Mall Massages? Risk, Reality & Rewards Or A Mistake?

Madyson Blais makes the most hilarious faces that Cindy love featuring her hilarious looks that often mimic the situation. My youngest grandniece is hilarious and always ready for adventure.

Normally, if I’m not booked out for an event, Matthew and I go to the grocery store together and share lunch before I run off to a booking. We have so little time together that having lunch is “booked into” schedule on weekends.

Since my husband I hardly ever have any time together, we spent most of the day goofing around while getting things done. His day started off with a haircut while I caught up on my mailing list of contracts for upcoming Prison and Jail Weddings as well as returning a few calls. 

By the time Matthew returned home, I was “ready to roll.” We both noticed a string of cars on the street which is pretty unusual in our neighborhood and wound up at an estate sale where I found my latest addition to Texas Twins Treasures sitting alone in a room. If you are interested, I’ve already listed it and you can find it on my site– Texas Twins Treasures-Visit My Treasure Chest.

Laughing through the very large home, my husband and I shared a joke about him going with me to dig through some junk to find a treasure. 

Matthew hates yard sales and has never offered to join me on a search for something “different.” My husband would never make it in the junking world. If he wants something, he goes to a store and buys it. I’m always looking for a bargain. We are completely different in our buying habits. 

Matthew pointed out several tables and oddities but, I test furniture for stability before falling in love. Sadly, all of the tables and most of the chairs were wobbly which is exactly what I’m not looking for. You can’t have something amazing on an unstable foundation and expect it to last. 

Returning to the first room where I had spotted the settee, my husband instructed me to go ahead and buy it and we would walk not back to WorthamWorld. I hesitated hoping I could get it half price tomorrow on markdown day but it’s risky to do this because everyone else is planning to do the same thing.

After walking through the house again and wondering if someone would beat me to it tomorrow, I gave in and said okay let’s go ahead and buy it today before noticing a sign that read “Offers Welcome Over $100.” Since the settee was over $100, Matthew made an offer and we snapped up not only the settee but this unusual hand painted bowl with lions and crests that caught my eye.

I found myself with a day off finally to spend running around with Matthew who had pinched a nerve in his back and wanted a quick mall massage.

My twin sister, Cindy will never go to the Mall Massage area of the mall again after what she describes as a torture of elbows, knees and pinching at her one and only shot at it years ago.

The Mall was actually pretty busy today and my husband wanted to buy a few pairs of slacks while I wandered around the Dillard’s dazzling display of summer sandals. 

Let’s face it, I’m a shoe sucker and probably need two closets to house over 200 pair of sandals. My sandals all have one thing in common- Bling! No matter what I weigh, my shoes fit so, I consider shoes an investment.

With Mother’s Day coming up next week, I sent my son a text and invited him to meet for lunch on my way to meet my clients next Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing my son as much as finally meeting my clients in person! 

I found two pair of sandals and couldn’t decide on either so Matthew bought me both. We both headed to the walk in massage area with my plan being to sit and wait while catching up on emails and client requests but, Matthew suggested I join him in the chair beside him for a massage too. 

I was actually on my phone when my husband invited me to join him reviewing a request on LinkedIn that had listed his business at Texas Patios. 

The reason that the connection request sparked my interest was that I had worked at Texas Patios for 15 years and therefore, knew they had gone out of business. I checked his profile. 1 connection. 

This is super shady on LinkedIn and adding a connection gives them access to my 7k connections so I declined and quickly googled his name finding awful reviews under three other business names. Hmmm. Anyone that changes their business name over and over is fishy to me. Why would you do that? You cannot build a brand if you change your business name.

Digging deeper as my husband settled in to a chair that resembles something you might find at a gym, I read a few Yelp Reviews with the same photo he was using on LinkedIn and the same name to find that he had taken over $4k for deposits on backyard work from 5 people and never returned to work. 

If you aren’t ethical, I don’t want to associate myself with you. Taking advantage of people lights me up to no end. I deleted his request before following a man to my uncomfortable chair behind Matthew and wondered why the LinkedIn guy was using the Texas Patios name? 

The brand recognition of Texas Patios is known far and wide for luxury patio furniture. Could it be that they didn’t copyright and trademark the name? 

