“Some Days Are Diamonds Some Days Are Stone.” Dick Feller

As usual I’m waiting on a client and writing this blog on my phone as I wait. This fact surprises people who think I use a computer. I’ve never used a computer. Instead, I use my iPhone. I’m usually in a venue, prison or airport traveling 5-6 days a week so it’s easier for me to write a little here and there and save blogs as drafts then finish them later.

Last week I finally met my Illinois bride at TDCJ Clements Unit. I had wanted to use the Cadillac Ranch for her bridal photos but time wasn’t on my side for 2 reasons. 1. My bride wanted to file her license immediately after the ceremony which we did together and 2. Her daughter had stayed behind at the hotel so we caravanned from Clements to the clerk then to the hotel. I found a nearby park to do their photo shoot then took them to lunch before heading back to Fort Worth for a 7PM event. I simply didn’t have time for Cadillac Ranch but will make time on my next trip to Neal or Clements.

Wednesday I was back at TDCJ Allred with two brides although I was originally scheduled for three. One of my 3 brides rescheduled for October.

Friday Leigh Ann and Maddy flew into DFW from LAX. Leigh Ann’s husband, Alex is leaving Point Hueneme for Hawaiia tomorrow. Leigh Ann is having trouble with homeschooling so she will be “home” for awhile lol. Leigh Ann and Maddy actually live on base in a nice townhome with her husband, Alex AND “at home” with us at Cindy’s house. This may seem odd to other people but Leigh Ann prefers to be with Cindy and I rather than alone on base with Maddy.

My son doesn’t understand “why Leigh Ann and Maddy are always here” but Maddy and Oliver love each other and Maddy is happy here and happy going home to her daddy.

I now have 19 production contracts that aren’t important to ME. I realize that they are important to the production companies contacting me. Yes, I read and reviewed then emailed your contract to my entertainment attorney. No I’m not signing anything with another production company. No I don’t have time to Zoom or Skype you. I work 7 days a week.

My clients are MY priorities. I will not commit to anything just because you ask or expect me to do so. My commitments are to my clients, my businesses and my family. Media is unimportant to me, my life and my businesses.

This weeks schedule- Monday I’m at Tarrant County, Green Bay, the cardiologist and clerks office. Tuesday TDCJ Hughes and Walker County Jail. Wednesday Parker & Palo Pinto Jails. Thursday TDCJ Coffield with 3 clients and Friday Beaumont Low.