Tom McAvoy and the Rainbow Lounge Rally to my Rescue for a Venue!

It’s no secret that I love and admire Tom McAvoy and the Rainbow Lounge, but unless you are one of the numerous followers of my blog, you may not be aware that whenever I need a venue, Tom is the ONLY person in a four county area that offers his place of business for a Dream Event at NO COST!

That’s right, some of you may be surprised and shocked that the community of my lgbt friends and associates view dream events as important as I do.

When planning the Stripper Baby Shower for Amanda Rose, I called every strip bar from here to Austin asking if my production team at Good Clean Fun could film the event for my show, The Pawning Planners. No one would accommodate this request- NO ONE EXCEPT Tom McAvoy and the Rainbow Lounge.

You see, after requesting Bucks allow us to film the episode there and being flatly denied, you can imagine my shock at being asked of I would promote the club due to the recent shooting a few weeks ago and bad press?! WTF? Hell no I informed the owner, why would I promote you when you have no interest in helping a woman who worked for you three years? You care so little about accommodating her needs that it’s embarrassing and expect me to “plug” your club? Get outta town Charlie Brown!

When I needed a building for the commitment ceremony of William and Richard last summer, who else but my dearest friend Tom gave me exclusive use of the club to accommodate and sponsor a dream event? No one!

When I was in Beverly Hills pitching the show with our production team and couldn’t make it back to Texas in time to attend the parade and my sponsored event for Pride Week at The Rainbow Lounge–that’s right, the Rainbow Lounge! Tom once again availed the club to my Texas Twins Team to accommodate the request of Tina Harvey to have a celebration for couples and families forced to LEAVE TEXAS and marry. TCGPWA failed to mention that renting a venue to sponsor the event would have cost me thousands of dollars but, gracious Tom AGAIN provided the club.

So you see, although many of you may be surprised to see a Stripper Party being filmed at the famous landmark Rainbow Lounge, you shouldn’t be because Tom and the Rainbow Lounge along with the staff and patrons “step up to the plate” and help this Texas Twins make dreams come true for Fort Worth Texas and surrounding cities.

Thank you Tom, Thank you Rainbow and thank you to my gracious, kind, compassionate community for opening your hearts and your venue for a dream event whether the recipient is lgbt or NOT!