The Meddling Mother & My Son-Moving Creates Melodrama…

Last month my son advised me that he and my daughter in law would be moving at the end of January.  The problem?  They live two blocks away and over the last three years I’ve become accustomed to walking my dog and dropping in.  Although my unannounced visits are always a surprise, I enjoy having my son right around the corner. 

My Son & Daughter In Law- Robert & Stephanie Hafele
This morning after a long weekend that included a funeral for my Aunt Eleanor, I had my son come over to help move one of the leather recliners I had acquired through my other business, The Pawning Planners that looked perfect in my living room, downstairs to my workroom to list at Texas Twins Treasures since my husband didn’t like his.  

Occasionally, my husband reminds me of Archie Bunker with his rag tag old recliner that’s starting to fray on the sides and foot rest!  My “plan” to get rid of that eyesore he loves so much failed when he told me that he wasn’t nearly as confortable in our newly acquired leather armchairs.  Somehow, I knew that these beautiful “new to us” Drexel Heritage tobacco leather recliners wouldn’t win over my husband- he finds one chair he likes and refuses to “update.”  His chair is already listed at Texas Twins Treasures and I’m considering selling mine as well to find a club chair and ottoman to refurbish since having “matching” furniture at WorthamWorld is impossible for me.

My husband and my son (probably most of my family) think I’m bossy and occasionally even controlling and this new move with my son (especially since I lost the chair debate) has me looking everywhere within walking distance for a new home for my son.  I may be a little bit bossy and controlling but taking my son a hot meal and having him stop by for a movie day or helping out on the workroom has become a luxury I don’t want to lose with him moving across town.

Beautiful Glove Leather Drexel Heritage

After moving the leather recliner, my son looked at me and knew that although my husband loves his old recliner- I wish he would let me choose another chair that doesn’t look old and shopworn!  I’ve learned to choose my battles so I refocused on my son and told him of my list of houses nearby and within walking distance.  

His wife would love to move miles away and called to tell him about their 1PM appointment to view a home thirty minutes away.  

Since it was only 11:30, I suggested hopping into my SUV to go look at the cute cottage styled home I had found four blocks away.  My son obliged and even got out with me to walk around while telling me (no surprise here) that his wife, Stephanie had “fallen in love” with the house they were planning to walk through at 1.  I suggested that the driving from his first job at his fathers carpet store and his second job for my husband at McBee Homes along with his job for me at Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners would pose an inconvenience by “moving to the country.”  The distance alone would become a hassle and the time spent driving from his various jobs would take a toll on his vehicle.  He’s thinking about it…😉

Cindy and I spent Friday driving to Palo Pinto for the funeral of my Uncle Albert’s sister, Eleanor Stogsdill.  We had prepared a funeral wreath but after seeing photos of the other flowers, Cindy decided that ours “wasn’t jazzy enough!”  On such short notice (three hours before the funeral), we drove to Gordon Boswell and explained our dilemma. Luckily, the two ladies gave us some “fluffing up and filling out” advice and an estimate!  While waiting on the wreath, we dashed over to the Lunch Box for a half sandwich and fruit before returning to pick up the wreath and drive over an hour to the venue.  The wreath looked fantastic! 

At the funeral, I told Cindy that a lot of funerals are actually like family reunions because you see relatives that you haven’t seen in years.

 We spend a lot of time on country roads and out of the way places en route to Appraisal Appointments and were surprised at just how far off the highway the venue actually was.  My cousins acted as pallbearers and although seeing my family again was a joyful reunion, the sadness of death hung heavy in the air.  No one is ever “ready for a death in the family.”  

 I’m hoping my son chooses somewhere close since I really enjoy having him nearby for bike rides and visits but like my husband and “his chair” there are a few things in my life that I can’t control. 
 No one wants their children to move far away and I’m getting used to driving from Weatherford to home to see Cindy (21 years later) because we take turns.  Twice a week she drives here and three times a week I drive there.  I wish my sister lived closer too but she will never change schools for the twins.  Keeping them with their friends is far more important than living close to me and I understand the importance of stability for the kids.  After high school though- I’m planning to gently “suggest” my sister moves closer to me.  At one time we lived across the street from each other and I REALLY miss walking to see her and the kids.

Maybe if my son doesn’t move down the street, perhaps he will drop by?  I can hope and while I’m at it, “work” on getting my husband to give up his beloved wingback chair long enough to have it reupholstered?  My New Year’s Resolution is to try and keep my opinions to myself but, I can’t make any promises…. 

Wendy M Wortham