Wendy Wortham on Why I Often Model For Texas Twins Treasures Items

A few months ago, my twin sister Cindy Daniel, came up with an idea while I was visiting the Daniel Home in Weatherford TX.

I’ve never understood why iconic designers have models who appear to be either mad or upset that they are wearing fantastic and beautiful clothing are wearing a frown rather than a glorious and spirited smile (much like a stunning Bride in a glamorous gown would- the smile completes the ensemble!)

Cindy suggested I model our items to give buyers a better idea of how they looked while wearing rather than draped on a hangar or carefully arranged on my travertine floors.

With my training and previous history in the upscale clothing and couture industry, I agreed. After all, it’s difficult to envision clothing artfully displayed on ones body!

Immediately our items began selling not only more quickly- but also at a higher price point!

I’ve modeled clothing, furs, jewelry and accessories for years and although I was never the thinnest, I was always the highest selling model for whomever I was working for over 15 years. If I liked it- I SOLD it and had orders for more from clients.

That’s right kids, my target market at 30 years old was 40-60 and, although that may sound like a stretch, it’s the industry.

How many 40-60 year old women are a size 2? Not many and, you often find the 00-4 designer clothing on sale at Neiman’s for this very same reason, most women are a 10-14 who are able to afford luxury clothing which is why the tiny sizes don’t sell well.

I loved the fun of the runway- the music and the lights! While I had attended a professional school to learn the walk as well as tips for photo shoots- my personality was what really sold whatever item I was dressed in at a show not, the clothing itself.

If I loved it- I sold it and had numerous orders from buyers and my loyal clients who followed me to country clubs across the metroplex. One loyal customer even had my complete measurements to ensure the fit on me would be identical on her.

Having fun and feeling good in an ensemble is key to selling. At one style show for Stripling & Cox in Fort Worth, Martha Jones (Director of Models) put me in a rack of the most dowdy senior clothing on earth, the result was my sales dropped 64 percent!

The mistake she made was assuming I could sell ANYTHING! Sure, I can but I won’t sell clothing nearly as well if:
1. I don’t feel sexy, pretty or glamorous in the item or,
2. I do not believe in a products quality or durability or,
3. The item is something I wouldn’t buy or wear myself!
4. The reason this “test” failed was because Martha pulled a rack of clothing so awful that my grandmother wouldn’t have worn the items.
5. Assuming that my high sales would move the “barking dogs” mistake purchases the buyers had stocked in stores that no one would buy at any cost point was perhaps one of the silliest fiascos I’ve been subjected to in the industry!
6. I can sell anything because my audience trusts my opinion, values my taste and most importantly- can relate to me on a level that makes them feel secure in their buying decision.

You see, by allowing me to “pull my own rack” I chose the things that I liked and enjoyed wearing AND I exceeded sales expectations by feeling confident wearing them which is key to selling since you must believe in the product in order to sell it.

There was quite a bit of jealousy among my coworkers at style shows who couldn’t come near the numbers I generated. One day, a “stick thin” model (a Brazilian named Simi from Dallas, TX) informed me that she had no idea why or how I sold the most expensive couture items “since I had far more meat on my bones than the others” actually, I was a size 8 and although I wasn’t rail thin, the clothing draped nicely on me and I had something the skinnier “mannequins” did not- a PERSONALITY and ability to engage and enjoy the audience of buyers. Humph, skinny doesn’t make a great model ya all!

Today I received a FB friend request from Simi, I promptly denied it. You see, for 9 years I had to work with this sullen and pompous model who put me down every chance she had and, put super glue on my false eyelashes at a style show in Dallas that resulted in a trip to the hospital to remove them. There are things you wouldn’t ever realize going on “behind the scenes.”

I once walked right off the runway at the Apparel Mart and twisted my leg falling on top of a buyers table. A dislocated kneecap didn’t keep me from returning to “pull my rack” to ensure that my loyal dresser, Hahn Gilbert was paid. I wore a brace and sold more for returning to finish the run after such an embarrassing incident and, the buyers LOVED me for my resilience!

After choosing items to model, my twin sister would revise auctions and “up” the price. We immediately noticed a rise in our Texas Twins Treasures sales numbers and now try to model whenever possible to generate more income.

My eBay store funds Dream Events for couples who otherwise could not afford a beautiful wedding or religious event and by refurbishing antiques, jewelry and clothing items, we cover the expense.

Perhaps next I will pose on the furniture and start modeling our highest priced inventory?

Happy selling fellow ebayers from the Texas Twins and Pawning Planners Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel from Fort Worth, Texas!