“We know that prisoners with strong family connections are more likely to succeed when they’re released,” said ACLU legal and policy director Rebecca L. Robertson, “and allowing prisoners to marry is one important way TDCJ can encourage and support those family bonds.”

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On July 28, 2015, the TDCJ revised Administrative Directive AD-03.42, [view AD-03.42]  concerning prisoner marriages. Under the revised policy, prison officials “shall permit offenders to be married on TDCJ property or contracted facilities.” 

  • Obtain Marriage License asap upon approval
  • Make sure your Unit Chaplain is aware
  • Wedding Rings cannot be exchanged
  • No one else is allowed inside unit
  • You must notify Texas Twins Events immediately upon receiving date from unit Chaplain
  • Agreed upon fees must be paid in full at least 1 week in advance of wedding