Fear, Phobia, Reschedules, Cancellations & Surprises. Sorting It Out And Staying Calm…

On March 13, 2020, visitation to all TDCJ, ICE, County & FBOP Units was suspended “until further notice.” At the time of this announcement, I was scheduled at 5 TDCJ Units next week, 2 FBOP, 1 ICE and 3 County Units. With a heavy client load and my next ten days mapped out, no one was more surprised about this turn of events than I was.

Sure, I was closely following California’s decision to cancel visitation but in general, California tends to overreact. This shift has caused a number of reschedules in April. Don’t panic, Units are already rescheduling and this will work out. Please remain calm.

Two of my Texas Twins Events clients contacted me Saturday to cancel their large weddings and revise their booking to an elopement instead due to the fear of the Coronavirus.

My funeral booking today cancelled. The fear of the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. There will be no memorial or celebration of life. My clients are upset about this but the funeral home is limiting guests to prevent spread of the virus.

Grocery stores are limiting their hours. Food and toilet paper are in short supply and people are hoarding. Spring Break is now sprung. No one is traveling or dining out or considering going to areas where large groups are gathered.

Hotels, airlines, cruise ships and restaurants are laying off employees or cutting hours.

I’ve never seen anything like this happen in my lifetime. I hope to never see it again. America is shutting down. Schools have cancelled the return of students.

My twin sister who is raising her twin granddaughters has decided to stay home rather than leave the house. It’s a dangerous climate out there of shoppers unable to find what they want becoming angry and combative.

Yesterday a man in Midland, TX stabbed several shoppers at Sam’s. What has happened to people the past week? Mania and binge shopping have left empty shelves and frustrated shoppers. Fear has become the reality in America.

My son and his wife have a three week old son who was recently released from NICU. They aren’t taking him out in public for several months to prevent exposing him to the flu. They never considered the Coronavirus. Who would? Within weeks, then days, shoppers have attacked grocery stores like a swarm of locusts.

You can’t look anywhere online or even listen to a radio station or TV channel without being flooded by Coronavirus updates. It’s everywhere. Social media has also created widespread panic.

Fear and panic combined are keeping everyone at home. Waitresses and waiters are losing hours and wages. Walmart employees are facing a cut in their hours. Many people have been told to work from home.

My husband who works at McBee Homes as president was asked if he thought the staff should work from home? America and everyone living in it are changing the way they live.

Nursing homes have also revoked visitors. Elderly people are the most susceptible to this virus. It’s safer not to visit anyone if you are running fever or feel sick.

Wash your hands and self isolate if you feel ill. Hand sanitizers, toilet paper and other products are coming on trucks so don’t panic. Stay calm. This too will pass.

For my clients in our service area states effectively blanketed by visitation being revoked, remain calm. At worst we are looking at 14-30 days before rescheduling commences.

For my clients with bookings in May and June, do not panic. Remain calm. Advise guests feeling ill to stay home and not attend your event.

If you feel that you are so uncomfortable with your large event that you wish to change the number of guests, do so now rather than waiting until it’s too late to advise your guests of changes.

If you prefer to elope and plan a vow renewal at a later date, I’m happy to work with you and marry you. I have time to do so over the next three weeks that I previously didn’t have due to my previous scheduling.

Baptisms may also need to be rescheduled as a number of churches are closing their doors to prevent the spread of illness.

Current changes to venues and prisons alike are temporary and like anything else, will return to normal in the coming weeks or month.

We appreciate your business, loyalty and patience as we work to get your needs and events rescheduled.