Hidden Treasure?  Often Pawning Planners Clients Don’t Realize What Their Trade Is Worth…

When I opened my Ebay store in 2009 to generate income during a time of struggle when my husband who had never been unemployed (40 years in real estate development and construction), was out of work due to the real estate crash, other ebayers would contact me wanting to “trade” or barter their items for my own.  While this often didn’t work out- occasionally it did based on travel distance for large items, I would often meet them at a midway point between us.

One of my most treasured items was in such horrific condition, that it took years to clean the brass ornaments on the corners and the feet to reveal angels and claw feet. 

I’ve had this stunning piece for 7 years and it was one of the best bartering deals I’ve ever made but decided to keep it for my home office rather than sell it.

Finding treasures requires product knowledge and often the buying market of what I’m flipping, swapping or trading for.  Basically, my multigenerational family & team are all looking for something different on location.  I’m looking for funky or unique antiques, Cindy is looking for jewelry and high end clothing with our Little Pawners (Maryssa and Makenna) searching for antique toys or games.

I’m not interested in 80’s furniture, I’m interested in period pieces that I can refurbish and make into a Texas Twins Treasure.  Occasionally after refurbishing an item, I keep it and use it in my home that doubles as a wedding venue for our elopement clients aka WorthamWorld.  My home is as eclectic as I am and features triple crown molding, leaded glass windows, mirrored walls and chandeliers along with an ornate New Orleans styled wrought iron stairwell and patio area. 

 This unique umbrella stand was originally in a church but taken in trade for a wedding officiant and photography package 3 years ago.  The beautiful wood and brass handles were in terrible condition and required reconditioning the wood and cleaning the ornamental elements to “bring the beauty back.”   

This chandelier had never been cleaned and weighed over 400 lbs.  to effectively clean it, I covered the table under it with towels and hand cleaned each beautiful teardrop by hand.

 This unique low club styled chair is an early Americana piece that was found without a seat pad but amazingly the back of the chair had tapestry that was in good condition on the back portion of the chair.  To “bring it back” I sealed the wood and found a coordinating mix of fabric that would compliment the existing tapestry.

This “cuddle chair” or chair and a half had no fabric whatsoever when I acquired it. Checking my upholstery room, I had enough black with bee fabric and very little zebra silk chenille.  Setting it aside after sealing the wood until I could decide how I would upholster it- three days later I came across a 60″ round silk tapestry tablecloth in cheetah that covered the back of the piece and the top half of the cushion.  I then used a multi stripe to upholster the back and bottom of the cushion.  When I’m considering the upholstery to finish a piece- I don’t hurry.  Quite the opposite, finding ways to bring a fun and unique spin on my designs is what fetches a higher price at Texas Twins Treasures! 

 This Bergere Chair & Ottoman were pink polyester and missing most of the cushion due to rot and damage from being stored behind a chicken coop in a barn.  To repair the chair and curved ottoman, I stained and sealed the wood while laying various pieces of my upholstery inventory across the set.  I had very little Leopardo Leopard on hand so I decided to use it on the armrests and inside to add a degree of fun while using a contrast welt and band.   

Finding a pair of anything is very rare in my business of taking trades and these 1920’s cane wingback with wicker sided chairs was incredible.  Both were missing the seat pads and the backs were covered with a tattered white/beige fabric.  As always, I stripped them completely focusing on the wood (foundation) and then decided on the main upholster while adding a contrast back and coordinating seat pad, band and welting.

This unique cast iron lamp base was taken in trade with these unique “twin” hand carved wooden ladies. I decided to leave the verde finish rather than cleaning it because the aged finish added character.   

Although I love red and gold, I don’t often use this combination on furniture.  Mainly because it’s bold. This unique fish detailed chair had lost most of the gold finish and had a separated leg.  Taking my time to strip the stained beige cushion and back before finding the perfect black lacquer paint and carefully restore this piece took a little longer than my standard turnaround of 10 days but, the finished product turned out beautifully with the Goldleaf fabric coordinating and bringing this piece back to life.

A lot of you inquire as to the original condition of my pieces prior to refurbishing- usually horrific! 


Since many of the pieces I’ve acquired need quite a bit of work- quick flips are normally in great condition and ready to sell like these unique Stuart Weitzman Ombré Booties. You see knowing the market value of an item is vitally important when I’m flipping it and finding these in a closet, I immediately “snatched them up and sold them for $275.00”

 I often do wedding packages also known as the Elopement Package in my home for parties of us to 10.  Today I posted a video tour for Karen Grebe WorthamWorld My Home Doubles As A Wedding Venue.

Sometimes digging through an area is dirty but finding a hidden treasure requires getting dirty to find it…

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