Brides on a Budget? Tips and Tricks to Keep Costs Low From the Pawning Planners…

Did you know the average cost of a wedding in the United States is over $20,000?  Well folks the reality is that most hardworking Americans can’t afford the extravagance of such a costly endeavor which is why I started Texas Twins Events to offer low cost ceremonies and later the Pawning Planners to take trades for families who couldn’t afford the low cost fee structures.  Keeping costs low is key in saving and today we are going to go over a few tips and tricks for ya all. 

 Booking your event on a Saturday is the most expensive route at venues.  Try for Sunday or Friday to save up to 50% and occasionally, a holiday as most couples aren’t getting married on holidays, you can sometimes shave a significant amount off your venue costs.  Consider a backyard or park venue to save money on your event.

 Decide what is most important to you, is it a beautiful view with food being not that important? Food being more important and the view less important? Make a list of what you care about most and work from it.

Big cities charge big prices, go to a smaller town and deal with a family owned business that will work with you to keep costs low. 

 A mid morning wedding may sound tough to “pull off” however, if you start your wedding early at 11:00 you can serve a brunch at the reception and save money!

Bringing your own liquor can shave thousands of dollars off your expenses.  Research the venue and ask key question prior to committing and writing that deposit check. 

 Saving money to spend on your honeymoon, the band, photos or even furnishing your home may take a little more planning but, in the long run- your planning and execution of the event can still be beautiful and better planned with your budget taking the front seat rather than the backseat.

Wendy M Wortham