Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Stiles Unit To Tarrant County Jail- Travels of A TDCJ Approved Wedding Officiant…

This week kicked off with a bang for me traveling back to TDCJ Luther Unit and then headed to TDCJ Mark Stiles Unit. It was (as usual) another long week of driving across Texas to accommodate my Clients requests for a Texas Prison Wedding Officiant. 

Officiating at a Prison isn’t as remarkably different as some might think. Sure, the location is different and there aren’t any flowers, guests, fathers giving the Bride away, caterers or splashy photo booths but, Weddings are Weddings regardless of the location.

Due to the Lock Down of numerous TDCJ Units in Tennessee Colony, my backlog of Prison Weddings is now at 11 Clients waiting for the Lock Down to be lifted in Tennessee Colony. 

It should also be noted that if I am at a Texas Prison Wedding with a Client during a Lock Down, we CANNOT LEAVE. There is a always a risk of a Lock Down at any Texas Prison Wedding and should there be a problem during our visit to the Unit– be prepared to wait. We cannot leave a Unit that has been Locked Down. 

If you are a Client waiting on Beto Unit, your wedding will be scheduled in the order of which your paperwork was filed. Please be patient.

I’m still working on recovering from the emotional and heartbreaking Memorial of Baby Delilah I performed last weekend and answering questions regarding the blog. Baby Delilah had Trisomy. This beautiful little baby was gone too soon. 

I want to personally thank Skyview Funeral Services for their assistance in saying goodbye to Delilah. This particular Ceremony was emotional for me because I knew the family so well. I rarely cry when Officiating a Memorial but, at Delilah’s, I couldn’t stop crying.I had married her parents in July of 2016 and was asked to perform a  Baptism by her mother, Deanna Villarreal a few months ago. Beautiful Deanna literally glowed at her Wedding in Sampson Park with me. My heart still aches for Deanna and Burt.

Providing additional services to Clients  isn’t unusual as all of my Previous Clients either refer friends or family to me or contact me for Birthday Parties, Baptisms, Vow Renewals and other services. Many of my Clients are Be Backs. 

Many of you are aware that it’s a regular occurrence for me to be asked to Officiate a wedding for a mother or father wishing to see their child married who happens to be terminally ill and dying. A dying wish is always worked into my schedule because I realize that time is of the essence in those types of situations.

Officiating a wedding one week and Officiating the Memorial of the parent or grandparent weeks or months later has happened more times than I could count. 

It’s quite sad for me to Officiate a Wedding Ceremony with family and friends knowing that I will be planning a Memorial a short period after such a Celebration but, my role as a Celebrant is to comfort the family at a Memorial and although I remember the happiness of a parent or grandparent at a Wedding they had enjoyed so much weeks or months prior to their death. It is and always will be always harder to Officiate a Funeral when you know the family well. 

Many of you ask why Cindy and I spend a lot of our time in our suvs driving here, there and everywhere on a regular basis and why I’m always driving. 

Years and years ago, we couldn’t afford to both take a Drivers Ed Class so after a coin toss, I was the one behind the wheel and at 14 years old, driving with a Texas Hardship License. Cindy doesn’t love driving and actually waited until we were 18 to finally get her Drivers License. For four years, Cindy was happy being a CoPilot and less than thrilled about getting her own License.

I am also GM Certified from selling Cadillacs years ago and therefore, comfortable driving in many types of weather although I refuse to drive on ice which is why we took a Greyhound Bus to TDCJ Allred Unit a few months ago and, hitched a ride back to Fort Worth with the Bride and her parents after realizing the bus terminal in Wichita Falls had closed due to inclement weather. 

Many of my Events become Adventures because I’m honest about the Setbacks and Successes of “changing the Wedding and Events Industry one family (or barter) at a time from Fort Worth, Texas!” 

If you missed the hilarious Greyhound Bus blog, I’m adding the link– Hitchin A Ride- TDCJ Allred Unit Prison Wedding.

