Happy Anniversary Baby Got You On My Mind…

Tomorrow marks my 9 year anniversary and although we’ve had a few bumps in the road- we are still best friends and stronger due to the things we’ve had to overcome along the way. 

Matthew & Wendy Wortham

From thyroid cancer to endemetriosus and a lump in my breast years ago, my husband was always there to nurse me back to health and cheer me on as I recovered from surgery after surgery the first 6 years of our marriage. 

Wendy Wortham Minutes Before My Diagnosis For Thyroid Cancer- Cindy Took This Photo Goofing Around With Me

More Bad News With A Full Hysterectomy And Menopause Due To Complications Of Endemetriosis
Through thick and thin my husband has been there for not only me but also my sister, her daughter’s and granddaughters along with my son.

Anytime someone was in trouble- my husband always found a way to cover the electric bill or repair something at my sisters house.  Raising her twin granddaughters without child support hasn’t been easy for Cindy and my husband treats my sister like his own.

We met after I sold him his very first Cadillac years ago.  Ironically, he hated it and returned a year later to trade it in for an Escalade.  After signing the papers, he invited me to a steak dinner and we had a great time.  He was funny and charming which surprised me because he seemed so quiet and shy. 

My First Print Ad- I Hired A Photographer And Promoted Myself By Advertising At Area Country Clubs To Generate Clients
Wendy Wortham- Escalade Ad 2004 Ridglea Country Club
My Favorite Ad For Colonial Country Club The Cadillac XLR
Two Sets Of Twins- I Ran An Ad For Escalade Titled “Got A Big Family? Get An Escalade!”

We’ve had a lot of laughs and a few health scares between us but every year we go to the Japanese Palace with Cindy and my family to celebrate our birthday and have family sleepovers and slumber parties at our house aka WorthamWorld. 

Matthew Wortham Goofing Around With Me In Florida
 For the past four years I’ve had a clean bill of health and no further “health scares” while laughing my way along at client meetings, appraisal appointments and events.

My husband often checks in while we are on location to make sure we stop to eat and see if we need anything.  He’s patiently taken care of our dog Foxy while film crews filled our home and offered refreshments to the crew. 

Our Home AKA WorthamWorld Filming The Pawning Planners
We are a close knit and good natured family who truly enjoy spending time together.  The only thing I really miss about our former Dream Home was the pool for backyard barbecues and pool parties but selling our home funded all of my businesses to give anyone (regardless of their income) the opportunity for a Dream Event. 

Mother & Son Dance- I Chose To Sing Our Favorite Song Since I Dont Know How To Dance

 I’m asked all the time why I committed to helping anyone and the main reason was my son’s wedding because I knew many others (like me) struggled to give their kids a beautiful wedding or other event.  The difference was that I was willing to start several businesses and change things to help those strangers.  By doing so we’ve helped nearly 700 families over the past six years as a family.
My husband kept dinner waiting when we returned from a road trip late at night and helped me cover several business expenses including web development and advertising because he believed in me and because he wanted me to succeeded.  
I’m secretly planning a renewal of vows for our 10 year anniversary as a gift next year since we only had my aunt, nieces, grandnieces, sister and son at our wedding along with my husbands best friend, Barry and his girlfriend. 

I loved going with my family and aunt to get our hair and nails done along with the best gift of all being that my aunt was so thrilled about spending the day with us “getting dolled up!” 

 Cindy and Steve were married at the JP so she would love to do another ceremony too.

We spent our honeymoon in Acapulco at the Las Brisas resort and other than my nearly drowning “incident” had a great time.  An earthquake had caused an undertow that sucked me under several times and I nearly gave up ever getting back to the shore.

From birthday parties to our kids weddings and everything in between, we’ve built memories and laughed together while keeping a sense of humor during times of struggle. 

 Losing weight with my sister is a struggle but the rewards will outweigh the work. 

 I’ve married hundreds of couples over the years and my advice to them is always the same “be a good listener, laugh together during the good times and lean on each other during the bad.” 

  If you can do these things successfully, your hands will still be reaching for one another when they are withered and old with love.

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