TDCJ Polunsky Unit To TDCJ Beto Unit- Travels Of A Texas Prison Officiant…

Due to recent health complications, I’ve been “stacking” my Prison Wedding Schedule at each Unit. I’m having surgery next week for complications of an Ovary that apparently “grew back” after my hysterectomy years ago and brought with it a large cyst. 

For the past week I’ve worked existing and new clients of Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham into my upcoming schedule and expected recovery along with Client Deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures and Appraisal Appointments with Pawning Planners Clients as well as my existing bookings at venues I am on staff at as well as current Client Bookings for Texas Twins Events & Pawning Planners Clients. Yes. It’s Wedding Season in Texas and a terrible time of the year for a health crisis but, have no fear, my staff and I have all of our clients needs covered.

Today’s blog will also address numerous questions regarding Wedding Rings or Bouquets at a Prison Wedding as well as LBGT Marriage in Texas Jails or Prisons and Client Expectations of your behavior while on site at a Unit. This last part is important because as a Client, your behavior at a Prison reflects on me. 

By the time I meet Texas Prison Wedding Clients in person, we are on site at a Jail or Prison which gives me little or no time to know whether you are appropriately dressed or, drunk. I’ve had three brides in the last year either show up drunk, inappropriately dressed or disrespectful to TDCJ Staff. This “type” of behavior is unacceptable as is being late to your scheduled TDCJ Wedding. 

Current and New Texas Prison Wedding Clients will now be well briefed on what is or isn’t acceptable behavior or authorized under the Administrative Directive PRIOR to taking you on as my Client.

I expect all Clients to show up a minimum of fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled wedding to ensure that we are “cleared” prior to being escorted to the Visitation Area. 

If the Visitation Area is in use or your fiancée is a Death Row Inmate, we will be escorted into the Prison and most likely will be in an area with other Prisoners. 

Do not make eye contact with other Prisoners while at a Texas Prison Wedding. Speak to TDCJ Employees in a respectful manner. After all, the entire Prison Unit is accommodating your Texas Prison Wedding. Do not wear revealing clothing or spandex type material that may be deemed “too revealing.” We are at a Prison not a nightclub. Do not speak to other Prisoners while on site at a Unit. If you are escorted to a bathroom for a more thorough patdown, be courteous as personnel are simply doing their job to ensure that you aren’t bringing anything in that you shouldn’t be. Underwire bras are almost always the reason for a private patdown so, please be aware that an underwire bra could be cause for a more thorough “search.”

Continued questions regarding Wedding Rings have come up. The Administrative Directive specifically addresses Wedding Rings and prohibits any prisoner from having property that he or she didn’t have prior to incarceration. You cannot bring Wedding Rings into a Unit. 

Whether you’ve “heard” that someone else did or not, the Rules associated with Texas Prison Wedding Ceremonies specifically prohibit Ring Exchanges. I’m adding a link to my previous blog outlining what you can or cannot do at your Texas Prison Wedding to better explain– TDCJ Administrative Directive Regarding Ring Exchanges & What Not To Bring To Your Texas Prison Or Jail Wedding.

I juggle 10-15 Prison or Jail Inmate Weddings into my schedule every month. I’ve never been late and I expect you to arrive on time as well. Being late to your TDCJ Wedding is a really bad idea. 

If there is inclement weather, I either use Greyhound to travel to the Unit or Amtrak– Icy Roads & Public Transit-Texas Prison Wedding Schedules.

Since I don’t only perform Texas Prison or Jail Weddings, I never overbook my schedule to accommodate Texas Prison Weddings. Why? I’m currently the only TDCJ Approved Prison Wedding Officiant on staff. 

Due to my schedule and bookings, cancellations are non refundable. The reason for this is that I carefully allow myself to book no more than 15 Prison Weddings each month in my existing schedule. Putting you on my books prevents me from putting someone else in your place. 

If you have cold feet regarding your upcoming Texas Prison Wedding, please consider whether you want to complete the process prior to hiring me as your Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant. It will save us both a lot of time. 

My son, Robert Hafele and my niece, Leigh Ann Blais handle most county jail weddings as I’m rarely available to Officiate due to my schedule.

I’m also the first choice for anyone booking an Officiant through not only Texas Prison Weddings but also Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners. Since I’m also on staff at numerous venues in the DFW Area as well as handling my numerous other responsibilities, overbooking my schedule would literally be a disaster which is why I don’t. 

If you are contacting me in the middle of any month for a Prison Wedding, you are traditionally “bumped” to the following month due to the timeline involved to process the paperwork as well as accommodating my existing schedule.

Many Client Inquiries are coming through Pinterest– Wendy Wortham Texas Prison Weddings Pinterest. I’m rarely on my Pinterest Account to check messages and therefore, suggest contacting me through my FB Account– Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham FB Account. 

You can also contact me directly through any Wendy Wortham Website or email me directly- wendy@texastwinsevents.com for more information on Texas Prison Weddings. I review several emails a day within a 24 hour window as well as field numerous calls and if I miss your call, strongly suggest leaving a message as I do not return missed calls that don’t leave a message. I may be on Location with another Client which obviously prevents me from answering every call or email immediately.

Half of all of my bookings are LBGT including Texas Prison Weddings. That may surprise a few people trolling my sites but, I have many friends within the LBGT Community.Due to Lock Downs at numerous Units the past few months and my health, many of my Texas Prison Wedding Bookings are “stacked” for both June and July. A “stacked Prison Wedding” is on a very tight timeline inside Units. Because of this, you MUST ARRIVE EARLY to your Texas Prison Wedding and be ready to proceed as I will be stationed in the Visitation Area and most likely, unable to meet you in the Parking Area as is traditionally where I meet Clients in order to walk into a Unit together. 

