My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel Has A Hilarious View On Life- Ginger Twinning & #Cindyism…

When Clients meet my twin sister and I on location, everyone wants Cindy to rattle off a few of her Redneck Granny observations on life AKA #Cindyism Quotes. 

Rarely, when I’ve been asked to perform a “funny wedding ceremony,” my coach on comedy skits is my twin sister. I’m serious where she’s silly.  We are Compensating Personality Twins.  

Together, we’ve accomplished many things because two halves make a whole.  We are inseparable and do everything including working, raising our families and even spending our free time together.  

Single siblings cannot understand the closeness of twins but, twinning is common among our thousands of twin friends. A few years ago, I wrote a blog detailing the differences between us to give you a better idea of just how different two people who look alike can be– The Pawning Planners- Serious & Silly Personality Traits Of Twins.

At a recent photo shoot for a book and art show, Justin Aversano had us pose for his project as Twins 43 of 100.  As usual, Cindy kept me laughing on location but, Justin had instructed us to “look serious.” I’m good at that but, Cindy isn’t.  

Our photos for Twin Flames have my twin sister looking confused rather than serious because Cindy is funny and not really a “serious” person because that’s my job, not hers. Cindy is always laughing or smiling so trying not to smile or laugh at her was somewhat difficult for me. 

 Cindy is the creator of #Cindyism Quotes.  Her self professed background as a Hillbilly is known far and wide.  In fact, Cindy is so funny that I put her skills regarding Life Quotes to work on Pawning Planners Apparel that feature her hilarious but truthful views.  

I’m often laughing with my twin sister because she is the one person in the world who can make me laugh.  When you juggle as many people as I do and have as much responsibility as I do, you are serious much of the time.Last year, we went on a life changing journey to lose weight as a TwinTeam and our second generation twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney joined us to go from fat to fit in our fifties.  Yes. We are two sets of twins.

Staying on track with our weight loss journey wasn’t an easy transition for us because we often spend 6-8 hours a day driving from one location to the next.  Being in a SUV all day, fast food became a way of life for us.  

Our visits to the gym for the first few months were hilarious as I fell off the treadmill and Cindy argued about the speed of the stair stepper with the machine.  

For the first 6 weeks, it was impossible for us to do anything right at the gym.  Answering a call from a client on the treadmill nearly killed me! But, we learned to pay attention to the equipment and handle phone calls after leaving the gym.

It should be noted that not only my family but also Cindy’s entire family believe we are both “on our phones all of the time.” This isn’t too far from the truth. 

Our phones are essential “work tools” for not only Texas Twins Treasures but also, Texas Prison Weddings, Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners.

We both handle all of our social media accounts, blogs, and eBay accounts which are all separate.  Cindy has hers and I have mine.  We are both wildly popular on social media because we have completely different sets of followers.  

Cindy’s followers love her saucy whit and mine love guessing what I will write about or post next because everyday is a new opportunity.  Our combined followers on Twitter are well over 50k and on Instagram near the same amount. 

We both limit friend requests on Facebook because our posts are far more personal there.  

Facebook is for friends although many people follow my posts there as well, I do not add people that I don’t know.  Over a thousand of my FB Friends were Clients through  Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners or Texas Twins Treasures. 

Cindy “came up” with new #Cindyisms regarding our fitness journey and thousands of new followers who may have been struggling with their weight as well, followed us on Twitter (I’m @Texastwins2 Cindy is @Texastwins2004) as well as Instagram (I’m @wendywortham Cindy is @thepawningplanners2).  

These new followers just couldn’t get enough of our hilarious adventure of trying to lose 40 lbs each over the course of a year.  As usual, Cindy had something to say every step of the way.

Cindy loved her Walmart “I Hate Running” tank tops so much that she bought one in every color!

Our journey to get in shape and feel great was filmed for an inspirational new show called This Time Next Year on Lifetime TV with Cat Deeley (we are on Episode 8).  

Filming ourselves every week for a year, I was often laughing at Cindy who made “weighing in” as Funny as you might expect.  

Trying to film each other getting on the scale was frequently interrupted by my dog, Foxy Wortham or Cindy’s youngest granddaughter, Madyson Blais jumping on the scale. The chaos going on at WorthamWorld was more than a little evident on those videos.  

Foxy Wortham follows my twin grandnieces and young Madyson throughout our home hoping for someone to drop a bite of this or a handful of that.  Foxy is a Beagle who will do anything for a treat.For years, I was heavier than Cindy.  This changed for us after I fought Thyroid Cancer and Cindy went through Menopause.  

Due to complications of Endemetriosis, I underwent a full hysterectomy at 34 years old.  Cindy went through menopause in her late 40’s which is when for the first time in my life, I was a few pounds lighter than a Cindy.

For years, Maryssa was lighter than Makenna but that too changed during our weight loss journey and Maryssa is now lighter than Makenna.  For twins, weight is rarely ever always the same. One twin is heavier, the other is lighter.We started our Fitness Journey at Planet Fitness.  Since the twins could come with us as our guests, they did and loved “working out.”  It took a good two months for Cindy & I to get the hang of it.

