Elopement Packages For Military Members Are An Affordable Option…

Elopement Packages are generally for very small wedding parties consisting of 2-10 people.  An Elopement is far less expensive and more convenient for couples who choose to skip all of the fuss and keep it simple.  I’ve driven to meet Military couples for weddings from Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas so a wedding on the tarmac isn’t as unusual of a location as you might think.  

When planning your wedding or elopement, think of all the essentials that are important to you and keep notes.  Most Officiants charge $250-600 in my area and photographers $500 and up an hour.  My team work hard to give you what you’re looking for at prices below our competitors.  

When I take a call or respond to an email, I always ask about the location to see if clients have chosen one but, if they haven’t- we put our heads together and look for options.  These Grooms had their best friend meet us at the hotel in Waco, Texas.  I quickly decided that the beautiful backdrop a few steps from their hotel would make a perfect setting for the wedding and photos.  Working with clients on a tight schedule requires “thinking on your feet.”

Grooms and Best Man- Waco, Texas Military Wedding
Occasionally, my home is used as a venue based on the often unpredictable weather in Texas but, if you have more than 10 guests, a park or other location may work better for you.  

Based on your budget and number of guests, my team and I can give you several suggestions while keeping your expenses low by loaning the bouquet and bourenier and offering discounted photography.  

Churches will often rent space if you have a larger party but if you are on a very tight budget–it may not be something you can afford.  Don’t forget food and beverages, decorations and more that will be added to the cost of renting a venue.

I’m often contacted about an “affordable wedding” by members of the Military who are far from home.  Since I live fairly close to Carswell AFB, I always suggest using the base as a venue since it’s free to Air Force Personnel.  

We offer year round discounts to Military Members and work hard to find affordable alternatives.  Whether you are Air Force, Marines, Navy or Army- finding you a beautiful location that won’t cost an arm and a leg is my speciality.  

A few years ago, I married the Hitshberger family over the Trinity River in a hailstorm after asking if they would be okay continuing the ceremony and with 70 mph winds, you can bet it’s a ceremony that none of us will soon forget!  

Often Military families have so little time that we can’t afford to wait for the weather to improve and laugh our way through the ceremony while getting soaking wet but, outdoor weddings are unpredictable and especially so in Texas.

Loaned bouquets and bouteniers to bring beauty to your ceremony?  I am the  only Wedding Officiant that loans flowers to ensure your wedding photos are beautiful.

Last week, a client who was stationed in El Paso wanted to elope in Fort Worth and needed a photographer.  Our first possible location was the Dallas Arbitrarium but the cost of parking and admission with possible “Permit Fees” for professional photography caused a few hurdles.  

Since the downtown area known as Sundance Square is currently decorated for Christmas, I suggested using the area for the wedding ceremony.  There are many areas for photos in and around Fort Worth with beautiful backdrops.

The Bride was a little surprised to learn that I’ve Officiated a ceremony in a Walmart parking lot, C130 Aircraft, Karate Studio and numerous Texas Prison Units.


The truth is that nearly any location can be used for a wedding. From backyards to barns to parks to hot air balloons, scuba dives and bungee jumping- there are few limits to where you choose to marry.  Of course there are numerous venues but when you are on a budget, my team and I often bounce ideas of a beautiful but free option for your ceremony.

I’m on staff at numerous venues in the DFW area but realize that most Military families cannot afford $2k-5K to effectively “rent a building.”  

Many of the venues I’m affiliated with will rent by the hour but if your family are in another state why go to the expense?  I ask a lot of questions because it’s essential for me to know what ideas will work best. 

This morning, I’m headed to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens to take a few iPhone photos to send to the Bride.  Since she was interested in the Christmas decorations at the gardens, I suggested Sundance Square as an alternative.

The timing of their wedding will be tight as I’m also at Shady Oaks Country Club on December 14th for the McBee Christmas Party.  In order to make “Event Stacking” work on the 14th, I’ve bumped the wedding to 2PM in order for Leigh Ann to have plenty of time to visit several locations for the wedding photography.

We have three photographers on staff and if you require a team, Robert & Stephanie Hafele work together.  Leigh Ann Blais is our solo photographer and all three of my photographers enjoy shooting at various locations to give you a wide variety of photos.

There are many options available for an Elopement.  If you need fresh ideas or insights for your Military Elopement, feel free to contact me for more ideas and a wide range of packages available.

Texas Twins Events Photographers Robert & Stephaney Hafele, Leigh Ann Blais & Stephaney Mahaney