The USO, It All Begins With You! Supporting Our Troops with Charitable Donations

The story of the USO is one of honor, patriotism, duty and dedication. It lives in the recognition of those who serve and protect us and our freedom. It is now, and always will be, about our troops.

Wherever the mission takes them, the USO will be there. The generosity if the American people is their strength and support.

By all of us acting together, to honor and cherish those who have our families and our freedom ahead of their own we can support our troops however remote they may be stationed by USO Operation Phone Home, Operation USO Care Package, USO Wounded Warriors, Mobile USOs, United Through Reading, Entertainment Tours, USO Centers, USO In A Box, and USO2GO.

Since 2006, the United Through Reading’s Military Program have recorded more than 100,000 video readings sent home by with Military a Members able to read aloud to their children by Mobile USO’s. These DVDs and books are sent home to Military children free of charge.

USO In A Box is a rugged transportable shelter about the size of a two car garage that can be shipped to troops serving in small camps to the front lines. The air conditioned units are stocked with movies, internet, VOIP, video games and many of the comforts of home.

USO Wounded Warriors is a program designed to help meet the recovery needs of injured soldiers, troops, families, and the medical personnel who care for the wounded. Created in 2006, USO Wounded Warriors provides lounge areas at hospitals and medical centers, clothing and toiletries for troops coming directly from the battlefield, entertainment items, trips to local sporting events and concerts and emergency funding.

USO2GO is a program that delivers USO services to troops anywhere in the world. From athletic and electronic gaming equipment to gourmet snacks and board games, this program provides troops the services they need wherever they are.

How can you help? The USO depends on YOU. Opportunities for giving are numerous, from online and mailed contributions to planned giving options and stock donations. The USO is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization chartered by Congress.

To find our more, visit USO.org with the holiday season right around the corner, let’s give back to those who do so much for so many this year!