As a courtesy to Clients who aren’t always thrilled with their TDCJ Photos or in the Event that the Unit doesn’t offer TDCJ Wedding Photos, I offer Bridal or Groom Photography near Units for free. Loaned bouquets and props from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory are always used. 

One reader was interested in what I wear to these Alrernative Weddings at TDCJ Units, I almost always wear a suit to Officiate a Texas Prison or Jail Wedding. 

At traditional Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and other Religious Services or Ceremonies, I wear a Vestment if the Client wishes for me to do so but, due to Security at a Prison, I rarely wear anything other than a suit with slacks.

Since many TDCJ Clients wonder what they CAN wear to a Texas Prison Wedding, Visitation Rules apply. Please do not wear skin tight clothing to your Texas Prison Wedding. If you are not allowed to wear a wedding dress, you can change after leaving the Unit as Trishelle did into different clothing for your Bridal Shoot with me. 

It is very rare for me to wear a Vestment and I am always at a Minimum Security Unit (like TDCJ Estes) when I do and because I’m busty, I always wear a top that comes far above where any cleavage is visible. 

Whenever possible, Cindy “leaves the driving to me” by leaving her SUV at WorthamWorld. I’m always the driver regardless of what state we might be driving in and always have been. Cindy hates driving in areas she’s unfamiliar with. 

A few years ago, I wrote a blog regarding backing into my sons SUV because when we caravan, we stay closely together and believe it or not, we have had a few bumps into one another when traveling with 2 or more suvs of my Texas Twins Events Team members. Fender Benders are a regular occurrence. 

I’m always the A Driver and Cindy follows as the B Driver if we have 3-4 vehicles in a caravan, my niece or son drive the C Vehicle. Occasionally, large Events require a D Vehicle but it’s not an everyday occurrence.

From driving to venues to shop for a Client to meeting Pawning Planners Clients or picking up bartered items that will eventually be refurbished and offered for sale at Texas Twins Treasures, Texas Prison Weddings take a very large portion of my bookings the past year and are scheduled Monday through Friday by Wardens or Chaplains.

Since Cindy is almost always my copilot on drives to Texas Prison Weddings as well as my Co- Coordinator with our other bookings for Texas Twins Events, it was decided that Wednesday she would ride with me and we would find a place for her to wait on me a few miles from the Unit. 

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel is also hilarious and the creator of #Cindyism Quotes used on our Pawning Planners Apparel Clothing Line. My twin sister is famous for her dislike of “fancy clothing” and quick whitted one liners with country flair. Cindy has something to say about everything!

Cindy Daniel Creator Of #Cindyism Quotes

I’m an Event Stacker because it’s necessary in order for me to get everything done with my partner and twin sister, Cindy Daniel who often accompanies me when driving across Texas and patiently waits for me while inside a Texas Prison or jail Officiating at a nearby restaurant to the Unit or second hand store. 

My twin sister is almost always with me but never inside a Prison Unit or Jail. There are no visitors or witnesses other than guards, the Chaplain and the Warden along with the couple and I at a Prison Wedding. 

Because of this, finding a place for her to wait on me is a standard procedure when mapping out backroads and small towns found near Texas Prisons.

Reverend Wendy Wortham & Reverend Cindy Daniel

I’m rarely inside a Unit longer than an hour but, it’s happened. A few weeks ago at TDCJ Beto Unit, my Bride was late and had her phone turned off. This can be a real problem because traditionally, we are expected to enter Units together. 

Due to the Beto Bride being late, the Guard Shack at Beto had me wait outside for her prior to entering the Unit. Because of this ongoing “Tardy” issue, I’ve added late fees to Texas Prison Weddings. 

When my Clients are late for their assigned Wedding, I’m often in a Unit 1-2 hours or more. I didn’t realize it at the time but, my Beto Bride was also intoxicated which is another problem altogether. Please DO NOT drink alcohol PRIOR to your Texas Prison Wedding. Arriving late and drunk will result in your wedding being cancelled.

When I arrive at a Prison, the Client I’m meeting has either called or emailed but rarely met me in person. Prison Weddings or Jail Weddings are similar to a first date in that I have no idea what the person is like. Everyone knows what I look like from finding me on social media when searching for a TDCJ Approved Officiant but, I rarely have any idea what they look like.

