Gordon Volunteer Fire Department Parade & A Friendship Ceremony Keep Us Busy This Holiday Weekend…

Leaving WorthamWorld yesterday, I drove around the corner to pick up my son and his wife, Robert & Stephanie Hafele before driving to Weatherford to pick up our mini me twins at the DanielDivaDiggs.  My twin sister prides herself on having an outfit for any occasion for her granddaughters and, she always goes all out. 

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel
 Arriving at the HafeleHouse aka my sons home, Robert immediately came out and got into my SUV while calmly waiting on Stephanie who often forgets something and has a hard time being on time.  The problem is that I am never late and pick everyone up to ensure they aren’t late either! 

Stephanie & Robert Hafele Our Photography Team For Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners
My son and his wife often argue over anything and everything and insist these arguments are not arguing but describe these interactions as “heated conversations.”  Since they are always having a “heated conversation,” when inside my SUV headed to our events, I am often amazed at the things they argue about…from Robert being hungry to Stephanie losing her lighter, phone, tablet, keys you name it they argue constantly and apparently it doesn’t affect their relationship but instead makes everyone else in the SUV nervous with the constant complaints about what time we are arriving, where we are eating and everything in between. 

All American Twins- The Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Latest Little Pawner Madyson Blais My Grandniece
Maryssa Mahaney, Leigh Ann Blais & Makenna Mahaney
Makenna Mahaney, Stephanie Hafele & Maryssa Mahaney Arrive At The Gordon Volunteer Fire Department After The Parade- Stephanie Is Hot & Cranky!

Loading up in the parade line up was hot but, the fire truck horn had left Stephanie’s “ears ringing.”  Well, folks it’s a hot one in Texas during festivities this month and I guess that was my daughter in laws last trip riding in the parade- Parade Line Up Gordon, Texas With Maryssa, Makenna & Stephanie gives you an idea of how this small town goes all out for the holidays.

At the fire station with my Aunt Shirley and cousins, we waited for the parade to begin while the band finished setting up and hot dogs were grilled out back with bounce houses and cold drinks being passed out to the guests.  

Robert & Stephanie Hafele-Gordon Volunteer Fire Department
 As soon as I heard the parade getting beat the fire station, I ran outside to get some video- Gordon Volunteer Fire Department Parade 2016 and quickly realized just how loud the horns actually are as well as how hot it must’ve been waiting in the staging area at the football field for everyone to begin the parade route.

After cooling off, everyone felt better thanks to the swamp coolers and company of our family and surprise visit with Kay McCreary our FB friend with twin daughters close to our twins age.  I enjoy going to Gordon to visit with my aunt and cousins and I especially enjoy the small town excitement for any celebration that brings everyone together.  Living in Fort Worth, we have never seen the familiarity that Gordon features with everyone knowing who you are or who you’re related to and saying hello or giving you a friendly hug.

This morning as we headed to a friendship ceremony in Weatherford, my son was hungry and Stephanie had left her phone behind- I never backtrack so we instead drove on to meet these three ladies and cement their bond before joining them for lunch. 

Wendy Wortham On Location- Friendship/Unity Ceremony
My twin sister did the video while Stephanie took the photos and our Little Pawners stayed home with their mom Stephaney Mahaney. 

My Nieces & Daughter In Law- Leigh Ann Blais, Stephaney Mahaney & Stephanie Hafele
My family business often endures a few family arguments but pull together when on location and work well as a team.  Occasionally, a few of my family members consider themselves an expert but they quickly get over it and work hard at not arguing with each other with their compensating personalities.

Many of my Friendship or Unification Ceremonies are similar in that the clients makes promises to one another and following the ceremony sign a Unification Ceremony.  I loaned three of my bouquets to bring beauty to the ceremony on this video- Unification/Friendship Ceremony With Wendy Wortham 

Often, the friends have survived a tragedy (breast cancer or other similar Life Hurdles), and this ceremony  is a ritual bonding them and celebrating their friendship.  It’s a celebration of love and life shared by friends.

I often perform unique and creative ceremonies that are as different as the clients themselves.  From Divorce Parties to a Backyard Prom Party, Memorial Ceremony, Wedding or Adoption Ceremony- Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners love working with our clients to create Dream Events!

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to go to the movies and watch fireworks from the roof of the Movie Tavern, I explain my plans to my son who (as usual) prefers another location and another movie.  I reach for a quarter to have him “call it” and win…your children don’t always agree with everything you do but in the end we work it out as a team.

Update- Last night after finally arriving at the Movie Tavern with my dad, twin sister, twin grandnieces, son and his wife Stephanie (who brought their dog Duck), my ice chest and cold bottled water along with beef jerky, Doritos, Popcorn and gummy bears came in handy when a few families didn’t bring anything for their kids. We passed out water and snacks from my cooler before heading into the movie tavern for more snacks with Little Pawner Maryssa. 

Maryssa Mahaney
My Niece And Grandnieces- Makenna, Stephaney & Maryssa Mahaney
My Dog Foxy Wortham Who Stayed Home At WorthamWorld
Bringing a dog to an outdoor event isn’t a good idea for anyone but, I found a plastic cup and water for Duck to keep him from getting dehydrated.

Across the country, my other niece Leigh Ann and grandniece, Madyson Blais were at the Navy Base in Coronado enjoying the fireworks with Alex Blais and embracing the “Navy Life.” 

Little Pawner Madyson Elizabeth Blais
Madyson & Leigh Ann Blais
Madyson, Leigh Ann & Alex Blais
Always Smiling- Madyson Blais

Holidays are family times for food and fun but with half our family in California, Cindy and I are planning to make a trip to see the Blais Family in late November or mid December  this year to help set up the nursery.
 Wendy M Wortham