I have no idea why anyone doesn’t go to the trouble and expense of protecting their brand. I run across this mistake of not protecting a business name frequently among other businesses and constantly wonder why protecting your intellectual property isn’t the first thing you do not the last if at all. 

As I took my seat, I wondered if Mark was aware that this guy was using a business name that had been branded and built from years of a stellar reputation for Texas Patios?

I wouldn’t have too long to think about it as an elbow was dug into my back. This was perhaps the most uncomfortable massage that I’ve ever had in my life. 

When the elbow stopped, a knee was placed in the middle of my back as the man pinched as hard as he could while I held my breath with my neck digging into the chair and my view of total darkness. 

Why wasn’t Matthew crying out Uncle? Surely he had to be in as much pain as I was? If only I could see his face and gauge whether or not he wanted to leave as much as I did.

For the next 20 minutes, keeping myself from jumping out of that chair and out of the reach from the “masseuse” was becoming far more difficult to me. By the time that elbow came again, I said “Uncle!” 

Heck I was worried that although I had walked in with no back pain, pinched nerves or tension that I would be leaving with all three!

After this “relaxing” experience finally ended, I limped over to the cashier, checked their prices and decided that the next time we are going to European Skin Care institute for the nice fluffy robes, the luxurious aromatherapy and the beautiful setting that makes you feel as pampered as you can. 

For about 38% more than the mall massage, you have the advantage of a licensed massage therapist along with all of the extras you aren’t going to get at the mall.

Trust me kids, you are worth it. As soon as we returned home, I grabbed an Advil and my heating pad. The pinches, the elbows and the knee are about as far from relaxing as I want to get.

Life may be like a box of chocolates but Mall Massages are too! While my husband said how much better he felt, I felt like a truck and run over me and backed up for a second go round.

Convenience and cost are why these Massage To Go types of businesses have popped up everywhere. Do we really know if anyone has an actual license? Do we know if they sanitize the chair or area where your face will be? 

I’m glad my husband is feeling better but, after that, I will be seeing my chiropractor, Dr Stern next week to straighten my back out. Honestly, this Mall Massage is going to wind up costing as much as European Skin Care without any of the frills.

Sometimes quality over guantity is a better route. Walking out to our SUV, I heard a car that sounded like the one in the movie “Christine” and turned to my husband to say “if that car is going to run us down, in taking one for the team and standing right here because my back and shoulders are so sore that you may as well just leave me in the path of a car that plays fun music & sounds really loud and kills people!” He laughed. 

My husband thinks that references to movies or music is always funny. With the black tinted windows and rumbling engine, the only difference between that car and the car from Christine was a pristine black paint job.

Last year, I reviewed a request for coordination and an Officiant. This isn’t unusual as I answer hundreds of emails every week. Although I had asked for more information in order to submit a bid. Due to the distance (1 1/2 hours one way), a trip fee would be involved. 

Over the course of a year, I never heard anything back which is why I had today off. I sent a message to the bride asking if she still needed an event coordinator and Officiant today? While waiting on Matthew was getting his hair cut, I sent another message since there was plenty of time to change my schedule if necessary but, never heard back.

Because of yet another wishy washy contact for services and my schedule, I’m going to once again go over what constitutes a client relationship. 

It isn’t sending me a message, email or calling me. A contract with me requires a deposit and a contract with the balance due one week prior to your event. 

If you haven’t paid a deposit or signed a contract, we have a problem because you haven’t hired me or anyone on my staff. You don’t go shopping without any money and go home with a bag. 

I perform 10-20 events every month and have a fully booked schedule so clarifying whether I or anyone in my team will be at your event requires both a deposit and contract unless of course, you’ve spoke to me and made other arrangements or are bartering your event services through The Pawning Planners.

For eight years now, I’ve had people contact me about a service and never hear from them again until the day of their event. Needless to say, this isn’t how a booking works.

You can count on me when I can count on you. My staff and I are committed to exceeding client expectations when a client agreement exists.

Just like the Mall Massage, nothing in life is free. We paid and tipped although I wish I had skipped it. The event business is kike any other business in that we can pay our bills on promises to “get back to us.” 

You get what you pay for and if you didn’t pay for it, you most likely aren’t going to get it. 

Spending the day with my husband is like spending the day with my sister. We enjoy a lot of laughs and whether our day worked out or not, enjoy each other’s company.