Tarrant County Pride Parade & Picnic Fort Worth, Texas TCGPWA Wendy Wortham Corporate Sponsor

Yesterday morning, Anne Alexander, myself, Cindy Daniel and several wonderful couples attended a Unification Ceremony on the courthouse steps. Sean Perser, our photographer for Texas Twins TV filmed the event. The couples were invited to march in my parade entry for Texas Twins Events #39.

Cindy and I argued for two weeks prior to this event about our little Texas Twins Maryssa and Makenna attending this event. I was certain that even protestors would leave our children out of their zealous beliefs- my sister was not!

Cindy was afraid these little angels would be victimized by the Westmore Baptist Church, who for some reason have decided to attack me through my Twitter account @texastwins2 and through my website at www.texastwinsevents.com as well as my publicly listed cell phone 682-229-6838 and I’ve got to tell you my fury over this has caused much heartache, crying jags and emotional outbursts.

The twins very much wanted to attend, they were excited to be in a parade and, because of religious fanatics were not able to come with us and meet these wonderful and loving folks of the LBGT community of Fort Worth and Dallas.

Today, at the picnic we were surrounded by love and friendship in a happy family environment- ironically, after all the threats I received, I had to SEARCH at the parade to even find a protestor to interview, as requested by the producers. I found six demonstrators ready and willing to be involved on camera. I found it intriguing and interesting that these folks readily admitted to showing up at public functions of celebration where THEY WERE NOT WELCOME to tell others they were going to burn in hell and preach their religious beliefs upon others who had no interest in what they had to say. One protestor was vehemently describing to me the 29 years spent preaching on street corners and that doing this had relieved his anger issues. Perhaps because he was transferring the anger he previously possessed on innocent victims attending functions that were screamed at during LBGT events and celebrations? Why not go where your own kind congregate and discuss your religious opinions with those who agree with you? I do not understand protestors who insist on intimidating my community.

I have a heavy background of religious education and can tell you that I have never seen a specific reference about the LBGT community- you see, God loves everybody! And, so do I. Why on earth anyone would travel and attempt to disrupt a family gathering of friends of my community really pushes my hot button- the fact that to protect our twins prevented them from attending the parade pushed me over the edge with fury and I cried while relating this on camera at the picnic today as my sadness and anger at being a nervous wreck Saturday after reading threatening emails had left me shaky and sad that the twins were not with us as they would have loved to attend.

I don’t and won’t ever understand trying to cram personal beliefs on someone else. And, to threaten, throw things, call someone names in Tarrant County is now considered a crime under the zero tolerance law now in place. thanks to Betsy Price. Someone who I’ve known personally for many years and I admire and respect. Tom and Betsy are wonderful people who care, REALLY care about Fort Worth, TX.

The twins were questioned about attending what they call Rainbow Fun Events and why their Aunt Wendy cares so much about legalizing Gay Marriage to which their response had my crying. “Aunt Wendy loves everyone, we don’t care what color you are where you came from or where you work. She taught us that our town is our village and to treat our town like our family and sometimes people in your family don’t agree with you at holidays and that’s why we couldn’t come to the parade because the mean people were like the relatives we don’t invite to Thanksgiving. They don’t know how to act nice.” This is true, if I have to worry about someone misbehaving, I prefer NOT to invite them!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again- it is not for any human being to judge another. It never will be, if you have opinions, you are entitled to them. However, when our kids aren’t allowed to attend functions because we fear their safety, perhaps the protests regarding religion need to carefully re examine their proclaimed Christianity!!!

Texas Twins Events DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE against race, color, religion or lifestyle- we NEVER WILL.

I love my community, my neighbors, my family, and my family and I respect their choices.

I’ve met the most wonderful people in the world, Tina Harvey, a tireless worker is a saint that should certainly be honored for her tireless efforts. Fairness Fort Worth who do so much for so many, the National Gay Rodeo Association and many more have touched my heart with kindness in more ways than I will ever be able to express.

I consider myself blessed and lucky to know these wonderful people, the same people who are your friends and neighbors tirelessly working to support your community, and mine.20131006-161437.jpg