Since Cindy & I wore Pawning Planners Apparel Tshirts as our “workout clothes,” we also sold a few to our fellow gym goers.In the beginning of our gym visits, the skinny and fit folks moved as far away from us as they could, we both sucked it up and tried to figure out how to use the equipment for a few months.

Another “difference” between Cindy and I is clothing.  I like bling and Cindy likes comfort.  Years of working as a clothing model and selling Cadillacs, Hummers, Diamonds and Furs along with Couture Clothing required me to “dress up.”  

These days, Clients expect me to be “dressy” on location unless I’m at a barn in which case, I’m likely wearing boots and jeans with a blazer.

You will rarely find Cindy without a pair of Converse on.  She also enjoys wearing house slippers because “no one knows they aren’t real shoes except you.”  

My sister has steel rods in all ten of her toes. She was born with a birth defect that left her with duck feet.  To solve the problem, she went through 3 foot surgeries and will not wear shoes that pinch or hurt her feet.

 Although we weren’t popular with the “fit folks” but, we were with the “fat ones” at Planet Fitness.  Apparently, the skinny folks assumed that being overweight would somehow “rub off on them.”

Our new gym friends loved us because we were honest about not only our weight loss journey setbacks but, also the struggle of fitting the gym into our schedules while handling Event Services and Client Meetings for Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners while working on our documentary based book, Paying It Forward-The Pawning Planners Philosophy.”  

Time is something my twin sister and I have very little of because juggling Clients, Fitness and Fun takes a very large portion of our days.

When I travel the back roads of Texas en route to a Prison Wedding, I’m frequently alone because guests aren’t allowed inside a Unit. If the TDCJ Unit is several hours away, I often bring my niece or twin sister and drop them off “in town” prior to driving to the Unit alone.  

Since I’m contacted frequently by production companies asking if “we are working on a reality based show about my businesses,” the answer is not at this time.  

I’m guessing because what we do is so “different” that a few of these production companies assume our journey is fabricated.  It isn’t.  

My blogs are based on real life, real stories and more importantly, real people.  Names, Locations & Photos of Clients document actual Events. 

My websites, blogs and intellectual property on all Wendy Wortham Websites are also Trademark and Copyright Protected.  The Clients, their photos and their stories are owned entirely by me.  

Writers often want to “borrow” my creative content but, I’m not in the loaning business unless you are a booked Client of Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners in which case, you’re welcome to borrow ring pillows, flower baskets, floral designs and whatever else your Event needs may be but “borrowing a story” is off the list I’m afraid. 

I have an ongoing list of production company inquiries regarding signing with a new production company and will make a decision later in March.  

We aren’t in a hurry about signing a new contract because over the years we have signed with 6 production companies and finding someone who fully understands what our story is about isn’t easy.  

Also, we are currently under contract with a production company at this time.

My family and I filmed an unaired television pilot a few years ago so we aren’t exactly “new” to the concept of so many people trying to find something new to produce.  

Let’s face it, there isn’t another story out there like ours which is why so many production companies continue to email me.  But, finding the right partnership isn’t as easy as you might think.  

From Twin Event Coordinators and Floral Designers, Officiants, Photographers, Estate Liquidation, Rent Parties and more, we are far more versatile than one might think. 

Everyone is cross trained on my Team with the only situation that I alone would address being Texas Prison Weddings.  My reasons for “taking my time” to sign with a new production company are based entirely on finding a production company who understands the versatility of how our lives, businesses and families work together.  

Very few production companies contacting me have taken the time to understand how my family and my businesses work together prior to contacting me.  I’m far more interested in considering those who do.

I don’t “only do Prison Weddings.” I “don’t only Officiate Weddings or Funerals.” I don’t only refurbish trades or sell items at Texas Twins Treasures or pick up bartered items for Pawning Planners Clients.  

Everything and Everyone work together to make Dream Events a Reality on my staff.  Every member of my Team are related to me as well. We are a multigenerational Family Owned and Operated Team 

We service of wide array of diverse requests and unique clients.  They are all from different backgrounds, religions and even a wide array of economic differences.  I also offer Pre Marital or Crisis Counseling (which isn’t well known) through Two Together in Texas.

My family and I don’t fit in any box.  I know, I know, it’s difficult to find a Logline for a family that barter event services, twin sister who coordinate event services, or a minister that Officiates Prison Weddings, and a family that help people whether they have money or not.  Yes.  We sponsor families out of our own pockets when they have no trade to book through The Pawning Planners or money to book with Texas Twins Events.  

For those who are confused about how “all of this” works, I will explain it.  I created Texas Twins Events to offer low cost event services to families.  My reasons for creating a People Over Profit based event business were based on my own observations that affordable options didn’t exist.  I wanted to give others the event that I had never had.

When I started Texas Twins Events, I spent some time marketing families who could never afford a traditional vendor.  I realized it might awhile to find these families but, it didn’t.  These families found us through social media, blogs and internet searches.

Texas Twins Treasures is my eBay based storefront where I sell Flips and refurbished items.  Since I have a lot of experience in furniture design, I have refurbished antiques for years and am very successful with sales of flipped goods.  Cindy and I are long time junkers.  

