Flips, Flops & The Flu-The Pawning Planners Get Back To Business…

For the past two weeks my entire family have “passed around” a flu virus.  A few days ago, I realized that I was getting sick myself after keeping Maryssa while Cindy kept Makenna in our attempt to prevent a cycle of sickness.  When you spend as much time with your family as we do, getting sick can be a real setback.

 Cindy accompanied me to our family doctor Tuesday and took another “blackmail pic” of me that I quickly deleted since she was using my phone.  

Blackmail Photos are often taken by someone in my family who “catches you at your worst” and the post the pic on social media.  My entire family accuse each other of posting Blackmail Pics all the time but, Cindy is famous in my family for taking hospital and doctor pics then posting the photo while checking in with you on FB.  She’s posted a few really awful photos of me so I try to delete them whenever possible!  

If I’m not actually sick at the time of the photo- it isn’t nearly as bad.  Cindy once posted a photo of me sedated at Baylor Hospital pre op for my full thyroidectomy to “update” our twins, friends and followers.  You can imagine my shock upon waking up in recovery to find my sister pointing an iPhone in my face for a new photo update!  Cindy never puts her iPhone down so she can stay “photo ready” at all times.

Cindy Took This Photo Of Me Prior To My Diagnosis & Life Changing Surgery- We Always Go To Dr’s Appointments Together
My entire family go to the same doctors, dentists & gynecologists so it isn’t unusual to “run into each other” at appointments.  I’ve seen my niece and my son at Dr Richwine while leaving with Cindy several times due to this flu bug and the finger pointing of who got who sick continues.

Monday I managed to drag myself to an appointment requesting an estate liquidation near my home.  The client advised me that his mother was a hoarder so I took several photos to look over later at home.  

Occasionally, there is so much stuff at a “hoarder home,” that it takes hours, days and occasionally up to a week to properly weed through everything.  Thankfully, this liquidation won’t be taking place for another 5 weeks and we have plenty of time to appraise and price items prior to advertising the sale.

  The client continued to cough throughout the Appraisal Appointment which made my sister pretty nervous about getting sick lol.  Back in my SUV, Cindy grabbed the Listerine strips and hand sanitizer. If Cindy thinks she’s “been exposed” to anyone with cold or flu symptoms, it’s not unusual to watch her slather on the hand sanitizer!

The Pawning Planners-Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham With Our Latest Little Pawner, Madyson Blais
My twin sister and husband are both germ 
freaks who run around asking “are you sick?” They both also use hand sanitizer by the barrel and it’s not unusual to see my sister washing her face with hand sanitizer to keep from getting sick.  

My husband won’t go to a bank or pharmacy drive thru without hand sanitizer and I’m pretty sure my entire family are addicted to hand sanitizer and Lysol spray during flu season because all of them are listening for a cough, sneeze or any indication of sickness wherever they go. 

Since my twin and I are sharing our yearlong weight loss journey with our followers, I should note that the flu is one way to lose weight whether you want to or not and we are both halfway to our goals (or better) after this latest unexpected illness took my family by storm.  Since I was (apparently) the last man down with the flu- everyone in my family is staying away from me except my husband who is keeping a safe distance and using the guest bathroom.  My husband is the only one who hasn’t gotten sick along with my father who became so ill a few years ago while visiting my brother in North Carolina that he was hospitalized several times and has never fully recovered.

Twinning- When You Share Everything Including Getting Sick Together
When I took Maryssa home with me last week because Makenna was sick, one of our FB friends asked if we separate the twins all the time.  We don’t they are almost always together but since Makenna was sick and Maryssa wasn’t, Cindy and I were trying to keep one twin from getting the other sick which (as usual) didn’t work out.  Maryssa is currently home sick with Cindy and Makenna is back at Austin Elementary where over half the students have been sick with the flu.


Little Pawners-Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Old School Bikes For The Pawning Planners Are Now Part Of Our “Fitness Journey” Along With Visits To Planet Fitness
Last week before sickness overcame my family, Cindy and I bought our Little Pawners “old school” bikes like my pink Panama Jack to stay on track with weekend activities.

Maryssa loves going to Planet Fitness with Cindy and I now that our family has committed to get in shape together. 

 This morning, I literally dragged myself to a barn in East Fort Worth to appraise a trade for an upcoming wedding ceremony. We will be “working something else out” since I have nowhere to house birds.

The “Bird Barter” That Wouldn’t Fly
Although I’ve “gone over” the list of what we can’t take in trade, I will be adding birds and fireworks to the existing list of moonshine, firearms and livestock.  To upload your trade or barter your event, visit my sister site-The Pawning Planners-We Take Trades For Wedding & Event Services.

Getting sick at the start of wedding season is a setback but also why my entire team are cross trained.  If you need a wedding officiant or coordinator and I’m unavailable, my son Robert Hafele and my step daughter Ann Alexander are on call. 

Rev. Robert Hafele Loves Creating Unique Ceremonies With Clients
 If you need photography and Cindy or I are unavailable, Robert, Stephaney or Ann can assist you.  I’m also a wedding officiant at BellTower Chapel and Gardens as well as a consultant so my calendar books up fairly quickly.  Adding Robert & Ann to the staff as wedding officiants will help address the needs of my client base at Texas Twins Events.

Although unexpected illness occurs, I’ve yet to miss an event in nearly 7 years and am thankful that I’m finally feeling a little better today.  

For more information on how my family owned and operated team can help you with your event, visit this site-http://thepawningplanners.com/flipping-furniture/real-people-real-stories-the-pawning-planners-have-helped-over-600-families-in-six-years/ we try to help anyone but must politely decline trades involving live animals, ammunition, and even liquor.

If you have a creative request- please use the contact us link on any Wendy Wortham website for more information.

Wendy M Wortham