Wendy Wortham on Texas Application For Marriage

I get numerous phone calls from prospective brides inquiring about what is needed to legally become married in Texas.

The application for marriage is not free, the fee is $71.00 and requires information from both the bride and groom be completely filled out.

Name of Groom
Name of Bride
Social Security Number
Place of birth
Have you been married before?
Have you been divorced or widowed before?
Is the other applicant presently married?
Are you presently married?
Are you presently delinquent in court ordered child support?
Is the other applicant related by blood or adoption?

Yes, each and every question MUST be filled out prior to receiving your application.

Justice of the Peace charge $80.00 to perform a ceremony in their courtrooms, however this may be uncomfortable or not exactly what you had in mind. I’ve known several brides who chose this route, my twin sister Cindy Daniel did. You always look back and wish you’d had photos, a dress, and maybe even a cake- after all, how many times do you get married? Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I like everything to look beautiful, the bride and groom to be relaxed, and things to run smoothly. It isn’t easy to tie everything together- however, I have a wonderful team with Cindy, Virginia Malone, Karolyn Nein, Stephanie Mahaney, Leigh Ann Thomas, and finally our darling little flower girls for hire Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney to make sure every obstacle is overcome and your event is beautiful, memorable and affordable. Is it really worth saving a few dollars on an important event by going to the JP? The answer I’ve heard years later, is no. Brides come to me and want to renew their vows, have an anniversary party or a unification ceremony to finally have the ceremony they should have had in the first place with food, flowers, music and memories. When planning your wedding budget, I always encourage you to scale down the venue- it’s amazing that brides will spend $5,000 on the place their having the event and only $800 on food? Read my blog “Budget wedding? No problem!” To find out more. I regularly write blogs that give you helpful tips to create a beautiful event on a budget and even work with caterers and other vendors to negotiating the pricing to stay within your budget. You see, your dream wedding is my dream too, and together we will make sure it is everything you expected it to be.

I travel to courthouses and perform weddings for $75.00 and, I also travel to perform baptisms, funerals, christening, anniversaries and other services for $125-200 based on location.

Most Officiants mail your license, I personally take it down and file it to prevent the possibility of the document getting lost in the mail. When hiring an Officiant, take the time to read my blog “What do wedding Officiants Cost and Why.”

We are currently updating our website to include price structures and, remember active or retired military ALWAYS receive a discount with Texas Twins Events.

If you have special circumstances such as needing a translator or are hearing impaired, we can address this also.

Floral designs, photography, venue, Officiant- we do it all and price match local vendors or negotiate to keep your event budget friendly.

Before any wedding can legally take place- you must apply for a marriage license in your county.

I do hope this addresses questions related to required documents and welcome further questions though our website.