The “Let’s Do This” Diet? My Team Jumps On The Bandwagon…

For as long as I can remember weight has been the yo-yo fight for most of my family.  There are two people who never worry about what they eat or gaining weight around here my brother in law Steve Daniel and my daughter in law Stephanie Hafele. 

Cindy’s Husband Steve Daniel
Steve is within 5 pounds of his high school weight at 65 years old and can out eat everyone which is tricky when Cindy finally decides to cooking a meal at the DanielDivaDiggs and Steve eats the entire family portion!  At restaurants Steve eats all of the leftovers too.  Being an only child, Steve forgets that meals prepared at home are supposed to feed the rest of the family.  Good natured and funny Steve doesn’t understand why it’s so hard for everyone to lose weight.  Steve is lucky and has a good metabolism. 

Wendy Wortham With My Broken Right Foot
After reinjuring my foot again this year I’ve fought a 5-7 lb weight gain from being unable to enjoy my long walks and bike riding this winter.  Yesterday I finally got the go ahead to throw my boot in the trash from my ortho doctor and I’m eager to get back on track with my Diabetic Diet.  I’m not a Diabetic but this diet is the only one that works and best of all, works quickly! 

Twin Sisters- Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham The Pawning Planners
Cindy and I are 51 years old and after a lifetime of carefully monitoring our weight, struggling with weight gain from menopause and thyroid disease.  With Easter right around the corner- I’m wary of “dipping into” the treats I’ve bought to stage an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday.  The delicious chocolate confections mock me from my nearby no-go zone in my home office and I will be relieved to get these tempting treats out of my home at WorthamWorld this weekend. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney The Little Pawners and Second Generation Twins of Texas Twins Events
    Makenna has always had a good metabolism with Maryssa struggling to stay within 10 lbs of her twin.  A few weeks ago, Makenna was fitted for braces and quickly dropped another 5 lbs leaving Maryssa struggling to “just say no” to pizza, cheeseburgers and candy. 

Makenna Mahaney at Stewart Orthodontics Fitted For Spacers & Braces Due to her small mouth
Makenna will be wearing her spacers for the next 9 months to stretch her mouth in order for the last 6 permanent teeth to come in.  Although Makenna was excited to get braces and is looking forward to a straight smile, the difficulty to eat has forced her to give up candy and chewy or crunchy snacks. 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney
Twins are naturally competitive and there have been very few times in my twin sisters and my lives that our weight was more than 15 lbs apart.  Maryssa has Precocious Puberty which is being treated with an implant that is due to be removed this month.  The implant “stunts” her growth but also causes issues regarding her weight and growth. 

My Niece Leigh Ann Blais & Maryssa Mahaney
After my niece gave birth to Madyson Blais five months ago, her fight to lose weight has been an ongoing battle that she never expected. 

Leigh Ann and New Baby Madyson Elizabeth Blais
My niece is really enjoying being a new mother to “Maddy” but losing weight is a fight that requires too much time away from a new baby.  It’s never “easy” to change your lifestyle and often harder when you’ve just had a baby.  My son was walking by the time I finally lost my baby weight!  


My Husband Matthew Wortham, Me, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney
My husband will tell you that life is too short to diet one day and “my belly looks huge” the next.  His ongoing battle and love of all things chocolate, deserts and bread prevent him from ever losing the weight but he “gets serious” about twice a year.

My son Robert Hafele like everyone else fights to keep his weight under control but gives in to temptation like everyone else. 

Leigh Ann Blais, Stephanie Hafele and Robert Hafele
I often joke that if there was a family plan to lose weight, we would jump on board to do it as a team but the truth is that skipping breakfast and eating on the run don’t fit into the losing weight game. 

My Nieces Stephaney Mahaney & Leigh Ann Blais
Last weekend while spending time with my niece Stephaney we talked about different tactics of losing weight in time for summer and (as usual) Stephaney put a comedy spin on the dilemma by saying “last year I wanted to lose 25 lbs and gained 30, a few months ago I planned to get back on track and gained 10 more for the holidays.  What if I trick myself and plan to gain weight?  Maybe I might lose a few pounds!”  Stephaney is the only person who doesn’t gain weight in her face and can hide it in photos.

A family fighting the battle of the bulge isn’t any fun at yet another holiday but with bathing suit season right around the corner, even the guys are worried about being shirtless this summer.

Carefully planning not to buy anything tempting for snacks around here, I’m committed to getting back and track and focusing on the benefits of weight loss but will really be working not to grab that bag of gummy lifesavers at the checkout line!

Wendy M Wortham We Take Trades! The Pawning Planners