My Clients need to arrive with me and whether I drive them after meeting or they drive me, we walk in together unless the Client is running late in which case I check in 15 minutes early without them. I will not check in late and have the Warden or Chaplain assume that I am responsible for being Tardy To The Party! 

I’m never late and refuse to be late because a Client is running late. If I’m meeting you at a location and you don’t arrive, I drive on to the Unit. Prison Weddings operate on a tight schedule. 

The Administrative Directive regarding Texas Prison Weddings specifically addresses Ring Exchanges. There are no ring exchanges at a Texas Prison Wedding or Jail. You cannot bring a ring or anything other than your State Issued ID and Marriage License into a Prison! I follow all rules of Procedure to the letter and you must as well. Ring Exchanges are strictly forbidden. 

The Prisoner must have been wearing a ring when incarcerated in order to have one. This is a “No Exception” Rule. I’m adding photos of the Directive for your review:

Section C. Clarifies that the Warden Approves Marriage Ceremonies and the Chaplain Schedules them. Section K. Specifically addresses Wedding Rings. 

A few months ago, my TDCJ Hutchins Unit Bride proudly displayed her tattooed ring finger as she knew there was no way to exchange rings. I’m happy to bless your ring but, neither you or I can bring a wedding ring inside the Unit. Please be aware of this.

I had talked to Maria regarding a TDCJ Stiles Unit Wedding a few months  ago after she realized that the other Officiant she had hired lied about being Authorized to Officiate a Texas Prison Wedding. Upon learning there was a problem, Maria finally got her deposit back and hired me. 

I encourage every prospect to call the Courts in Huntsville before paying anyone “claiming to be an Approved Officiant” for a very good reason. 

Many of my Clients had no idea that they could verify and validate credentials and advising them of this saves them from being swindled. I’m honest, on time, professional and reliable. I’ve never called in sick or missed an Event in my life.

Here’s the information for those of you seeking an Officiant and following my blogs. All you need to do is call and run the name of whoever is claiming to be Approved. 

I suggest anyone planning a Texas Prison Wedding to call the Courts. There are VERY FEW APPROVED TDCJ Officiants in Texas.

I’m a no nonsense person and handle Clients from Texas Prison Weddings the exact same way Clients from Texas Twins Events are booked meaning I Require A Deposit from either set of Clients up front. If you are a Pawning Planners Client, I require an Appraisal Appointment PRIOR to completing a contract for bartering Event Services. 

All Pawning Planners Clients, Texas Prison Clients and Texas Twins Events Clients sign a contract with me. I will not work with anyone without a contract laying out the terms of our agreement. 

You are NOT a Client UNTIL your deposit has been paid and your contract has been signed. Your balance is due one week PRIOR to your event date. 

For months, my name has been pulled from the internet without my knowledge and used on a State Issued Document. The I90 Request For Marriage Form is a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Document. Because of this continued misuse of my credentials— Anyone using my name on an I60 will need to know my Social Security Number at numerous Units who are aware of this ongoing problem.

Maria (like so many others) had been duped into paying a deposit to someone claiming to be a TDCJ Approved Officiant who had no affiliation whatsoever with my staff or I and this person obviously couldn’t Officiate her ceremony, I instructed Maria on how to contact the Courts in Huntsville to verify the other person she had paid was not a TDCJ Approved Officiant and how get a refund by Escalating A Paypal Claim for a product or service not received. 

If you have paid someone for a service they cannot provide, this type of situation is also a Form of Texas Deceptive Trade Practices and I suggest that you contact whoever lied to you by sending a Letter of Intent To File Suit for Theft Of Services. If you don’t understand the process, Google it. 

I cannot and will not work for free. You will need to get a refund. By the way, I happen to be aware of who is proclaiming to be an Approved Officiant and who also continues to take deposits for a service she can’t provide and strongly suggest that you take the time to call Huntsville yourself.  

