michael was a great way to spend our afternoon meeting new friends of the Texas Twins.

Having an open heart and open mind while helping every stranger who came to us became an adventure for my family and I but, we wouldn’t want it any other way…
Wendy M Wortham