It’s All Right For Bridesmaids To Wear White? Your Day- Your Way…

There aren’t any rules when it comes to Weddings today. Why? The Brides make their own rules. 

From gold to green and everywhere in between, Brides today are mixing things up.   

Although I’m not a huge fan of bridesmaids in white, at the end of the day, it’s the Bride who decides what the bridesmaids will wear. 

Personally though, I think the Bride loses her shine when everyone else is wearing white. Blushes and nude or beige tones are one of my favorite combinations for a Spring or Summer Wedding but, your options are endless on dress colors, dress lengths and styles.

Tried and true traditions of bouquets are also dancing to a different tune with balloons for Bouquets and other items that stray from the path of what might be expected.Your Day Your Way means changing everything up to suit your personality and your wishes whether they are completely different from the tried and true or not.Bridesmaids in pantsuits or even draped skirts with pockets bring beauty and glamour to today’s weddings and gone are the ugly bridesmaids dresses of years gone by. 

At the Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago for an LBGT Wedding, my Brides both carried Bouquets with one Bride also choosing to wear a boutenier. 

I had handcrafted bouquets and bouteniers for the couple and brought additional bouquets for the bridesmaids who all “opted” for bouteniers instead.The Brides also wore red shoes to honor their heritage. Tradition can still be a part of your wedding day while switching things up a bit. 

From different color bridesmaids dresses to white or even blush or nude tones there aren’t any set rules.

Years ago, honoring someone with a memorial was also in question. While some found honoring the dead to be an important part of their wedding, others disagreed.

At my sons wedding, the brides mother and I argued about honoring Melissa who was to be the maid of honor. Melissa died in a car accident weeks prior to the wedding. Since I had already created Melissa’s Bouquet, my son and I wanted to place a memorial for Melissa near the guest book. 

While Melissa’s parents loved the idea and were also planning to attend the wedding, the grandmother of the bride continued to argue “this is a wedding not a funeral.” In the end though, my son and his wife decided that Melissa was part of their celebration and wanted to share her memory.

Incorporating elements to remember your loved one has an endless array of options. Choosing what’s right for you is a personal decision.Whether it’s a table for a Fallen Soldier or photos built into bouquets or placed in chairs at ceremonies, honoring someone no longer with us is comforting to clients who want to remember their loved ones and honor them at their event. 

Mementos of loved ones bring beauty and personalization to your event. From your Bouquet to a table or seat to honor your loved one or even carrying a photo with you for Bridal photos, do what you feel comfortable with. Pets in your wedding? Absolutely. Mans best friend can also be the best man a bridesmaids or even present the bride. 

Personalized plaques and signs for your pet make your event photos creative and memorable.Whether you are a Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs, your choices are a reflection of your style and during the Planning Process is the best time to ask yourself “what’s important to you?” Not what’s important to your friends or family. Whether you choose to be dressy or casual, every event is as different as the client. While I prefer to see Grooms in suits and looking dashing at their wedding, not all of our clients feel the need to “dress up.” 

Pawning Planners Clients rarely wear formal clothing for their wedding nor do Texas Prison Wedding Clients either. The reason for this in many cases with Pawning Planners Clients is their budget. 

I’m always asked why some events we do are in backyards, barns or Prisons while others are in beautiful locations and venues. 

The reason for the “constantly changing” locations for our events is partly because I’m on staff at numerous venues and also because Texas Twins Events Clients can afford to rent a venue while Pawning Planners Clients cannot. 

The variations between both sets are actually quite remarkable.

I loved The Michaels Wedding and colors they chose for their Wedding. The orange and blue were perfectly suited for a perfect couple. Their Coordinating clothing merging both colors turned out beautifully.

From tattooed ring fingers to a ring necklace for a bride missing both arms, finding ways to make everyone feel comfortable and happy with their options is essential to planning the perfect event.Since I’m frequently asked why some of my Prison Brides wear wedding dresses while others do not, the Warden has the finally sat on what is acceptable at a Texas Prison Wedding. 

When Brides aren’t authorized to wear a wedding dress, they frequently change clothes for photo shoots after leaving a Prison Unit.Trishelle wasn’t allowed to wear a wedding dress to TDCJ Michael Unit. After leaving the Unit, her friends and family joined her on location for photography a few miles from the Unit. Trishelle also brought another dress and changed twice for photos. 

At TDCJ Sanders Estes Unit, my Bride was wearing a white spandex dress. Because the dress was sheer, I loaned her one of my jackets for the ceremony at the Unit. 

She removed it for her photo shoot after leaving the Unit with loaned bouquets from my inventory. 

I always wear a suit to Texas Prison Weddings so my clothing at a Unit Wedding as opposed to a Traditional Ceremony frequently doesn’t include wearing a vestment.

Many TDCJ Wedding inquiries ask if they can bring a ring or clothing for their incarcerated spouse but, the a Administrative Directive strictly prohibits ring exchanges or bringing anything into Units other than your state issued ID and Marriage License.

Any photos you see of TDCJ Brides holding bouquets are taken AFTER leaving a Texas Prison Wedding.

A Groom recently asked if his Bride could join him for his photo shoot next month after a wedding in a State Jail. The answer is no. Incarcerated individuals cannot leave Prisons at any time or for any reason. 

Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Units that allow photography of Wedding Ceremonies charge $3 per photo. These photos are taken inside the Prison at the Visitation Area. 

Not ALL TDCJ Units provide photography options. A few TDCJ Units are privately owned and therefore, make their own rules regarding Prison Wedding Photos.

The Rules on Texas Prison Weddings are strict. You MUST adhere to any and all Rules set forth by TDCJ. 

Vow Renewal Packages are offered at a discounted rate to accommodate Texas Prison Wedding Clients so they have traditional wedding photos. Visit this link for more information on TDCJ Vow Renewal or Wedding Package Information– TDCJ Weddings With Wendy Wortham.

We have two photography teams to serve you. My son and niece not only work as photographers but also Officiants which makes their schedules as tricky as my own.

Cindy and I work Events together as Coordinators. We are a TwinTeam and meet clients together at Appraisal Appointments, Wedding Rehearsals and Client Meetings.Veils are making a comeback but, not necessary for Brides who choose to skip them. I love veils but it’s completely up to the Bride whether they are worth the hassle. 

Let’s say your grandmother or another relative “gifts you” with a veil. In those situations, you should probably wear it to honor whoever loaned it to you. Veils are far less important to a Bride these days though. Many are choosing tiaras or wearing their hair up or down and skipping veils. 

White Wedding Dresses are always going to be the favorite but, beige, nude, blush or pink are making headway these days as well as bling. Sequins and shimmer do bring a pop of color to wedding ceremonies.Hats bring fun to Grooms and wedding parties. I love hats but not everyone does. 

Whether you choose pink, purple, blue, yellow or rainbow colors, the options are endless and white is no longer the only choice for today’s Bride…