Quite frankly, anyone considering marrying a Prisoner should never be in a position of dealing with someone unscrupulous simply because the service they are seeking is “different.” These Clients are often taken advantage of by others because the Process and Procedure is far more complicated than a traditional wedding is. 

There are forms to fill out, signatures are required that include a Notary for the Absentee Affidavit and a Warden must Approve the Wedding. Also, you must find a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant. There are only a handful of TDCJ Approved Officiants that are Authorized to enter a Prison (State or Federal) and Officiate a Wedding. I am one of them and have been Officiating Texas Prison Weddings for over a year. 

I’m also honest about the Process of your Prison Wedding and strictly adhere to the Administrative Directive Allowing Prison Weddings.

This week I also decided to start offering Officiant Services at County Jails after numerous requests and have added my dad, Jerry L Thomas along with my other Officiants, Cindy Daniel, Ann Alexander and Robert Hafele and Leigh Ann Blais to my staff to address short notice or “Emergency Bookings.” 

I’m often booked so far out in the season that “squeezing” a new short notice Request into my schedule is not always an option on the date you give me. If you are a short notice Client, you will either need to retain another Officiant on my team or work within my schedule.

Reverend Wendy Wortham- Marty Leonard Chapel

I have a full staff of four generations of my family who can accommodate your request should I be unavailable. 

The one thing no one on my team can do is Officiate a Texas Prison Wedding or a Prison Wedding at any other state I’m Authorized to conduct a ceremony in a Prison at. 

Only I can address these bookings. Jail Weddings do not require the same Authorization as Prisons do so, any of my five other Officiants can Officiate your Jail Wedding in the Visitation Area. 

Please note: if the Jail uses a video for Visitation, we CANNOT and WILL NOT Officiate a Ceremony over an electronic device. 

The reason for this is that a Marriage via video, phone, Skype, email or other electronic devices is considered Marriage Fraud. 

Whether the Prisoner is behind glass or not, the Prisoner MUST be in front of the Officiant at a Prison or Jail Wedding. I’m well aware of Marriage Fraud Laws as are all Officiants on my staff. If you plan to book me as a Coordinator, my twin sister and I work together at the same flat fee as a TwinTeam as Coordinators and Floral Designers.

Twinning On Location- The Pawning Planners

My schedule is “tight” because I’m always the first choice for an Officiant or Coordinator and the only choice for a Texas Prison Wedding on my team. I began expanding years ago to address continued requests by adding family members.

My days are often planned weeks and even months in advance. Cindy and I go over schedules several times a day to ensure there aren’t any “surprises.” 

I knew Stiles Unit would be an all day event and, I was right. Cindy and I packed protein drinks and water for our road trip the night before to be better prepared. 

Our friend Britney decided to join Cindy and I with her baby and my grandniece, Maryssa was home sick from school so my SUV was completely loaded leaving Fort Worth. 

Leaving my workroom early Wednesday morning to head to Mark Stiles Unit, I had already prepared for a very long day that I estimated would easily run 10-12 hours driving to the Unit, Officiating the Wedding at the Unit and spending a few minutes on Bridal Photography with Maria after the Wedding at the Unit before arriving home again. 

For Texas Prison Clients who fail to realize that round trips are an all day and sometimes, all night Event for me, I’m pointing this out. Driving to the Unit is only half of my journey. Getting home again is the other half. 

A few months ago, I had given a quote to a TDCJ Estes Unit prospect. Estes is only an hour from Fort Worth and one of my “regular” Units for Weddings. The problem? The prospect wanted me to drive to Houston pick her up, drive to the Unit and return her home. This isn’t a service I offer for free. After explaining that the initial quote would change significantly, I advised her to take the bus. 

With my SUV full of friends and family, I made far more pit stops than I normally would. When you are driving 5-6 hours one way without stopping more than once for gas when driving alone or with your sister, having your grandniece, a baby and Cindy’s friend, Britney who thinks that driving to a Prison Wedding is exciting and wants to tag along, these unexpected add-on riders in my SUV wreaked havoc on my schedule with far more stops than I had planned.

