Serious and Silly- Compensating Personalities of Twins…The Pawning Planners Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel

My twin sister is almost always laughing about something!  Generally it’s because I’m stressed out or being a “perfectionist” according to my sister.  I do have a tendency to overthink things and often rework the bouquets we loan to clients when I think there may be room for improvement on the color or ribbon. Many times the wedding colors blend in with everything else and adding a “splash” of color can dramatically give photos a pop!

 Adding berries, grass and other interesting items other than flowers is a great way to bring color into bouquets and your wedding flowers.

Cindy and my son are great at getting families to “good it up” for photos and have a good time together.

Weddings are supposed to be fun and once the ceremony is over, I’m finally able to relax and enjoy the fun myself.

Right up until the ceremony- I’m always serious and worried about anything that might be “unplanned.”  I hate surprises but often wing it when the unexpected occurs such as the DJ losing the music, the Bride tripping during the entrance or my cuff getting tangled up with a unity sand ceremony that resulted in sand going all over the table!  Horrified- I tried to correct it be cleaning up the sand and making a bigger mess.  Ironically, the wedding party and guests thought it was hilarious since I had been so tense and organized for something to go wrong and effectively “rattle me.”

I’m not good at be silly- Cindy is.  I’m the task taker, the check writer, the problem solver and the worrier who’s almost always waiting on the other shoe to drop.

Cindy can fly by the seat of her pants while enjoying the ride!  Oh how wonderful it would be for me to be carefree but, it’s something I’ve never been able to do.

As children I was always the “bossy one.”  Although I’m inclined to disagree on this title, anyone of my multigenerational family members would agree that I’m not only bossy but also- in charge of everything around here.

If I say no, no one is going to say yes without asking me first.  Do I think I’m a control freak? No.  But, I do like to keep things on a timeline and in tidy order.

I’m often making lists while Cindy is off skipping through the park and having fun.  Does this bother me? Not at all, in fact I enjoy her unique ability to become “fast friends” with anyone and everyone we meet.

Cindy is a social butterfly who loves to hop from one guest to another and enjoy looking at their family photos within minutes of meeting them.  How?  She is amazing at finding something of interest to talk about and therefore “kicking off the conversation.” 

Families and friends love “visiting” with Cindy and occasionally, mistake her for a guest!

Whether we are remarkably different or not- our personalities compliment each other and create a “Twin Team.”

She realizes that I can’t stop being a perfectionist and I realize she can’t stop having fun and enjoying the moments we spend making families happy at Dream Events.

When you have a twin, you have a built in best friend.  A buddy who “gets you.”

Many of our twin friends work with their twin and do well as a twin team because, like us, they enjoy compensating personalities.

I could never create the amazing hairpieces that Cindy “whips up” for wedding parties and she hates making bouquets.

Sometimes it takes two halves to make one whole and with this team of twins, it blends together beautifully!  

Wendy M Wortham