Flips, Swaps & Fun? The Pawning Planners-Two Sets Of Texas Twins…

Since expanding Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners, my team and I have been on a few fairly funny “adventures” at Appraisal Appointments.

Many of you have asked why I require an Appraisal Appointment.  The answer is that I won’t commit to a liquidation event unless I know there are things of value in your storage unit, barn, trailer or house.  Organizing and pricing while advertising the sale is a time consuming and “getting your hands dirty” ordeal.  Some of the things we’ve found buried under broken items and empty boxes are often surprising.  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel often calls these episodes “hittin a lick.”  Mainly because we’ve found one or two items that are worth going to the toil and trouble to “dig in and get dirty.”  

Last weekend, my team of twins went on two fairly unique Appraisal Appointments after receiving requests to liquidate a storage unit- The Pawning Planners Evaluate a Storage Unit is an Interesting Glimpse of What We Are Looking For.

Occasionally, we all focus on one or two items and then dig deeper to find the valuable items since no liquidation event is ever without trash, broken items or junk On Location- The Pawning Planners Evaluate Yard Art & Miscellaneous Items.

When we are at an Appraisal Appointment digging for items to take in trade for wedding or event services, it’s quite different because the clients are present as we search.  When doing a liquidation, we have keys and a contract prior to even driving to the location.  Pawning Planners Clients contact me to tell me what they need and I evaluate what they need to have in order for the barter to work for both myself and the client-Bartering For Wedding & Event Services- The Pawning Planners!

Every client is different and every request is as different as the client.  I’ve yet to find any two that are exactly alike in 5 years. 

 My job is to find out exactly what they need, what they don’t have and what they can afford through Texas Twins Events.  If they are booking through The Pawning Planners- it’s often more involved since we need to evaluate the trade or trades and I must calculate what the item or items need to make them “sale ready” at Texas Twins Treasures.  During the refurbishing and listing process, I’m working with them on their ceremony along with loaned items from my inventory:  cake stands, serving sets, wedding bouquets, pillars, boutenniers and other things needed to make their “Dream Event” a success.   Do we (my family and I) disagree? You bet, I’m called “bossy” but take it in stride because I am the boss.  I write the checks and cover the expenses, I pay the bills for advertising, web development, copyrights, trademarks and when sponsoring a family- pay for everything I don’t have on hand out of my own pocket.  My twin sister often tells folks “I just work here” because when I tell someone no, they go to her searching for a yes.  Sponsored families often ask for an inch and take a mile because “they have no skin in the game.”  What does that mean?  Pretty much they are telling me (or my twin) what THEY want but aren’t ponying up money or a trade. When I decide to sponsor a family at my own expense- I make the rules not them.  Otherwise, the monkeys would be running the zoo around here!

Maryssa and Makenna “The Little Pawners”
Loving Their New Tablets- The Mahaney Twins
On Location- The Little Pawners & Pawning Planners Two Sets of Twins
Now, I am softhearted and sometimes a sucker for a sob story but, my twin sister is not.  She’s going to Google sponsored clients looking for any inconsistency in their “story.”  

While I have been burned 4 times in five years, I try not to let it “harden my heart” and ruin it for everyone else which isn’t always easy when Cindy finds a post with your brand new Mercedes on Twitter after you just told me you didn’t have a car or anyway to pay myself and my team even a nominal amount.

Since we are two sets of twins- Makenna sticks with me at Appraisals and calls herself my “Mini Me” while Maryssa stays with Cindy her “sassy sidekick.” We work well as a TwinTeam and we spend far more time with each other than many other families.  Twins are different and unless you are a twin, it’s hard to understand the close bond we share.

Sometimes your plans change and when you are in the service industry and working with the general public- trying to meet their needs while drawing the line on a few things is critical to not only earn a profit but to also keep your clients happy and satisfied. My family and I have done well by bending like a tree in the wind even when the wind is a little “stormy and demanding” from a client.

The Pawning Planners-Cindy Daniel, Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham & Makenna Mahaney
In search of our next buried treasure from another family with no money- I hope this better explains how the “Pawning Process” works.  We don’t buy items from our clients- we barter them.

Wendy M Wortham We Take Trades! The Pawning Planners