“Stop, Look And Listen It’s Called Rubbernecking.” Elvis Presley

I’m always traveling and taking phone calls while doing so because my clients know they can always call me whether it’s for advice, insight or simply to listen before, during and after their event.

Last weekend four clients lost visitation due to assuming that the rules for video are different than in person. They aren’t. Getting you back on the list is difficult so please don’t do anything on video you wouldn’t do in person.

My October is booked solid which is why I’m holding new clients until late October in order to ensure my availability. My son is stepping in to address reschedules as one client is still testing positive and continuing to be rescheduled while another client rescheduled due to a death in the family.

Reschedules upset my booked and confirmed Units so my son will be taking over and handling all reschedules in State, Federal, County and ICE that were previously confirmed on my calendar. Due to the number of clients and waiting lists I have, I cannot simply “change a date” that someone else is booked out on. I hope this clarifies 1. Why I halted new bookings in Texas and created a waiting list specifically for Texas and why I continue to address other states on weekends. My son has been trained by me and is committed to making your day as special as I would but I cannot reschedule with a full calendar and the shelf life of your license is 90 days so we have a very short window for me to get you married if there’s a schedule change.

Cindy is still addressing Units within 2-3 hours from Parker County and my daughter in law is no longer traveling to units after the Seattle to San Francisco trip due to being close to giving birth to my second grandson.

Leigh Ann is homeschooling Maddy back in Texas and I’m traveling 6-7 days a week.

Scheduling will slow down mid November and December due to holidays at facilities and short staffs.

Yesterday Cindy had planned to drop off 2 of our 6 SUVs to get repaired and maintenance but was surprised to find that the mechanic was hiding out and living in his shop due to 5 warrants and having difficulty finding a bondsman due to 3 FTA’s in the past few years. He was so honest about his situation it was rather shocking and often tough to shock Cindy or I but he did manage to get 1 vehicle repaired and then told Cindy “they can’t find a bondsmen so I’m turning myself in tonight and can’t get to the Outlander. I’m sorry but you’re going to need to find another mechanic.” We’ve used this mechanic for the Parker County vehicles for 15 plus years now. I have no idea how he managed to get in such a jam but apparently he did.

I’m at Ferguson today the Holliday. Tomorrow is Wynn and Thursday is Gist. Please don’t forget your license and please don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in person on video.