Meanwhile, Texas Weather Event Cancellations and Re-Scheduling

For the third weekend in a row, Old Man Winter has caused chaos in the scheduling of Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners.

Outdoor ceremonies scheduled in both February and March are rescheduled based on the order they were received, I cannot make “special exceptions” based on social status as this is unfair to everyone else and this morning had to advise a client of my policy and reschedule calendar.

Although I’m certain this well established and highly recognized family was disappointed to hear they would be forced to “get in the Que” it’s my desire that even unexpected weather be treated fairly and without undue consideration based on economic or social status.

After all, I created this business to offer EVERY family a beautiful event at an affordable cost and simply because one client has more income than another I cannot and will not make special exceptions or accommodations for one client and not another.

This being said, I have a family that contacted me about a ceremony for a Bride diagnosed with bone cancer and will be providing the ceremony, cake, flowers, wedding gown and champagne along with photos for this family and giving then priority based on emergency health issues. When a client is terminally ill, the client takes precedence based on needs and timelines.

I’m outlining my professional decisions on the hopes that our customers understand that some clients cannot afford to wait for rescheduling and therefore have priority over cancelled events due to weather.

Some Brides just don’t understand scheduling and throw a fit regarding the reschedule, as usual my cynical sidekick, Cindy Daniel has a descriptive #Cindyism to suit the situation:  “She’s like TEXAS weather, her ATTITUDE goes from BAD to WORSE daily!” 

I have never missed a scheduled event unless the driving conditions are hazardous and hope this clarifies the first come, first served decisions as no one can predict Texas unpredictable weather, including me.

Hopefully, this will be the last winter blast of the season and I’m working diligently to get everyone scheduled as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding of my needs to address priority clients who have a health issue when making scheduling decisions.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners