TDCJ Stevenson Unit To Garza East & Everywhere Between…Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham…

Since June, I’ve been stacking weddings at Units during the week to accommodate my schedule for surgery today. It’s 4:45AM in Fort Worth, Texas and I can’t sleep due to shoulder pain from the anesthesia and stomach pain due to what I’m hoping is my final surgery for complications of Endemetriosis and a Cyst on my right ovary.

Answering emails while recovering from anesthesia at home, my husband warned me not to handle any business before I’ve had more rest but, with 158 emails waiting on my iPhone, I jumped in anyway. My husband knows that I’m constantly giving insight to my Team. When they are on location without me, my phone never stops ringing. 

Cindy fielded all calls for weekend bookings and weekday jail weddings for me today and stopped by the hospital to see me shortly before surgery. My twin sister is my partner in life and business.My first email was for TDCJ Stevenson Unit nearly five hours one way from Fort Worth. I sent the Bride a bid and explained the process. 

My next two emails were for TDCJ Estes-Sanders Unit which is a regular on my monthly roster. I’m at Estes at least once a month as well as Tennessee Colony Units. 

Since I had an interesting email from Patricia, I’m going to share my opinion on plus size Brides that I related to Patricia. Finding the right dress takes time. 

Years ago, the selection for plus size wedding dresses was as minimal as maternity clothes but, thankfully, times have changed!Brides come in all shapes and sizes so keep looking if you haven’t found the one that makes you feel as beautiful as you are.

Many of you have been keeping up with the latest developments on my dad and niece. Thankfully, they are both home now and looking forward to getting back to work.

My Torres Unit Bride sent me an email regarding rings and I’m going to go over this issue one more time for those who don’t understand why they can’t bring rings in. 

The Administrative Directive specifically addresses Ring Exchanges. No one can give an inmate a ring. Unless the inmate went in to the Unit with a ring, bringing a ring to your Texas Prison Wedding is strictly forbidden. I’m sorry about this but, I don’t make the Rules. Texas Department Of Criminal Justice does and TDCJ Employees will not allow rings brought into Units.

I “walk through” all of my brides and grooms on rules pertaining to Prison Weddings for a reason. As my client, you are expected to arrive early, be dressed appropriately and be respectful to TDCJ Staff. Why? Your behavior reflects directly on me. The Prison is accommodating your wedding ceremony and we need to be courteous.

A few weeks ago, Cindy and I were talking with Michael Yorba regarding a Bride who arrived at Beto Unit intoxicated. No one wants to spend their honeymoon in jail but, she did. 

Please be aware that we are walking into a Prison and do not bring alcohol or anything else in your vehicle that shouldn’t be there. All vehicles are subject to a search at Units. 

Having a Bride arrested is as uncomfortable for me as having the Groom and Best Man arrested but, it’s happened. I require security at any event with an Open Bar for good reason, experience. 

A few years ago, a barroom brawl erupted after the Groom accused his Best Man of being inappropriate with his Bride. The ensuing drama resulted in half of the wedding party being transported to Tarrant County Jail.

I always suggest a Cash Bar because it limits the amount of liquor consumed. If you don’t like Cash Bars, you could try distributing tokens for drinks but please limit them to three. 

Any event I’m coordinating that features an Open Bar has security. Based on the number of guests, occasionally two security guards.The only thing you should worry about on your wedding day is having enough time to enjoy it. No drunk relatives or drama. Your day- your way means you leave the worrying to us. 

At one wedding with an Open Bar, one of the guests became so drunk after three glasses of wine and two glasses of champagne that she passed out on the dance floor. I didn’t realize that she was drunk because I had assumed that she was outgoing and spirited minutes earlier. Knowing your limits when drinking at a celebration are key to soaring yourself embarrassment that is often “caught on film.” 

Everyone has a phone or camera these days and the last thing you need are embarrassing photos of yourself at a wedding because you had too much to drink!I’ve had many requests for Trash The Dress Photo Shoots. Although I don’t understand why anyone would want to Trash their wedding dress, my niece Leigh Ann of Maddie and Me Photography loves unique photo shoots and is happy to book yours.I’m still referring Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham current and previous Clients to Love After Lockup Season 2. 

If you’re interested, please contact me through this site or on my FB Page. Here’s the link– TDCJ Approved Officiant- Rev Wendy Wortham.

Cindy and I offer complimentary photo shoots with all Texas Prison Wedding Clients as a courtesy after your wedding. We bring props and bouquets, bouteniers and bubbles to make your photos fun and unique. There is no fee for this service.

TDCJ Unit Photos are $3 each in quarters. Bear in mind that these photos are taken by TDCJ Employees and are often not professional quality. 

These are the only photos you will have of you both together so, it’s worth the money regardless of how good the photos are. Here are a few examples for your review. Many of you have seen photos of either me or my Team on location at a venue. Venues are rented by our Client. We don’t provide a venue as a courtesy to clients and the difference in locations is based entirely on the Client.

If I’m at a Prison, it’s a TDCJ Wedding. If I’m at a venue, it’s a Texas Twins Events Client, if I’m at a barn, backyard or other free location, the Client is a Pawning Planners Client. 

Locations are as different as my Client base. One day I’m at a Prison. The next day could be a backyard or venue.My twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I have been flipping items for years and due to our backgrounds, decided to create The Pawning Planners four years ago and open a Barter Option for Clients who wanted a Dream Event but, couldn’t afford one. 

To barter your Event, visit my sister site– The Pawning Planners- We Take Trades!

Trades are refurbished and sold on my eBay storefront, Texas Twins Treasures but we also have a website that features not only our latest items but also, blogs detailing our Flips, Flops and Fumbles. 

Here’s the link to Texas Twins Treasures– Visit Our Treasure Chest- Texas Twins Treasures.Explaining how Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners work together isn’t easy until you understand that my goal was to give anyone a beautiful Event regardless of their income. My first Team member was my twin sister.

Texas Prison Weddings was actually an extension of Texas Twins Events. A creative request for a Prison Wedding is the reason I decided to become a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant. 

The scheduling of TDCJ Weddings fit perfectly into my schedule because Prison Weddings are scheduled during the week. My other Events are scheduled on weekends.

Cindy and I also make and sell custom bouquets and centerpieces via special order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom orders off season and 8-10 weeks in season.Clear crystal brooches are actually our best sellers. If you’d like to order coordinating bridesmaids bouquets, please do so when ordering your bridal Bouquet to give us plenty of time to ship everything together. 

Delivery within the DFW Area is offered on all floral orders as well as sales from Texas Twins Treasures for a small fee.

As I prepare to finish a Brooch Bouquet for my August 1st Client and try to get some sleep, I’m glad I scheduled myself for a week off to recover from surgery and also glad that my Texas Twins Events Team has everything under control for me…