I never book more than five Texas Prison Weddings on the same day at the same Unit to ensure that Clients wanting Bridal Photography after their wedding have time with me. 

I will bring numerous bouquets and props for your complimentary Bridal or Groom Photography Shoots. If you’d like to change clothes after leaving a Unit for your Photo Shoot, please bring your change of clothes with you. I have two varieties of Bouquets and Bouteniers for you and your guests if you brought friends or family with you to borrow for photos.Visitors Allowed at a Texas Prison Wedding are RARE! Many Brides and/or Grooms continue to ask if they can bring a guest. Only the Warden can Approve a Request to bring a Visitor. Maximum Security Units do not allow a guest. Minimum Security Units have rarely allowed a guest but, it’s a rare occurrence and your guest must be listed on the Visitation List of the Prisoner.

Prison Unit Photos are available but they aren’t free. If you would like to purchase Texas Prison Wedding Photos of your Ceremony, please bring $3 in quarters for each photo. 

Many times, these photos will not be what you might expect but, bear in mind that TDCJ Personnel are not professional photographers. Please DO NOT COMPLAIN about the QUALITY of TDCJ Unit Photos in front of the staff. They are doing the best they can with equipment that is often old or outdated.If your fiancée is behind glass– they will remain behind glass for the ceremony. What this means is that you will NOT be allowed to touch or kiss during the Wedding Ceremony. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be aware that when kissing at your ceremony to be respectful of TDCJ Personnel and refrain from overtly intimate behavior including open mouth kissing. You can hold hands and hug but, we are at a Prison and therefore, open mouth kissing or groping your partner is going to be considered inappropriate.

Who is present during your ceremony? There will be guards, the Chaplain and often, the Warden present during the Wedding Ceremony as well as you and I along with the Inmate.

Texas Prison Weddings is a Pending Registered Trademark of Wendy M. Wortham. It has come to my attention that this “Mark” is being used by someone in no way affiliated with either Wendy Wortham, Texas Prison Weddings, Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures, The Pawning Planners or ANY Wendy Wortham business.

I’m working to address the use of a name that I own and if you have any questions or concerns regarding Texas Prison Weddings or more importantly, who you are dealing with- contact me directly as three previous clients were told by someone not affiliated with me that they were partners. They aren’t. I have no partners. 

My team consists of three generations of my family but only I perform Texas Prison Weddings. I’m including the link to prove ownership of the name and brand, Texas Prison Weddings– Texas Prison Weddings- Wendy M Wortham. Upon completion of my Trademark, I will directly address the misuse of this “Mark.”

Truthfully, four of my previous clients inadvertently paid a deposit to the person abusing the name Texas Prison Weddings who was fired from performing TDCJ Weddings within the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice which is why I’m once again reminding anyone assuming that I have partners that I DON’T. Anyone claiming to be affiliated with either me or Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham is lying. I strongly advise anyone considering marrying a Texas Prisoner to contact the Courts in Huntsville DIRECTLY PRIOR to paying a deposit to someone who isn’t able to perform a Texas Prison Wedding. Here’s the information:

Calling Huntsville directly will save you the time and expense of being a victim to Con Artists proclaiming that they can perform your Texas Prison Wedding. I helped my four clients to get their deposits back but, strongly suggest taking the time to investigate whether or not your Officiant is Texas Department Of Justice Approved. 

I have performed Texas Prison Weddings across the entire state and have a stellar reputation with TDCJ because I earned it. I’m professional, on time and reliable. 

You can count on me to exceed your expectations at your Texas Prison Wedding because I care about my clients and their situation. 

Your “situation” may not be ideal marrying at a Prison but, you need to be aware of Con Artists out there because there are very few TDCJ Approved Officiants in Texas. Don’t be fooled by imposters who claim to be TDCJ Approved. Call and run their name yourself. 

A few of you have asked if you can borrow my Texas Twins Treasures Bling Bouquets for your Bridal Photo Shoot after your Prison Wedding. I can’t loan out my Bling Bouquets as they are custom orders sold worldwide. 

If you wish to Special Order a Bling Bouquet, please allow 8-10 Weeks delivery. I REQUIRE a DEPOSIT for special order floral designs as I do ANY booking. I’m including a variety of my latest design photos for your review.The “loaned” bouquets I bring with me to use for photos after Unit Weddings are silk and either pink multi or red, black and white. I also bring flower petals, bubbles and signs for variety as well as bouteniers.Vow Renewal Packages for Previous Clients are also available upon release of your husband or wife from a Texas Prison. 

Please contact me asap regarding a Vow Renewal Package. We have 6 Officiants on staff as well as two photography teams and schedule Vow Renewal Ceremonies Year Round.

Many of my Clients from Texas Prison Weddings, Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners are repeat clients. Because of this, I offer a Repeat Client Discount as a loyalty customer courtesy. 

We offer a wide array of services aside from Texas Prison Weddings that include Princess Parties, Baptisms, Memorial or Funeral Services, Party Planning and/or Event Coordination, Estate Liquidations, Rent Parties, Vow Renewals, Baby Showers and More.

If you are planning to barter your Event Service, please visit my sister site, The Pawning Planners– The Pawning Planners- We Barter Events.To barter your Event Service, upload a photo of your item and include a detailed description of the services needed. An Appraisal Appointment is required to view your trade.

Congratulations on your upcoming Prison Wedding and I look forward to seeing all of my beautiful Brides at Beto Unit, Michael Unit, Polunsky Unit, Stiles Unit, Estes Unit and Jester Unit in the coming weeks…