Planning a Winter Wedding Outdoors Can Be Tricky…Weddings by Wendy

When you live in Texas, winter is unpredictable. 

I met with a couple planning to marry on December 11, 2015 in the botanic gardens a few weeks ago and advised them that having a Plan B is a necessity when it can be 70 and sunny or 30 and icy here.  We’ve had some crazy Christmas weather the past five years.  Having a back up plan is essential when you run a business with my multigenerational family because we often must change locations due to weather.  It was decided that WorthamWorld, my eclectic home and occasional wedding venue would be the Plan B for this event should Mother Nature force us out of the gardens.  Winter Weddings in Texas can be beautiful and, adding umbrellas adds a bit of flair on a drizzly day. 

 Photography will be handled by my twin sister and our Tiny Texas Twins aka Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney since my son and his wife (Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Photographers) will be leaning on the 11th for a skiing trip in Colorado. 

 I met with the couple and brought Texas Twins Inventory of bridal bouquets, ring pillows and flower baskets to offer the items for loan since this young couple is on a limited budget.  I often loan my inventory to families to ensues a beautiful event with photos even when they cannot afford these services for sold reasons that include struggling through a weak economy myself several years ago.  To target the low to middle class consumer was my initial plan for it was finding folks who struggled to afford a Dream Event and had nowhere else to turn that I was seeking to help.  These families are normally hard working middle class consumers but my December couple are students who had yet to buy their rings so I told them to hold onto their deposit and get their rings prior to worrying about paying me $75.00 to officiate their wedding for a very small group of families members (less than 10).

Since the couple are Catholic, this ceremony will be Christian based with passages that have significance to the parents of the couple who plan an extravagant affair and renewal of vows in the future. 

 Often, I inquire as to whether or not religion is requested, interfaith ceremonies or personal elements be included in a traditional cetemony because I don’t want to overlook anything of an emotional element during the ceremony.

However, the couple wishes to keep this cetemony very simple in order to save much of the very lengthy Catholic Ceremony details for the future wedding date.

Asking many questions is key to achieving customer satisfaction in the wedding and events business and while Texas Twins Events offers low cost services, for those who still cannot afford the a la carte options, my sister site gives our clients an opportunity to “trade for services.” The Pawning Planners take trades and refurbish the items which are then sold at Texas Twins Treasures in order to recover the cost of the event. 

 Changing the wedding industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas, my Texas Twins Team is committed to making your Dream Event a reality!  If you can’t afford bouquets, bouteniers, or centerpieces- contact me and we will make arrangements to loan you inventory when you hire me to officiate, organize or photograph your event.

Wendy M Wortham No Money? No Problem! The Pawning Planners Take Trades!