Prison Weddings do not allow visitors unless the Warden has Approved a visitor. It’s rare but has happened that a Client is allowed to bring a Visitor to their Unit Wedding. 

Not more than a few hours into my drive, my grandniece, Maryssa started her period and had me trying to find a gas station that sells hygiene products. 

Since I was unable to find anywhere to buy Maryssa “supplies,” I bought a roll of paper towels at a country gas mart and made it work until we could reach a larger city. 

When I’m hours from home and occasionally even civilization on back roads, the conveniences of the city aren’t always within reach. This was a “wing it” situation with a roll of Bounty.

Luckily, I left 7 hours early and these “pit stops” didn’t cause me to be late. Britney had suggested cutting up one of her baby Harley’s diapers to address the unexpected issue but the Bounty paper towels worked well enough to get us to Houston.

It’s very rare for me to have my grandniece with Cindy and I when traveling to a Texas Prison and bringing Britney and her baby, Harley along made my drive far more “family friendly” by addressing the needs of Maryssa and Harley. 

Most of the time, a road trip can be fun because there is rarely a “set schedule.” My road trips to Texas Prisons are the complete opposite of a fun filled day of driving. Adding additional stops to my itinerary were literally “stressing me out.” 

Checking in with my husband, he had laughed about taking Maryssa and a baby and advised me that he was glad he wasn’t going. Being “trapped” in a vehicle for hours and hours isn’t easy for anyone but far more of a struggle for a baby.

Britney wanted more a/c, my radio was too loud, I could go on and on here. If you’ve never been in a car with someone for extended periods, you won’t understand. Any parent that has taken a long trip with kids will “get it” though as we’ve all heard “are we there yet?” 

From this point forward- whether my friends think road tripping to a Texas Prison is fun or not- I will not even entertain the idea of bringing everyone along again because “it sounds fun” to them. There isn’t anything fun about being cooped up in a vehicle and, on a timeline. 

These “road trips” are part of my job. You wouldn’t bring your friends and family to work and I don’t enjoy having an SUV with a crying baby in a car seat behind me, someone having to go to the bathroom, thirsty or hungry or bored. 

Cindy and I have been doing the driving for years as a team and we do far better when it’s only she and I. We listen to our 70’s music and have a good time. My sister and I enjoy “getting away from it all” for a day of driving and working together. Adding more people creates chaos and I rarely have time for chaos.

When I’m driving to a scheduled Texas Prison or Jail Wedding, I’m on a strict timeline. 

At about twenty minutes from Stiles Unit, I called Maria to let her know I was nearby and look for a place to leave Cindy, Maryssa, Britney and her baby while I drove to the Unit.

Maria suggested picking me up and I left Cindy with my SUV at an Exxon.  Arriving with Maria at TDCJ Stiles Unit, we were thirty minutes early and both wearing bras with underwire which would cause a bit of a setback as we waited for a female guard to take us into a bathroom and check us after setting off the buzzer when being cleared in.  

“Screening” our bras took about ten minutes to find someone Authorized to pat us down privately in the restroom and it should be noted that when entering a Prison, you may even be asked to remove your clothing which is unusual for me but happens far more often for my Clients. If your pants are baggy or you are wearing “roomy” clothing, you will be subject to a more thorough pat down. Because of this, I rarely wear anything loosely fitting. 

My suit jacket is always taken off first with my shoes and put into the container prior to walking through the machine that screens you for metal. Snaps on trousers as well as underwire bras set off a beeping signal. Your feet and hands will also be screened so try to wear east to remove shoes. 

I would love to wear a non wire bra but I’m busty and the end result would be less than flattering. Walking into a Prison requires a pat down and wand because no one (not even the guards) is going “inside” without being screened first. Pull your pockets out. Remove any belts, shoes, watches or other jewelry. 

After being cleared in the restroom, Maria and I waited another thirty minutes for an escort to the Visitation Area. Apparently, my estimate of being inside the Unit for an hour from 2PM- 3PM was “off” by over an hour due to a “hold up” at Stiles Unit that involved “Appropriate Attire.” 

