Wendy Wortham on Planning your wedding with in-laws who act like out-laws

No matter how close or wonderful your new in laws are you will see sides to them you never knew existed when planning your wedding.

The first thing you should remember is that it’s YOUR day but, you will have to see them on and off for the rest of your life and it would be best if you didn’t get started off on the wrong foot.

If you feel very strongly about not inviting someone to your wedding, let them know you understand their side but do not want heckling or “acting out” during your ceremony or reception and would be more comfortable without them present.

How much they are involved with the decision making is how much they are contributing. Of course, you should be able to talk openly and honestly about your plans and make sure your fiancé will back you up. If they know what you want, and more importantly their child wants too, they’re more likely to cooperate.

If they surprise you on your wedding day with something that you really didn’t want like crazy decorations, just have your bridesmaids move them somewhere out of view- don’t make a scene. Make sure you don’t make a scene that a photographer will surely capture on film. Later, while viewing your wedding photos the issue will arise again to haunt you (and has) be gracious , courteous and like a duck.

Your future in laws mean well, they really do. But, sometimes good intentions feel like their trying to relive their wedding day rather than controlling yours with the wedding or decorations they never had.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel often has something to say about anything and it’s saucy as well as cynical ya all! #Cindyism “Don’t come through MY front DOOR, if you are too GOOD to sweep the PORCH”

“Don’t come around to reap the HARVEST if you weren’t there to plant the CROP”

“Unless you are MY BEAUTICIAN, get out of my HAIR”

“Busier than the PASADENA town FLORIST during the ROSE parade”

You will be very busy and under a great amount of stress since everyone wants a perfect wedding but try to enjoy it even with those pesky relatives my friend, after all it’s your special day to be a princess!

If all else fails, buy a punching bag, take a kickboxing class or karate and work out your frustrations anywhere but at your wedding dearest.