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On May 17, 2021 TDCJ reinstated wedding paperwork processing and scheduling.

As many loved ones of TDCJ are aware, in March 2020, many of my TDCJ clients desiring to marry an inmate who were confirmed at Units were cancelled at 24 TDCJ Units.

When non contact visitation was reinstated, it was possible for me to add new clients to existing Units that I already had clients waiting at. What I didn’t do and haven’t done was add Units not already on my books as a matter of priority.

Throughout the past year and few months I’ve emailed, talked to and DM’d at least 100 or more people wishing to marry in TDCJ. Talking, emailing, and DMing on social media DO NOT constitute a client relationship.

In order to become a client, my office mails you a contract outlying exactly what we are providing, the fee for the service to be provided, and a deposit (deducted from the fee quoted). The balance is due 7 days prior to the confirmed and scheduled event.

My contracts require consideration. Why? Because I cannot commit to you if you don’t commit to me or my staff. Time is the one thing I cannot ever get enough of. I certainly cannot have someone calling me out of the blue “about a date” that isn’t a client.

Please and I can’t stress this enough, do not ASSUME that talking to me or emailing and even DMing me constitute a client relationship. This assumption is inaccurate.

During a normal year, my weekend calendar is booked months and occasionally even up to 2 years out. Federal Facilities, County Jails and ICE Detention Units are scheduling on weekends. Texas Twins Events and Pawning Planners Clients as well as venues I’m on staff at are all prebooked events. Meaning I’m committed to certain dates, times, locations and places. I can’t just “line jump” someone onto my schedule AND I don’t.

Moving forward, I closed new bookings on ALL of my social media sites and sent a mass email regarding TDCJ inquiries this past year advising anyone contacting me regarding a wedding at any Unit further than one hour from an existing Unit on my books that it will take me at least 2-3 months to get everyone married at 24 Units during the week at TDCJ because TDCJ does not schedule on weekends period.

A number of people refused to believe that TDCJ would EVER reinstate weddings at Units. A certain number of my clients from 2019-2020 contacted me for a refund. These clients were given options as all of my clients are since my contracts have NO shelf life. 1. A full refund and client file destroyed. 2. A partial refund with the deposit on file and the clients file left active. 3. If a client had only paid a deposit the option of a deposit on their refund OR a check to cover half the cost to replace an expired marriage license. Several clients who chose option 1, are now contacting me regarding reinstating their contract.

If you are at one of the 24 original TDCJ Units or within one hour of the 24 original TDCJ Units, my office must mail you a new contract. If my office has mailed you a contract and you have not returned it, you do not have a client file. I do not create client files for anyone not returning their contract. If you need to use the payment plan option, contact me but DO NOT hold your contract. Why? Because the I60 Request For Inmate Marriage Form AKA Marriage Verification Worksheet REQUIRES an Approved Officiant to be listed on this document. If an Approved Officiant isn’t listed, the Request will be denied. If you are instructing your LO to write my name on this form and you are NOT a booked client, for obvious reasons when the Unit contacts me I will advise them of the issue and reschedule your Event until you can satisfy my booking requirements.

Cindy and I have been in 3 cities since Friday addressing other clients. Please be advised that I’m at 3 Federal Units tomorrow in Big Springs and will be available by phone while traveling.

If you have not received OR returned your contract, please contact my office immediately to remedy this situation as I will not drive hundreds of miles to a location “hoping” you bother to show up on wedding day and I will not “line jump” you onto our client files either. Please follow my booking procedure just like any other client is expected AND required to.

Many TDCJ Units REQUIRE me VERIFY a client status before processing a Marriage Verification Worksheet. I will not verify a client status without a client file in place.

The Marriage Verification Worksheet is not filed until you have received the Certified Offender Form and Absentee Affidavit or the Marriage License. Due to the number of confirmed dates at Units in the past that were cancelled because 1. The person using my name on the Verification Worksheet wasn’t a client or 2. My client hadn’t obtained the Marriage License are WHY so many Wardens and Chaplains Verify that 1. You HAVE obtained an Approved Officiant and 2. You have the Marriage License. If either of these 2 “situations” are an issue, do NOT agree to a date. If a Chaplain calls you because I’m inside another Unit, ask for 2 possible dates PRIOR to CONFIRMING in order to ENSURE MY AVAILABILITY.

I look forward to meeting all of you very soon at your State, Federal, County, ICE or venue wedding.

Section K of the TDCJ Administrative Directive specifically forbids ring exchanges due to Offender Property. For now and in the future, Weddings at TDCJ Facilities will be Non Contact. Rumors regarding Contact “if you are vaccinated” are RUMORS. Don’t listen to chatter. The DRC isn’t even considering Contact at this time. You MUST arrive 1 hour early on Wedding Day at TDCJ Units to self screen for Covid. Once cleared, I will meet you at the shakedown shack. Normally I will text you but at Beto, Gurney and Powledge as well as Lewis and Stiles my cellphone provider, AT&T has no bars.

Federal Facilities- There is no self screening requirement. You can hold hands, hug briefly and kiss with a closed mouth ONCE. You may also exchange rings valued at less than $100. The BOP has not yet updated Inmate Paperwork regarding visitors at Weddings. There are currently NO VISITORS allowed at Weddings. I know the paperwork previously stated “up to 6 guests/visitors” at Weddings but that paperwork was Pre Covid. Please don’t argue. We are guests in prisons. Please wear a mask. You will not be allowed in ANY Detention Facility WITHOUT A MASK. Thank you.