Maria and I were kept waiting while the Unit scrambled to find something to cover Maria’s white dress. We had no idea of this as we were told that the Warden and Chaplain were in a meeting. Maria and I had assumed we were waiting due to the meeting but, would later find out that a separate issue was her dress. 

I am going to take this opportunity to (once again) go over clothing when attending your Texas Prison Wedding. Wearing the “wrong” clothing can be a problem because if the Warden won’t clear you- you aren’t going to get married. 

Absolutely no low cut dresses, short dresses, see through dresses or any other clothing that might be considered “sexy.” We are walking into a Prison not a club. I know, you want to look beautiful for your wedding but, please keep in mind that being beautiful and being sexy are two different things. Spandex dresses are often revealing, be aware of this and please wear a slip. 

I’m adding an example of a dress that one bride wore to Estes. I loaned her a jacket due to the revealing nature of her dress for the TDCJ Estes Unit Wedding.After leaving TDCJ Estes Unit, the Bride removed my jacket for her photo shoot. “Showing too much skin” at your Prison Wedding is a no no. I don’t make the Rules but, it’s in your best interest to follow them.

I bring clothing with me as a courtesy to your Texas Prison Wedding to ensure that if there is an issue with your clothing, we can cover you throughout your visit to a Texas Prison. Skin tight or low cut clothing has been an ongoing issue- if you have questions regarding what to wear, please call or email me for more direction. 

You are not in charge or what you wear to your Prison Wedding. Who is? TDCJ Personel. The Warden can cancel your Wedding if you are wearing revealing clothing or have someone on staff bring a clothing item to the Guard Shack to cover you up if you don’t want to borrow clothing that I have on hand.

I can almost guarantee you will not be happy about this so, I suggest wearing something that isn’t revealing in order to avoid a problem with your attire. 

Failure to follow the rules will void your Wedding Day. Wearing something the Warden won’t Approve of will leave both you and I waiting at the Guard Shack for up to an hour. Please be aware of this Clothing Warning. 

Maria was handed a long blue lab coat with snap buttons and long sleeves to wear over her dress before we were finally escorted to the next building where the Visitation Area was being used for Training. I was a little worried that Maria would be wearing this “cover up” garment to her ceremony and more importantly, in her Unit wedding photos as was she but, we cannot control what you are wearing because the Warden does. 

We both realized that if Maria had to marry in her “cover up,” she would be more than a little upset about it. I knew that she was already upset about waiting but, when at a Prison, waiting is part of the process. 

There are no guarantees that your Wedding will be in the Visitation Area as this room is used for a multitude of things including Prison Weddings. Since the Visitation room was already in use, Maria and I waited for an escort to another room for approximately thirty minutes. 

When my Client and I are using another room in a Prison for your Wedding Ceremony, we are escorted through the “inside” of a Prison with Prisoners and staff. It’s essential that you are respectful and courteous to TDCJ Personnel. 

Whether you are wearing something you don’t like or not, please be patient and courteous throughout the process. It’s essential that you always treat TDCJ Employees with respect at any TDCJ Unit when you are with me. Why? Because your behavior reflects on me. I’m from a Military Family and everyone is addressed as Sir or Ma’am by me. Wherever I am, everyone I meet is addressed with respect and courtesy. 

The entire Prison accommodates your Prison Wedding so please be patient as we cannot “speed up” the process. Waiting is standard at a Prison. We wait patiently. Maria and I were waiting on the Chaplain and Warden who were in a meeting. 

At approximately 3:30, the Warden and Chaplain walked towards Maria and escorted us to the room the ceremony would be held in. On our walk to the room, Maria still wore her cover up as requested by TDCJ Personnel. 

Upon entering the room though, Maria was allowed to remove the cover up which was a huge relief because she really didn’t want to be married in her “cover up.” 

Traditionally, TDCJ Prison Photos are not often perfectly captured. Texas Prison Wedding Photos can be purchased at Units that offer photography at a wedding for $3 each. These photos are printed in the Wardens Office and Brides (or Grooms) are allowed to leave with their photos in hand. Maria’s turned out beautifully.After leaving Stiles Unit, Maria drove me to the park to meet Cindy waiting for us and I captured a few Bridal Photos with her. I had packed a few Bouquets and props from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory. 

