Push Down Pull Up And Exit To The Left- My Life At Amusement Parks…

When my twin sister and I were very young and living in Lompoc, California the biggest thrill for us was a carnival or trip to Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland.  I’m fairly certain we went to Magic Mountain too but don’t really remember any of the rides. 

My Grandniece, Maryssa Mahaney, Me And My Husband Matthew At Six Flags Over Texas
When our children were young, it was standard to bring groups of their friends since and my son had no siblings, he often had a friend along with us.  My sisters daughters always invited friends because Leigh Ann didn’t love the thrill rides and her sister did.  

The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney, Robert & Stephanie Hafele, Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham
Although loading up a gaggle of kids can be chaotic, it can also be fun with all of them complaining about our 70’s music in the caravan especially when Cindy’s all time favorite cd was Tom Jones!  

FrightFest At Six Flags- Cindy Daniel, Leigh Ann Blais & Wendy Wortham
Our families have always had season passes to Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags in order to have something to keep the kids busy.  Often Texas summers are so hot that we usually skip Six Flags during the summer months and opt for Hurricane Harbor.

Prior to selling our Dream Home four years ago, my pool was the highlight of slumber parties at WorthamWorld and since my husband was smart enough to get a heater, we often spent birthdays, Thanksgiving and even Christmas in the pool.

I only miss the pool at my former home  because the yard work and upkeep were killing me with 11 gardens and an acre that needed mowing weekly.  Adding that pool made our home the “hot spot” for family get togethers. 

Disneyland With My Aunt And Grandtwins Maryssa & Makenna
Several years ago, Cindy and I took our Aunt Shirley to California for a vacation and the one place my aunt “just had to see again” was Disneyland.  After she moved to Texas, Aunt Shirley missed the many fun attractions that California had to offer.  Who could blame her? There is something for everyone in California and I miss the sun, sand and sea everyday myself! 

Wendy Wortham With My Niece Leigh Ann Blais Disneyland 2014
A Family Trip For Christmas With My Twin Sister, Grandnieces and Niece

While it’s true that Cindy and I no longer run through the amusement parks with our children and grandchildren, we are still up to the challenge for a day of fun.  After my 40’s though, I no longer enjoy the roller coasters and “dropping from the sky” at many of the attractions. I still enjoy the smaller and less daring attractions along with Little Pawner, Maryssa Mahaney who often “sits this one out” with Cindy and I while her daredevil twin, Makenna hits the highest rides and loves to scream her way through the ride with her mom, Stephaney or my son and his wife.  Long gone are the days of Cindy and I “taking one for the team and getting dizzy” by hopping on something that goes up, down and all around at high rates of speed. 

Last Year At Holiday In The Park With Family Friend Tammi Leggett
Wendy Wortham Goofing Off At The Gaylord Texan
It’s A Family Affair With Wendy Wortham, Tammi Leggett, Cindy Daniel, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney And Leigh Ann Blais Fort Worth, Texas At Sundance Square
Every year around this time we are using gearing up for the Pride Parade in Fort Worth, Texas but this year I had to keep the first three weeks of October open for filming which prevented me from joining our friends and marching with them in the parade to support our many friends in the LBGTQ community.

Our latest journey of losing 40lbs each to attend Twinsboro next year has both Cindy and I skipping the delicious candle apples, corn dogs and other treats at amusement parks in order to meet our commitments for This Time Next Year.  We still have our fingers crossed for a different opportunity we filmed for twice in the last two months for America What’s On Your Mind?  Hopefully we can do both and are very excited for the opportunity! 

With Our Uncle Vern, Dad, Grandma And Baby Brother Knott’s Berry Farm
As children, we went everywhere in the Open Road and often played Canasta or just watched other cars on our journey to amusement parks, parades and carnivals.  Back then we ate lunch in the camper and headed back into the park.  For many years, Cindy attempted to pack lunches for kids and their friends for our trips to Six Flags but we’ve learned that eating the food offered at fun parks beats the heck out of a sandwich!

Although we had never planned to still be visiting amusement parks after 40 years, we continue to enjoy the time we spend with our kids and grandkids and see no hanging up our Spurs yet as we hear the loudspeaker announce “push down, pull up and exit to the left.” 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners
Having a good time with your children and grandchildren is one of the best ways to spend your time and as we prepare for three weddings next week, we are looking forward to Holiday In The Park and hot cocoa by assuring ourselves that we will work it off by walking the entire park at Six Flags😉

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