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I received a call several weeks ago from a father who was interested in a ceremony while his daughter was home on military leave.

Many of my readers know that I have and always will offer military discounts for many reasons which include the fact that myself and Cindy are from a military family as well as honoring those serving our country.

Because this event would include a new wife to the father of the Bride with the mother also wanting to be included in the ceremony, I quickly decided to do this wedding with separate parts to honor both parents separately which would give both parents an opportunity of video and photos with their daughter.

The heat was quickly getting to not only myself at this event, but also the guests.

Going through a standard wedding ceremony with the father giving the Bride away, the guests and my team took a quick break for refreshments prior to a unity candle ceremony with the mother.

I then gathered the father and his new wife in order to conduct a sand ceremony.

Together, the entire Bridal family was able to enjoy the wedding as well as having an opportunity for separate elements to honor each parent.

When I’m working an event with in laws and ex wives or husbands, it’s always important to myself and my team to accommodate everyone, this is very important to me as my father is a divorced parent and, I understand that many step parents often feel “left out ” when not included during the planning process.

There is a reason that I ask so many questions and attempt to “cover all the bases” during the planning process with parents and the Bridal Party.

At Texas Twins Events, we are committed to giving couples the opportunity to have their day-their way! Even if it may mean more than one ceremony to honor and accommodate everyone present.

Certain events this past season that DO NOT include this ceremony, have forced me to add an “emergency ” or “rush fee” of $125 to those seeking services in a 48 hour window as my entire team must re arrange and work to orchestrate an unexpected event into our schedules.

The additional fee of $25 for EVERY fifteen minute window a couple runs late at an event is in place because I specifically set aside at least one hour at each event to ensure sufficient time to properly conduct a ceremony. When planning, commute to and from must also be factored in. Often, Bridal families forget that I may have several ceremonies in the same day and therefore, must have a schedule that includes additional time to prevent an. “overlap ” from one event to the next.

I do hope this helps better understand why additional fees must be in place and apologize for any inconvenience this pricing may cause but, in order to not be “rushed” during a ceremony, need to plan accordingly for all families involved.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
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