Perception When Faced With Challenges You Didn’t Expect…

I’ve always had a great sense of humor and love to laugh, this isn’t a secret. Growing up, my cousins, my sister and my brother always enjoyed laughing until we nearly cried over some things that others may not have seen the humor in- usually while we were at church (I’m afraid).

My twin sister, Cindy puts a saucy twist on anything and everything with her classic comebacks that I call #Cindyism she can put a Texas Twist to any situation and, they are usually hilarious during our comical redneck reality experiences in the wedding and events industry! 

#Cindyism Quotes:

“Your ADVICE is as UNWANTED as a PIRANHA at a POOL party”

My brother could give me a look, my sister a nudge and, before you knew it- we had a hard time settling ourselves down again.

Now, being serious as a child when in a house of worship is difficult for most children and, normally overcome with age and wisdom.

Other ministers often contact me when I write a blog about something “imperfect” or perhaps “unexpected” at a wedding. This confuses me for a number of reasons, first nothing is perfect and, those seeking perfection need to understand that a mix of in-laws and out-laws along with children can often be anything but perfect.

The flip side of the coin is that I and my team address the unexpected quickly and efficiently to carry on as if nothing had ever happened in the first place, after all your guests may have a sense of humor too.

I was officiating a wedding in the park with a lovely couple who had not requested a translator. Not knowing until I arrived that they only spoke Spanish, this was quickly resolved with I translate. Although knowing ahead of time would have helped with the preparation of their ceremony, it still went beautifully and I learned some phrases that were saved for our next Catholic wedding. Yes, there were a few laughs and nervous giggles from the children. Why not? Marriage is a celebration and often Church is as well, celebrating life and living each other should be rejoiced everyday.

At one wedding there wasn’t anyone who knew how to tie a bow tie in the wedding party. As the guests waited patiently for the ceremony to begin, I quickly found someone with the skills necessary to quickly and, expertly handle the bow tie.

One Groom danced to the alter, why not? The guests and myself loved it!

One ring bearer saw a butterfly go past and quickly turned to run after it, which was surprising for the wedding party and the guests, but funny and I’m certain will be remembered with the joy of suddenly seeing something so beautiful and turning around to chase after it, oh the joy of youth!

I remember one of the most endearing moments I’ve seen at a wedding was the Bride and Groom after cutting the cake had picked up a toddler who immediately stuck his face in the too tier for a bite! The entire wedding party cheered and the photo, priceless!

One cannot always plan ahead and, being quick on your toes is a good asset in any unforeseen circumstance. I was asked to take a photo of the entire wedding group a few weeks ago, stepping farther and farther back so that I could capture the while group, I fell backwards into the pool where most of the children immediately jumped in after me. Yes, it was certainly not how I had planned to this heartwarming marriage, but I couldn’t think of a better and more enjoyable ending than frolicking in that pool with those children sipping wet and trying to save my shoes. I loved every minute of it.

Lighten up my fellow ministers, there is no need to pretend that everything is fluidly perfect and choreographed.

Life is like that, your purest moments of joy are often unexpected and never forgotten.

Last night, I was laughing so hard at photos of minivans from my twin sending texts after I was rear ended and the driver tore off with a smoking front end, that I was crying! I couldn’t believe that when I pulled over after being rear ended that he nearly took my door off. Rather than chasing him in a dangerous “hot pursuit” I called 911.

The driver was every bit of 350 pounds, so you can imagine my confusion upon learning that the van was located and the driver had gotten away? The van had been stolen.

Cindy Daniel sent me some of the funniest “burn out” van photos I’ve ever seen along with photos of ten sets of hands on the back window of a minivan with a bumper sticker reading “I’m doing the best that I can, pass me!” I believe her, having a van full of bored toddlers can certainly make you lose your patience.

One of the funniest though, was a bumper sticker advertising a book titled, “How to keep your manhood and drive a minivan.”

Even my dad was laughing at the photos and, I’m very lucky I wasn’t seriously injured. My husband and I spent the weekend looking at SUVs and, although I thought I really wanted a Jeep, I decided to go with my usual favorite, Hyundai. The features, the comfort, the warranty, the gas mileage and the price cannot be beaten! I love Hyundai and my SUV, quality, comfort and style at a price you can afford. Matthew Wortham and I spent more time than usual together this weekend and, we enjoyed each other’s company while doing research on Jeep, Hummer, and Ford Explorer. I probably would have kept “Queenie” another 3-5 years if the accident hadn’t happened.

Perception is looking at circumstances with a different point of view in my family- we love a kaleidoscope. Bold, beautiful and bright, ever changing.

Expect the unexpected and rejoice in the experiences you have. There is nothing that cannot be overcome with faith, love and finally, humor.