Loaned Inventory Is Borrowed But Must Be Returned- Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners…

A lot of folks wonder if my businesses are seasonal but the truth is that most of my clients book year round since wedding season normally lasts from Febuary to July and I am normally “booked out” months in advance.  

Due to my schedule, Pawning Planners clients are often flexible where Texas Twins Events clients are not- when they set a date, that date isn’t changed to accommodate another family which is why I’ve added my son Robert Hafele and stepdaughter Ann Alexander as officiants.  I can’t afford to miss an event due to my schedule and always plan ahead to meet the needs of our unique client base. 

My Multigenerational “Team” Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners
The client base between Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners is unique and diverse with middle class consumers booking through Texas Twins Events and paying for the services provided.  Pawning Planners clients have no money and therefore, barter for their services by trading. 

 My team and I often “run” from a high end venue for a Texas Twins Events client to a park or backyard for a Pawning Planners client with the primary difference being background and finances.  

Often, Pawning Planners clients are remarkably different from Texas Twins Events clients and far more unpredictable due to their circumstances and they often “bring drama” with them making no two clients alike. 

Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners
 My twin sister Cindy Daniel is a self proclaimed hillbilly who can get along with nearly anybody.  I on the  other hand am the check writer and therefore the rule maker on what will work and also what won’t will clients who have no money but bring ridiculous demands hence my reference of “inlaws and outlaws” used frequently on all of my websites.

Outlaws are family members who expect everything although they are contributing nothing.  They “tag along” at client meetings and Appraisal Appointments and expect all the extras that Texas Twins Events clients pay for and they don’t.  If I’m helping you- don’t bite my hand by making outrageous demands like a wedding dress in your size or custom bouquets and boutenniers.  I buy wedding dresses to loan at my own expense and make floral arrangements to loan as a courtesy.  I don’t give away my floral arrangements or wedding dresses, no one gave them to me and I’m not giving them to you.  Remarkably, this issue almost always “comes up” with Pawning Planners clients and has never come up with Texas Twins Events clients.  My inventory is loaned to 60-80% of clients from both businesses.

Asking me to give you a bouquet or wedding dress is going a bit far for me and if you are that demanding- we are going to butt heads over what you think is acceptable and reality.  Wanting to keep a wedding dress that I’ve loaned to you isn’t going to happen.

I’m often fundraising for families, the volunteer fire department, Fishes & Loaves and other organizations or hosting their event as a coordinator but simply because you assume that I’m rich and can continue to “give away” inventory and replace it family after family and want to argue with me about what you want and what I’m willing to provide, I now require a contract regarding loaned items to prevent “problems on location” regarding the ownership of a loaned item.

Pawning Planners clients understand that I’m going above and beyond by loaning them items to save them the expense of having to buy them.  However, their family often assume that two suv’s of items I’m loaning to bring beauty to their event is theirs to keep.  It isn’t  and arguing about what you want to keep with me isn’t a good idea.  If you want a toss bouquet and are borrowing items, you need to provide it yourself or pay me to create it for you.

 The Pawning Planners is a very unique concept that gives any family (regardless of their income) an opportunity for a beautiful event that they could never otherwise afford.  I merged Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners because I saw the need for families and worked hard to fill the void.  This “concept” is a very rare endeavor that takes hard work and dedication to recover expenses.

Sacrificing my money and talents to refurbish trades and sell them at Texas Twins Treasures to recover expenses of film development, travel expenses and more- I make the rules and often have to put my foot down regarding outrageous requests from family members of clients.  

My “job” is to accommodate the clients not their families who have their own ideas regarding the location or want a three tier cake or expect me to provide clothing for the entire wedding party.  I’m not a fairy godmother- I’m a friend of the friendless. 

Cindy and Wendy In My Workroom At WorthamWorld
When our mini me twins, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney told us some of their friends at school couldn’t afford Homecoming Mums, I went out and bought the supplies and created them for these kids.  I have a big heart but if I have to tell you no- you may want to reconsider what you are asking or expecting of me.  
Even I have limitations so if you are asking me to do something for you- please don’t bring me photos of “what you want.”  If you have a specific idea and I don’t have the materials necessary, I’m happy to accommodate you at your expense for custom floral designs.  I’m capable of designing any request, however “custom designs” aren’t free.

Work, Work, Work Wendy Wortham Refinishing A Texas Twins Treasures Trade

When I’m not at an event with my family, I’m often working on a project or listing items at Texas Twins Treasures.  My family and I stay busy year round to keep up with supply and demand for event services as well as refurbishing trades and volunteering for numerous charities.

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham On Location- Willow Lake Event Center
My sister and I are almost always together everywhere we go and spend a lot if time together.  Since my entire family work with me at events, we send more time together than many other traditional families.  Everyone in my family plays a role in the success of an event- including our husbands if we need help with construction.  Arbors and other “special requests” are rented by the client and set up/tear down fees apply.

Twin Sisters Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners
We Do Everything Together
My Grandnieces- Maryssa, Makenna & Madyson
LBGT Friendly? You Bet- Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners Do Not Discriminate
Need A Bilingual Translator, Help With Hair & Make Up Or Photography? Meet My Nieces Leigh Ann & Stephaney With Daughter In Law Stephanie Hafele
Twinning- Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Maryssa Mahaney & Cindy Daniel
When you hire myself or my team, our family bands together to overcome any problem on location and ensure the success of your event.

For families booking through The Pawning Planners- photography is complimentary to give you beautiful photos of your event.

I hope this better describes how both businesses work and the differences between the families we help.

Wendy M Wortham The Pawning Planners- Barter Your Event Services