Texas Twins Events Sponsors a Wedding Reception at the Rainbow Lounge

My fantastic Texas Twins Team of Virginia Malone, Karolyn Nein, Leigh Ann Blais, Stephanie and Robert Hafele along with Anne Alexander and Angela Rodden hosted the event in my place while I was in Beverly Hills filming.

As you know, I regularly donate my services and silk floral designs to area funeral homes for those who cannot afford the luxury of a beautiful ceremony. You may not know that I’m often requested for last rites in 16 area hospitals for patients who have no religious affiliations and, volunteer to preside over their funeral. Yes, what you don’t know is often surprising. Texas Twins Events was created so everyone could have the benefit of a beautiful ceremony at an affordable cost. This business had never profited and I’m okay with that since it was never started to generate revenue. Instead, I started this business to spend time with my family and help consumers that otherwise could never afford a lovely ceremony with photos and many other extras provided at little or no cost.

I regularly flip items found with my twin, Cindy Daniel to fund my various contributions through Texas Twins Treasures and, soon will be going live with www.thepawningplanners.com yet another business where consumers with little money can trade for services. It’s a concept I’m very excited to share with you and, I’m certain will have many funny, heart warming adventures for myself and the Texas Twins Team.

When I’m asked why I sponsor so many varied organizations and causes, I ask why not?! My footprint will be of reaching back to help as many causes as I can carry and, while there are many of which I hold hear and dear, Victims of Violence, Wounded Warriors, and Civil Rights efforts are at the top of my list.

You see, I’ve lost friends from the LBGT community who could have been saved if they had benefits of health insurance carried through their partners that were unavailable to them, no they did not die from complications of AIDS, they died from cancer. It pains me that there are those among us who have the ignorant belief that every gay or lesbian death is from this dreaded disease, it isn’t!

There is a very good reason why I care so much, for those of my many dedicated readers who understand what I’ve seen and my mission to help those with no voice, I’m never questioned of my motives. For others however, the question frequently arises of “if you aren’t gay, why do you feel so strongly regarding this issue” I have personal reasons and will forever miss the laugh of Charles Thomason or, the smile of Tom Anable. They both touched my life with kindness, compassion and class.

For years I have educated consumers through my award winning blog regarding third party debt collections and the deception behind millions of third party lawsuits that were never served on consumers after realizing the extent to which collection attorneys are willing to go to destroy lives. 90-95 percent of respondents Fail to Respond because they were NEVER SERVED! Truly a tragedy of Justice that has now flowed from the US to abroad. You see, I met victims while volunteering at area food pantries who had lost their entire checking accounts through seizures from collection attorneys who had re aged time barred debts- was I furious? You bet your ass I was, mad enough to sell all my furniture to reach as many consumers as I could and put a stop to this. My wonderful husband never questioned my quest, my loving family supported me, my community embraced me, I cannot and will not stop until the tragic robo signing serial filing collection attorneys find victims who can afford to lose the only money they have.

Sacrifice and perseverance have guided me through this life and passion will continue to fuel my goal of fairness and equality for EVERYONE.

Selling my personal possessions of jewelry, furs, furniture, cars and finally, my home to fund my causes gives you a clear understanding of my passion and commitment to my community.

Coming from a military family, I support all active and retired military members in numerous areas and, published the report regarding tainted water, food, and toxic burn put exposure to civilian contract workers and military members on numerous bases in Iraq to give America the facts regarding Camp Anaconda as well as numerous other KBR camps.

Special thanks to Tom McAvoy of the Rainbow Lounge for once again providing a wonderful venue during Pride Week in Texas.

Photos and videos will be uploaded later this week on a of our social media sites.

Clarification on discounts of event services and religious ceremonies:

The discounts I offer are to repay those who regularly sacrifice to protect America as well as my community and, I will continue to fight to legalize same sex unions in honor of my gone too soon accountant, Tom Anable, creator of Fairness Fort Worth.

But back to my wonderful team, they rocked this event like they rock all of our events and I was disappointed to
Have missed a wonderful evening with friends in Fort Worth.

I sponsored this event by providing the decorations, cake and champagne with the assistance of my good friend and owner of the Rainbow Lounge, Tom McAvoy, who graciously opened the doors to this venue for my Texas Twins Team because LBGT Civil Rights are very important to me.