Las Brisas Acapulco Beautiful & Exotic Honeymoon Location Where I Nearly Drowned…

imageOften in life it is the unexpected events that we never prepare for that teach us the fragility of life.

Not many people are aware that my husband has never had a desire to travel outside the United States.  It’s ironic since I have travelled extensively most of my life, in fact my son Robert Christopher had a frequent flyer pass with American Airlines by the time he was 10.  Although air flight has never been my favorite firm of travel, I have always loved an adventure and, have many favorite places with the Las Brisas being among the top 10.

An experienced diver, and water sport lover, I grew up with the belief that the ocean would always spit me out.  Not always my friends..

I had to convince Matthew to accompany me to this beautiful old hotel, a landmark in Acapulco.  Our first night there we apparently had an earthquake that didn’t even rouse me from a deep sleep.  Growing up in California, I was accustomed to earthquakes.  My husband was unable to go back to sleep fearing that the hotel would slide off into the ocean, he had never been through an earthquake.

The following morning we were transported to the private island and pool area where I promptly jumped right in not noticing the red flag posted for the undertow created by the previous nights earthquake.

Within minutes, the current swept me out and sucked me under three or four times.  Prior to this honeymoon trip, I had endured an emergency lumpectomy that left a scar from under my left arm to the middle of my chest.  I’m telling you this because I refused doctors orders to reschedule the trip knowing my husband would back out altogether and although I’ve spent my entire life in the ocean- due to the surgery, I was unable to continue trying to stay afloat.

By the time my husband realized I was in serious trouble, I had accepted the fact that within minutes I would not be able to pull myself above the current again.  I’ve never been afraid of death, rather my fear was for my husband witnessing my death and my twin sister, grand nieces and my son living with what had quickly become a tragic accident while on vacation.

The last time I heard my husband call out “are you okay? I knew he would possibly drown trying to save me, so I lied.  Attempting to smile, I said it’s fine, I’m okay right before my final attempt to reach the surface again.  I had accepted the fact that short of a miracle, my fate had been chosen for me.

Although I tell people everyday that life is a gift, many take their family, friends, children and spouses often for granted.  I never have, I’ve also never expected to live this long due to my many health issues which constantly remind me that everyday we have an opportunity to touch another life with kindness.

A Navy Seal pulled me out that last time that I had without any panic or fear accepted my fate. I don’t know where he came from and I don’t know his name, what I do know us he slung me over his back and swam me to my husbands waiting hands who quickly through me up onto the rocks and hysterically told me how grateful he was the tide turned just enough to benefit al three of us.  To this day he cannot discuss the details of that afternoon in a beautiful, tropical resort without crying.  He has been through many unexpected health crisis at my side and, although shocked at my head nearly being cut off from thyroid cancer is grateful that I battle back stronger than before.  I’m a survivor, my twin and I have never had an opportunity to feel sorry for ourselves, to be put upon a pedestal.  We overcome, we are passionate and yes, we throw out an occasional curse word now and again too!

Ministers are people too, and while many people may think a curse word hear and there may be shocking- brace yourself pal because what you see is what you get! I love hard, I laugh often, I would do anything for anyone and- I’m not alone.  My son, my twin, my husband and members of the Texas Twins Team would too! We love everyone, we judge no one and, we would freely give the short off our backs to someone who needed it.

Living your life not expecting a tomorrow can and will change your thought process.

Thousands of people read this blog, yes thousands.  Many of you write me your opinions and, I personally take the time to answer or address the differences of opinions sent to me- yes me!  When we receive a religious challenge or opposition to my opinion, understand that you are entitled to your opinion, however, your opinion may not be factually based and especially when directed at a religion you are not familiar or educated to understand. Religion and politics don’t mix because everyone has their own opinions.

Having said this, dedicated readers are also aware that every bride I’ve married is beautiful, every groom dashing and handsome.  You see I consider being a part of their story an honor and meeting their families a delight. Frankly I’ve never met a couple planning to marry who weren’t surrounded by an aura of beauty and love.

Ann Alexander and I were struck with awe on beautiful bride Jacqueline Guzman and her dashing Prince Tony Gale a few months ago, truly worthy of gracing the cover of a wedding magazine, there was another family that touched my heart a few short weeks prior to the water gardens wedding of the Gale wedding I am sad to say ended tragically.

My schedule us often booked three months in advance, however when I read an email that touches my heart, I have and I always will, alter my schedule in order to accommodate them.

Some of you will remember the romantic union of the emergency responder and the bride who lost her leg.  It is with great sadness that a tragic accident took the life of her dashing young Prince.  Being requested to officiate this memorial, is as much of an honor to me as officiating their wedding a few brief months ago.

Today I wish to revisit funeral etiquette with the several emails sent and the fragility of life gone too soon.  Many of your questions related to differences of religion or confusion as how to help bear a brief explanation but first let me explain that ANY traumatic event involves a series of emotions- this is normal.  Anger at the unexpected loss of a loved one, sadness or guilt over forgetting to tell them that you loved them as they left for work.  Believe me when I tell you that everyone experiences a range of emotions when dealing with loss- not just you, me or anyone else.

Lets start with the most popular question this week, visitation.  Visitation can and is normally held at a funeral home, your arrival at any time during the posted hours is an honor to the family of the person who has left this earth to sing among the angels.  You are welcome to stay as long as you desire.  It is perfectly expected to show emotion at the loss, but should you need to leave the room, you are welcome to do so.

When children are involved in a viewing or death, I advise parents of the importance of explaining to the child whatever your religious preference might be that the deceased is in a safe place, no longer suffering due to illness and no longer actually in the coffin- understanding and explaining that the body is a shell and the soul has found a peaceful and beautiful new home.  Give peace and a kind word of inspiration, contribute a memory, lend an ear.