Our backgrounds are the main reason that this TwinTeam are knowledgeable Appraisers.  Bartering requires a certain degree of knowledge when “trading” for event services.

We have been flipping stuff for 30 plus years.  Because of our product knowledge, we decided to help families who couldn’t afford low cost options at Texas Twins Events by merging Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners.  Surprising right?  I was determined to help anyone!  My belief is that by helping others, they will be inspired to help a stranger.

I’ve Officiated & Coordinated at exclusive venues, a C130, backyards, barns, Prisons, parking lots and just about any location you could ever imagine.  

Even I had no idea where I will be one week to the next based on short notice requests at Texas Prisons.  The window is incredibly short as a client may get a call with a wedding date with less than a weeks notice.  Event Stacking is essential to me.

Loaned floral designs? You bet! We do whatever is necessary to make Dream Events a reality and also sell custom designs at Texas Twins Treasures.  

I keep two full sets of bouquets and bouteniers along with centerpieces, cake stands and nearly anything else needed to “loan” to clients who cannot afford to provide these items themselves.

Our most popular custom designs are Texas Twins Treasures Brooch Bouquets.  These designs are for sale only and I require a deposit up front. Please allow 6-9 weeks for delivery of custom orders. A little over a year after rebranding and expanding, I continued to have people coming to me with no money and, nothing of value to barter.  Sponsoring families became very expensive for me because I refused to turn anyone away.  

One day, Cindy commented to me “we must find a way to generate money and help these families.  Using all of our profits from Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures is costing thousands of dollars every year in profits.”  I decided to create Pawning Planners Apparel to fund the families with nothing of value to offer by using my sisters talents and Quotes.

It’s not well known that for the first few years of Texas Twins Events, I spent thousands of dollars sponsoring events and providing photography.  Finding a new way to find Dream Events for sponsored families was essential to keep me from writing check after check.  The problem was that everyone claimed to have no money.  To get around the claim of having no money, sponsored families go through an Appraisal Appointment.  Why? So we can see where you live and whether you have anything to barter.  This eliminated me taking everyone’s word for everything when it wasn’t always factual.

Cindy’s famous blog detailed the reasons that I rebranded and expanded Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners three years ago.  It was the last straw for me because I was lied to. Here’s the link– Cindy Daniel Explains Why We Require Appraisal Appointments.

Cindyism Quotes were so popular on our eBay sales of Pawning Planners Apparel that we now offer customized options in numerous languages.  Cindy or I send a link to her blog or have customers google #Cindyism to find their favorite quotes.  

I’m adding the link to Cindy’s all time favorite blog post to give you a better idea of the wide variety of Redneck Quotes– Cindy Daniel & Cindyism- Pawning Planners Apparel.  

Cindy spent years on a dairy farm when married to her first husband.  She also worked at a feed store and bailing hay.  I lived in the city and worked in high end sales and print ads which is one of the reasons that we are different but, our speech is different because I had years of speech therapy due to stuttering.  

We may sound alike but our speech patterns are remarkably different.  My blog regarding the differences in our backgrounds can be found here– Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners.

Over the years, I’ve coordinated and Officiated hundreds of weddings, hundreds of baptisms, hundreds of funerals and other events.  I’m open minded regarding creative requests and have only turned down one gig.  The reason? It was at a nudist colony.  

When I was asked to Officiate at TDCJ Estes Unit by Misty, I went through the extensive background check to become a TDCJ Approved Officiant.  I could never have known at the time that my decision would bring a literal “boom” to my business!  

Suddenly, I had no “off season” to refurbish trades but, stayed up late in my workroom to get the job done by staining and stripping antiques to prepare for my upholsterer to pick up.  I no longer had time to drop items off.

The truth is that I was trying to help Misty and had no idea that there are ONLY a handful of TDCJ Approved Officiants in Texas, I’m one of them.

These new clients along with my existing clients and partnerships with numerous venues including AT&T Stadium, Rangers Stadium, Willow Lake Event Center, Bell Tower Chapel and more forced me to add more more Officiants on my staff to address requests I couldn’t handle myself based on my burdened schedule.  

I.E. I couldn’t be everywhere all of the time to solve the problem, I rebranded and expanded again to include Texas Prison Weddings with Wendy Wortham and “bumped” new clients to my son, my niece and stepdaughter.  Everyone wanted Cindy and I at their Event but, we book out quickly.  New clients book with our family members.  Being a multigenerational team solved many booking issues.

In the beginning,  Cindy and I had planned to work Events ourselves.  One year after starting Texas Twins Events, this became impossible due to bookings. 

The need for affordable options was far greater than I had ever imagined.  Out of state clients were hiring us to Officiate, coordinate and handle photography.  I decided to add more Officiants to address the issue.  

We are a family committed to helping anyone. We now have five Officiants and two photography teams.  Cindy and I also work as floral designers and a TwinTeam of Event Coordinators.

We are excited to watch our episode on This Time Next Year and even more excited for the future of a grassroots campaign to change the wedding and events industry one family or barter at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.  My family is dedicated to making a difference…