How to Look Fabulous on a Budget! My Secrets, Tips & Tricks… With Duct Tape! Wendy Wortham’s Secrets

I wrote a blog yesterday on our other site, www.thepawningplanners.com regarding our last minute fixes and emergency bag of items to repair clothing, stains and perhaps the most unique based on feedback from ya all- the “homemade corset!”

Today I’m going to explain how to find a bargain, the many uses of duct tape, where to spend more and where to spend less to furnish a diva wardrobe and, how to invest in timeless jewelry that everyone will think is real!

First off, the duct tape:
I’ve used duct tape from everything to shifting the shape of upper arms to torsos! That’s right baby, if you want to “suck it in” there’s nothing more effective than a cheap roll of duct tape! Using paper towels underneath is based on your comfort when removing the tape, don’t overlook this very important step when you have a friend assist you in the wrapping process.

Buying couture items on eBay and thrift stores:
Folks are always amazed when I’m asked where I bought this or that, “I bought at Goodwill or, I got it on eBay” bring looks of shock. Don’t be amazed, after all I was a clothing model and, learned on my own fabric, cut and quality. I buy forever items that can easily be paired with big box inexpensive items- no one knows except me and of course, my twin sister, Cindy Daniel. Buying purchases are based on several key factors, cost, condition, cut and other items I already have at home. The way you feel in your clothes is reflected in your attitude ie : clothes you look good in, you feel good in! Don’t buy something that is too tight, doesn’t feel right or makes you feel like a neon sign. Do buy things that make you feel good about yourself!

Jewelry: Cindy makes many of our gemstone collar necklaces from broken bracelets, vintage belts and old earrings but, many of our rings and earrings are actually cz set in either sterling silver or 14k gold we’ve suffered hard times and were forced to sell diamonds years ago that we had removed from the settings and replaced with cubic zirconia during the “hate to see you go but, food is more important years” during traumatic divorces for both of us, we survived but never replaced the stones- we love cubic zirconia! I own two watches out of my collection of 27 that I’ve kept through tough times and treasure, a Patek Phillipe Dinner Watch that was a wedding present from my husband, Matthew Wortham and, a custom Neiman Marcus gold watch with diamond bezel I won for selling the most furs in 1994 modeling mink, sable and fox coats. Mixing and matching everything from jewelry to shoes creates a unique ensemble, I don’t try to “look” like anybody else or even keep up with trends- I wear what I like.

Years ago, Ken Mattoon, my boss at Texas Patios asked me why I wore evening dresses to sell upscale patio furniture. My reply surprised him, they were the only clothes I had. I purchased my first pair of Thriftown khakis and jazzed them up with a black cashmere turtleneck and snakeskin boots to feel “pretty and polished” I’ve never dressed like everyone else because I wear what I like!

When I married my husband he asked why out of nearly 150 pairs of sandals, pumps and western boots I did not own a pair of sneakers- well, I never considered sneakers something I could wear to work so I didn’t invest in a pair. It’s just the way my mind works, for a workaholic, I had to evaluate how to wear a suit with a sequin shell for one job and a sequin jacket with pants at another. You see, I “worked in” the couture clothes I swapped for modeling fees with garage sale, eBay and thrift shop items these were my “work uniforms.” Be open minded and experiment.

My ability to walk into a thrift store and find the gems I do is a skill that cannot be taught. I know the drape of an expensive fabric, I know the sheen of a silk from across the store. Anne Alexander went to a shop with me one day with her daughter in law, Sarah. They had spent thirty minutes unable to find anything appealing. Within 15 minutes, I found designer clothing for both of them and, in their size ! It’s a gift that I have and , I’ve dressed many people out of my 7 closets for whatever event Texas Twins had scheduled whether it was black tie, western/ranch, business casual or sixties style funk, punk rock or career themed.

Buying furniture then stripping it is a skill based on my carrier in clothing, you see I’m using fabric to accessorize the piece. The make up is the stain I use to transform the wood, the main fabric is either exotic or simple, then I add elements that accent the piece.

Remember, have fun be wise on where you spend the most! Basic pieces need to be classic ie: boots, purses, luggage, jeans. You can easily take tattered jeans, heels or boots and a sequined shirt or even, a tailored mens shirt to transform yourself quickly. Add jazzy jewelry or a blingy belt and you’re a superstar!

Hair: I change my hair nearly everyday! I love a weave that is precisely matched to coordinate with my hair, have fun with it- Cindy and I love hairpieces! No time, no problem. Pop in a ponytail, clip on some fantastic hair and you are “ready to roll!”

I hope this answers all your questions and am happy to address any other questions relating to your holiday parties, engagement photos and more.

Remember friends, fashion can be fun as long as you don’t try to hard. Be yourself, like yourself and your smile will light up any room you walk into.

Peace and Love,