Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- The Wedding Warriors aka The Pawning Planners Of Texas Twins Events

Although, Cindy Daniel and myself are well known as the Texas Twins/Pawning Planners, I’ve often referred to us as the “Wedding Warriors!”

My reasons are widespread because many folks believe our seamless events come easy- this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is, perhaps only 10 percent of the hundreds of weddings and funerals I’ve officiated or coordinated were with minimal “mishaps” or “unexpected” trauma.

For years my husband has been confused as to why it takes me 2-4 hours to complete an event when he assumes a wedding ceremony takes 20-30 minutes.

Hmm, well a wedding ceremony itself actually does only take a few minutes however, everything leading up to the actual event takes much longer dearest readers!

You see, the last minute forgotten items, torn hems, misplaced wedding certificates and more cause setbacks of time and frazzled nerves to both the wedding party and myself.

Luckily, my partner Cindy Daniel keeps an ear out for the impending snowball and gives me a “heads up” on issues that I may be unaware of while going over ceremony details with the clients and ensuring they are calm and well prepared.

My sister and I call these unexpected events “incidents” usually attaching whatever the circumstances were preceding or involving the person or persons.

Examples of such “incidents” are as follows:
The Bloody Nosed Bridesmaid.
The Tardy Party Bride.
The Wrong Day Wedding Planner Who Doesn’t Own a Date Book!
The Broken Toothed Bouncing Check Bridesmaid.
The Birthday Cake Fiasco for a Wedding.
The Wedding Dress that Wouldn’t Stretch!
The Bee Sting Brigade.
The Drunken Arrest of a Guest.
Security Seizes the Foul Mouthed Mother in Law.
Spanish Translator Not Available or Requested!
Wrong Address on Your Wedding License? Client Doesn’t Know the Address- Read the Application!
Arkansas Wedding Application Not Disclosed When Requesting a Texas Wedding.
Drinking Prohibited at an AA Wedding
Do I Smell Marijuana? What kind of wedding is this!
Broken Hearted Boyfriend with a Banjo.
Bride Leaves to Smoke a Cigarette and Doesn’t Return.
Wedding Guests Get Lost at Remote Country Venue.
Why is Everyone Driving the Wrong Direction?
You Forgot To Bring Money?
Your Wallet is at the hotel?
You will mail a check?
You didn’t realize you had to pay me?
You need 3 weddings for the mother, step mother and Godmother?!

I could go on and on- but, I’m sure you get the point. Texas Twins Events is a business, and as such we expect to be paid when services are rendered and frankly under some of the extraordinary circumstances we are often “in the middle of” I’m considering adding an additional fee for Extenuating Circumstances Beyond my Control or, Hazard Pay.

You see, we refer to ourselves as Wedding Warriors for good reasons- no matter what gets thrown our way you can count on Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel to do whatever it takes to Save the Day- even if on occasion, we don’t get paid!

Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners