Something To Say About Everything?  Cindy Daniel “Sums It Up” With #Cindyism…

A few years ago, I wrote a blog titled Cindyism for the holidays with my twin sisters Redneck Reality Advice for other family members during the Christmas Season.  Cindy can put a hilarious spin on being the “Naughty or Nice Guy,” because she just doesn’t “give a hoot” about making everyone else happy and has decided that Thanksgiving cooking is too much trouble so her new plan is that “we should go to the movies and feed everyone popcorn this year instead. It’s a lot cheaper and we might have some fun too and I call that- WINNING!”

Cindy is a “straight shooter” when she’s asked about her opinions regarding anything and (ironically) most folks find her blatant honesty hilarious.  #Cindyism Quotes are used on Pawning Planners Apparel due to their wild popularity and because Cindy has something to say about everything!  My sister is always with me on location and “visiting” with guests who love her hilarious observations and suggestions.

From another shopper at Walmart asking her opinion to previous or new clients, my sister doesn’t hold back on giving you a bit of straight up advice which is exactly what I never do because I prefer to err on the side of being anything but funny and I’m too serious about everything most of the time.

My sister has never met a stranger and is rarely dressed up because she doesn’t like to be uncomfortable.  On the flip side of that coin, I’m always dressed up to a certain degree and accustomed to being uncomfortable because I spent much of my life as a clothing model working in upscale industries while my twin worked on a dairy farm.  Yes, there is a reason our views and mannerisms are different and that Cindy has a far quicker whit or answer than I do because “I’m a thinker and sometimes I think too much.  Just roll with it because we can’t predict what will happen and have some fun while you’re at it too.”  My sister loves to laugh and the world loves to laugh with her.  She doesn’t care that brutal honesty might be a little more direct than my style of “beating around the bush while not trying to step on any toes.”

For a few folks who stumbled onto a #Cindyism Quote for the first time, they might have been a bit surprised to find someone as direct and usually “spot on” about life and living as my sister who can find humor in any situation.

Perhaps the reason that my sister’s “Redneck Granny” Advice is so well received is that she is “a little bit country” from all those years working on the dairy and being married to a truck driver.  Steve Daniel gives Cindy “some of her best material!”

I’ve been a pre Marital counselor with Two Together In Texas for five years and have had more than a few couples who could use a little laughter in their lives.  From Bridezillas to down home country folks, my sister has her own way of smoothing ruffled feathers among Inlaws and Outlaws.  

Being “funny when you aren’t trying to” is something that I may never get the hang of like Cindy.  I’m the serious twin and she’s the silly twin who together make a great TwinTeam.  

As we hit the road and juggle our holiday commitments and clients this year, I’m certain that Cindy will make this another holly, jolly Christmas with her input and ideas for decorating, gifts and more…