LBGT Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham TDCJ Stiles Unit…

This afternoon I took a call from Houston, Texas.  I answer a lot of questions when it comes to Texas Prison Weddings.

My reasons for going through the process of becoming an Approved Officiant in the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice was based on a request from Misty Faraday to officiate her wedding at TDCJ Estes Unit in Venus, Texas.

Marrying in a Prison is a bit more complicated than a church, venue, or other event location.  For many, it’s an emotional journey.

It’s not unusual for me to answer phone calls from other states and occasionally other countries because Prison Weddings are often far more interesting than traditional weddings.  Everyone has questions. 

Whenever callers are apprehensive about the details, I assume it’s because their circumstances are “different” and, I’m usually right.  The phone call was regarding an LBGT Prison Wedding.  Many of these prospective clients have been turned away by conservative vendors and feel it necessary to “out themselves” when contacting me.

These clients shouldn’t be treated differently but, the truth is that they are.  I operate a Rainbow Business but after being “screened” by other vendors, many of my LBGT Clients feel isolated.

Years ago, when I started Texas Twins Events, I did something no other event vendor was willing to do– started my business as LBGT Friendly right off the bat. My reasons for this was that my goal was to help anyone regardless of whether they were different or not.

I went through a lot of Fire of my decision because I live in Texas and am surrounded by Conservative Christians.  Many of whom have taken the time to write me long letters about their beliefs.  A few have emailed while there have called me.  

Yes, helping anyone made me an easy target as other vendors either hid the fact that they serviced LBGT Clients and certainly, failed to advertise the fact if they did.

Surprisingly, my opinion regarding any client regardless of their differences shocks a few folks but the truth is that I was on a CW33 Newsfix Interview saying “I believe that Love Is Love” long before the term became widely used the past few years.

Whether you agree or disagree with Same Sex Marriage, the fact is that I believe everyone deserves to be loved regardless of how different their relationship may appear to others.

Prison Weddings are controversial only to people who aren’t in love with a prisoner.  For those who chose to marry an inmate, their decision is often met with resistance by friends and family.

Choosing to marry a person whose incarcerated isn’t an easy decision for anyone and any couple that I’ve married in a Texas Prison, went into the union with their eyes wide open as to what their future would hold.

Unlike traditional weddings, Prison Weddings lack the glitz and glamour.  There are no caterers, florists, photographers, limousines and the like.

The simplicity and structure of a Prison Wedding is far as far from the bling of a venue or church wedding as one could expect and yet, my Prison Brides and/or Grooms make it work and look forward to their wedding day at a Prison just as much as anyone else would.

Texas Prison Wedding Clients are just like you and me.  The person on the outside has a heavy burden of traveling to and from the Unit along with paying for phone calls and paying the bills with only one income.  

These marriages face far more challenges and yet, they make their marriages work.

There are no Bridezillas, Guestzillas, Groomzillas or drunken Inlaws or Outlaws at a Prison Wedding.  The Bride or Groom may be allowed to bring one witness in many Units or none at others.

Love After Lockup intrigues people who can’t understand why anyone would marry a prisoner.  

Finding an LBGT Friendly Approved Texas Prison Wedding Officiant is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Luckily, this caller found me on top of Google search engines not because I pay for placement but because my blogs put me there.

As we work through the details of the marriage ceremony, the caller Thanks God he found me and someone willing to help him.

I am often a Friend Of The Friendless to families calling me but my calling was to help all of the people no one else was willing to help.

My journey has taken a few unexpected turns and twists but at the end of the day, helping someone who is thankful for my help made my story and my life more enriched from having the opportunity…