Wendy Wortham Travels to Oklahoma to Conduct a LEGAL LBGT Wedding for the Morgan Family

I first met Bambi Morgan while sponsoring a group unification ceremony on the Courthouse Steps in Fort Worth, Texas as a corporate sponsor for TCGPWA in September 2013, I’ve continued my commitment to my community by becoming a corporate sponsor for several years within not only my community, but numerous other civil rights events throughout the US.

My partner and sidekick, Cindy Daniel had joined me on the courthouse steps that day in Fort Worth and continues to be involved with my commitment for civil rights regarding not only the LBGT community but also bullying of any type.

We immediately became fast friends and continued to keep up with each other through social media so you can understand why I was so thrilled after first meeting on the courthouse steps in 2013 to be asked to officiate their wedding next month in Oklahoma!

At the same ceremony, I met and later travelled to San Antonio with my partner, Cindy Daniel and a caravan of Texas Twins Team members to officiate their wedding as well and continue to stay on top of FB and Google Plus updates from all of our clients. Continuing my relationship and that of my team gives you a clearer understanding of why my clients are like family to me since sometimes in life you are gifted by meeting and having a continuing relationship with your clients and Bambi, of course was no exception with a smile that will warm your heart and her wonderful partner!

My affiliation as an activist and human rights campaigner is known far and wide, my commitment to the LBGT community is based on friendships I’ve had throughout my life that are coupled with the recognition of losing the right to have your partner on your health insurance as well as making burial decisions and the probate court system in Texas that often leaves the surviving partner at a disadvantage regarding Affidavits of Heirship.

Bambi contacted me regarding officiating her wedding in Oklahoma since Texas continues to “dig it’s heels in the dirt” over the issue of same sex unions.

Since I’m registered as a wedding officiant in numerous states, I quickly agreed to conduct this ceremony as Texas continues to wait on legalizing same sex unions.

The amount of money Texas loses every year by lgbt couples either leaving the state to marry legally in another state or, moving based on the bias “Christian Values ” of this state continue to baffle me.

As I look forward to preparing the floral designs and decorations for planning this dream event that will include a road trip, I am yet again, disappointed that Texas Legislature fails to recognize the gay community and overlook the effects their ignorant and bias have on families within our community.

Wendy Wortham and my entire Texas Twins Team will be traveling with the Morgan Wedding Party to Lake Murray Oklahoma to officiate and help with the Morgan Wedding on May 2 at 3pm.

I have made all the floral designs from my inventory at Texas Twins Treasures and our little Pawners will act as ushers at this wedding. Ordering a tiered cake and picking up items to add beauty for the decor of a church on Lake Murray, I got a call last night from these two Brides who cried while telling me that “without your help- we would never be able to do something we’ve waited years to do.” You see, they like many others are on a limited budget. I will publish a blog documenting our adventure in Oklahoma to show my loyal readers what a worthy cause helping families with limited incomes is, I believe my calling lies within reaching back to folks just like this family.

Making a statement? You bet I am and with a family that are close to our hearts what better way to do it.

When you enjoy making dreams come true for families who otherwise could never afford a beautiful event, you meet wonderful folks just like the Morgans which make your commitment and efforts a worthwhile investment.

Many ask how I can afford to operate a business that can make dreams come true one family at a time from Fort Worth and the answer is simple- I recycle out of my inventory to create bouquets, bouteniers and corsages along with Centerpieces. By reusing every scrap that I have, everyone enjoys a stunningly beautiful event even when they don’t have money to pay for floral designs, I loan them to families and later return the items to our inventory at Texas Twins Treasures.

Am I willing to travel to accommodate the needs of my friends and associates to make their dreams come true from Fort Worth? You bet your ass I am as we all continue to wait for legal marriage in Texas…IMG_2450.PNG