Hospitals & Hilarity? Meet My Family Who Enjoy Complaining About Anything & Everything…

This morning was crazy with trying to get these two sets of twins out of our home aka WorthamWorld in order to pick up my dad and get him to Harris Hospital in time for his surgery.  

My dad is high mileage and has elected to have a fairly risky surgery- Anterior Cervical Fusion.  

While I tried to talk him out of it, he has decided to go ahead with this surgery even though after advising me of the risk 70/30 and disagrees about having any concern.

Walking Foxy Wortham prior to grouping up the rest of my crew who spent the night with us after the birthday dinner for my son and niece at Japanese Palace, I would have loved a few minutes to enjoy my morning coffee but was pushed out the door by twin sister, Cindy Daniel. 

Stephanie Hafele, Robert Hafele, Stephaney Mahaney & Twin Sisters Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney
Although I had insisted that Cindy and the twins go to bed early last night- laughter continued to echo my hallway as Cindy and the twins looked at Instagram posts from “White Trash Wednesday” until nearly 11PM.

Arriving at the hospital with our father, Cindy and Makenna took up residence in the waiting room while Maryssa and I sat with my dad I’m pre op.  

My dad decided to visit the restroom while awaiting the anesthiologist and “flashed” Maryssa who burst out laughing and  caused me to giggle a bit myself. Hospital gowns are well known for “unexpected don’t look Ethel moments!”

While waiting with my dad, Cindy sent me a text that Makenna had fallen asleep on her and she had to go to the bathroom.  Maryssa and I went to relieve her and wound up getting lost in the hallway. 

Although the twins get along most of the time- like many other twins, they have their moments of arguments and today was no exception with Makenna begging to go home and Maryssa advising her that we couldn’t leave while grandpa was in surgery.  

Makenna wanted to talk me into driving her home which obviously wasn’t going to happen.

  After finding our way back to the waiting room, Cindy advised me that dad was in recovery to which I replied “you are looking at the wrong patient.  Dads surgery was two hours and we’ve only been lost twenty minutes.”

I’ve spent a lot of time in this waiting room with my sister.  Last year our Aunt Shirley had a bypass and the year before that our dad was here for heart surgery again.  

While Cindy and I fight to eat a healthy diet, the reasons are based entirely on a family with a long history of heart disease and diabetes.  We continue to “battle on” in an attempt to lose 20-30 lbs that menopause and age have hit us with.

At dinner last night, my niece and daughter in law managed to get along well which isn’t always the case.  Often, my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele says something to my niece Stephaney that is not only inappropriate but also out of the blue.  

Many of these offhandedly comments have my niece wanting to strangle my daughter in law with everyone trying to separate them from my twin to my son and even The Little Pawners, some of her statements are similar to this one- “are you wearing THAT to the event?”  

Stephanie Hafele is the only skinny person in our family and prides herself on pointing it out at every event both family and professional events are always far more interesting because we never know who the target is going to be around here. 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele At The Japanese Palace A Family Tradition For Birthdays For 25 Years
Waiting rooms only bring out the anxiety with bored kids and adults that often don’t get along with each other under the best of circumstances.

Trying to keep my family on good terms with each other is stressful for my twin and I since we are (apparently) the only ones who care whether everyone gets along (or not). 

My Husband Matthew Wortham At Japanese Palace
As I sat at the end of the Hibachi table with my husband and watched Cindy (on her phone as usual) checking her Twitter timeline and Instagram posts, the Little Pawners were directly across from us with my daughter in law positioned next to Cindy with my son on her left and my niece beside my son- it occured to me that everyone was getting along well for a change with no arguing and no snippy remarks.  

What made this different?  My niece Leigh Ann was in California with her daughter and husband moving to Lemoore and not here to “stir the chili.”  It is well known that Leigh Ann and my daughter in law don’t get along and never have.  

The reasons are never ending from both sides and even Leigh Ann’s sister, Stephaney continues to recall an “incident” at Hurricane Harbor when my daughter in law told her “I don’t want to ride in the raft with you because your so big we could flip over!!!”  

Now you see what I mean about my daughter in law she hurts feelings without even trying and later, wonders why so and so got upset about it. 

Leigh Ann, Alex & Madyson Blais
Apparently, offhand comments or remarks are “common” for Stephanie Hafele’s family aka The Outlaws.  Inlaws and Outlaws continue to fuel the fire by talking about someone and never expect what they said to get back around to the person they said it about.  The problem?  It always does.

Family events “bring the drama” when your kids refuse to play nice and try not to get into an argument.

Cindy and I have decided to make greeting cards featuring the twins (Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney) after realizing there aren’t any funny twin birthday cards, thinking of you cards or even expecting twins cards on the market. We have thousands of twin friends on social media who have suggested twin cards.

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Their Cousin Madyson Blais
    Our friends, Kristen Webley and Kjerstin Johnson always send us fun photos of their #twinning moments and although twins were rare when we were young, they are now everywhere you go.  Cindy even suggested using our photos for some saucy and sassy #Cindyism greeting cards.

Our Beautiful California Friends Kristen Webley & Kjerstin Johnson – Twinning & Winning!
Expanding Texas Twins Treasures to include greeting cards won’t be easy but it will certainly be fun.  Since young “Maddy” Blais is so animated, we’ve decided to feature her on several variations of cards too. 

Madyson Blais “Oh No, I Forgot Your Birthday?!”
Madyson Blais “A Road Trip? Let’s Go!”
Madyson Blais “It’s A Party- Let’s Celebrate!”
  Since everyone in my family is a ham- it’s easy to get plenty of good photos of these goofballs as long as they aren’t fighting with each other. 
Twins And Friends (Sometimes) Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Sales generated by Texas Twins Treasures fund families with no money to hire myself or my team through Texas Twins Events.  Our Pawning Planners clients submit trades (or bartered items) in exchange for event coordinators, photography, party planning, wedding officiants, funeral clergy and more.  

But, when they have no money and no trade- sponsored events are paid for by using funds generated by refurbished items bartered through The Pawning Planners and sold at Texas Twins Treasures.

Cindy and I have been visiting auctions to add to our inventory at Texas Twins Treasures and I start real estate classes this September to get my license which will help with real estate flips, swaps or trades through The Pawning Planners.

Being creative and finding new ways to “expand our brand” has often been a hurdle for me but by branching out and trying new items and ideas, I’m hoping to one day be in a position to afford a Texas Twins Treasures Storefront that doubles as a Texas Twins Events Venue.

As we continue to wait on my father to get out of surgery, the twins start to argue over a candy bar and quickly remind me that our older children once argued all the time too.  Maryssa and Makenna can argue about anything and everything when they feel like it.

Leigh Ann enjoyed being “the only child” until her sister Stephaney was born and later my son.  I’m hoping that one day all of our children and grandchildren recognize the gift they are to one another and stop taking one another for granted.

Update: My father has been moved to recovery, Cindy and Makenna are taking the turn to go with him while Maryssa and I wait with all the other families in the lobby and my niece Leigh Ann calls to complain about the maid coming in to clean her room and ignoring the “do not disturb” sign.  

For ten minutes Cindy and I laugh our heads off listening to Leigh Ann complain about this and that.  While we know that our kids don’t recognize that their rants are “comedy gold” and get upset when they are telling us something that has us busting up with hilarity-the older children and the GrandTwins are usually hilarious with their arguments and complaints that leave my twin and I nearly crying to keep from laughing ya all…

Wendy M Wortham