The Wedding Warriors- We Take Trades! Wendy Wortham Explains The “Pawning Process” Of The Pawning Planners

Basing your business on people over money isn’t an easy choice but, for the hundreds of families who had nowhere else to turn for help, it was a logical one for me.

When I started Texas Twins Events four years ago, my plan was to offer low cost religious services and ceremonies for the low to middle class consumer who couldn’t afford traditional price structures.

I quickly realized that these families also could not afford photography, so I bought cameras and enlisted my twin sister for assistance on location. 

A Team Of Twins- Maryssa Mahaney, Cindy Daniel, Wendy Wortham and Makenna Mahaney
My client base is very diverse with 40% LBGT, 30% Traditional, and the remaining 30% being ethnic clients.  Many of our LBGT clients often “hire” our Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to act as flower girls and ring bearers in their wedding.  The twins jumped on board at Texas Twins Events and are now learning photography.

My son and his wife came aboard to handle photography and videography the second year that I started this business and suddenly, “it was a family affair” of my multigenerational Texas Twins Events Team.

As we roll into wedding season this year, the many changes my initial “plan” involved have changed along the way to include taking trades for services The Pawning Planners along with my latest website where the refurbished trades are sold Texas Twins Treasures.  Did I ever expect to “expand my brand?”  No.  But life throws a few curve balls now and then and I effectively “rolled with the punches.”

I’m often called a Wedding Warrior because no matter what goes wrong at an event, my team and I work together to resolve the issue quickly and keep things on track.

With my hilarious sidekick (and twin) by my side we are a Twin Team that have accomplished what I originally intended to do years ago- give the gift of a Dream Event to families who could never afford to do it on their own.

I had a plan and although my plan has taken different paths- they have all led back to my initial idea of giving “anyone regardless of their income the opportunity to experience a life event.”

A “wedding warrior?” Well, that hat fits and I shall wear it proudly as I prepare to meet with two brides this afternoon with wedding dates in March and April.  My calendar is booking up and I’m excited for another season of excitement and adventure with my Texas Twins Events Team!

Wendy M Wortham- The Pawning Planners