We cannot bring Bouquets into a Unit. If you are considering a Texas Prison or Jail Wedding, please be aware that photos you’re viewing on my sites or FB Page, Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham that have photos of Brides with bouquets are taken after leaving a Unit and not while inside the Unit.

Maria looked beautiful and relieved that everything she had gone through to get married and plan her future had worked out. Maria has known her husband since she was thirteen and is very excited to plan a Vow Renewal upon his release. 

I really enjoyed Officiating Maria’s Wedding at Stiles Unit with hand written vows from the Bride and the Groom which makes every ceremony far more special. Client input on Ceremonies always thrills me because their ceremony is customized.

Since we were nearly 6 hours from home and hungry, Cindy and I stopped for a quick bite before heading to Fort Worth. Leaving home at 7:15AM and returning at 11:20PM gives you a better idea of just how much time I spend driving during the week to Texas Prisons. Distant locations prevent me from “Stacking Events.” I always stack whenever possible by performing 3-5 Texas Prison Weddings at the same location on the same day.  

Thursday morning found me pretty sore from all that driving but, Cindy and I headed to Dallas to pick up a trade for an upcoming wedding in June and stopped by the market to order flowers for a wedding in May which was another full day before meeting a Client in Fort Worth to discuss an upcoming Princess themed birthday party with my grandnieces, Maryssa and Makenna working as the entertainment. 

A few years ago, my son and daughter in law dressed as Beauty and the Beast for another themed event.

Texas Twins Events will soon be offering a full range of costume and character options by June 2018. Princess Party options will also include a photography option with either of my photography teams. 

Leigh Ann Blais of Maddie & Me works alone and you can find her on FB by following this link– Maddie & Me Photography. Robert and Stephanie Hafele work as a team and you can find them on FB by following this link– Steph & RC Photography.

Friday morning I headed to meet a Client at Tarrant County Correctional Center for a wedding. This beautiful bride was a joy and also wrote her own vows which always impresses me.As I left the downtown area with Cindy to go shop for fabrics for trades waiting to go to my upholsterer, we went over details for our weekend events along with next weeks upcoming Prison Weddings.

I’ve met over a thousand families and couples who all faced an issue when seeking an affordable option for event services.

Creating a People Over Profit based business sounded crazy to my competitors but, I knew what they didn’t and the truth is that there are far more people who aren’t rich than there are people who are.

My client bases are compromised of hard working families who all wanted a Life Event. Successfully changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time? You bet! 

I don’t advertise because I don’t need to and haven’t needed to in YEARS. Happy previous clients refer new business to us and thanks to our dedication promoting our social media connections, they promote us.My competition no longers laughs at my idea to make events affordable to anyone and several vendors often hire my twin and I as consultants to generate more business. Cindy and I work as a team and are almost always together.

All of my businesses are LBGT Friendly including Texas Prison Weddings or Texas Jail Weddings. Nearly 50% of all my bookings are LBGT Clients. 

Year round active or retired Military discounts and LBGT Discounts are offered on all services as well as Fire, Police, and First Responders.

Other vendors continue to ask how I’ve built such a large clientele of LBGT Couples, Military, Fire, Police and First Responders, it should be noted that I started out LBGT Friendly and have thousands of LBGT friends within the community. I.E. I earned their business and trust. 

Military families take priority on scheduling due to their schedules and Fire, Police or First Responders do so much for so many that I always discount their services and, always have.

Creating a People Over Profit Based Business was essential in helping families no one else was willing to help. Finding creative ways to help them while keeping costs low was a journey but, by being the person I had never met, I opened a window to address the needs of so many who had nowhere to go for Event Services or Religious Ceremonies.

Sometimes you have to do something “different” to find your own niche and I  have by joining my entire family together to create affordable options that prior to Texas Twins Events, didn’t exist…Bartering Event Services and offering Inmate Weddings was never in my initial plan but, I’m open minded and care about your story…