Why My Life Is Dedicated To Making A Difference First & Earning A Living Second…

My journey has never been based on “getting rich first” mainly because I’ve always had to work hard to earn a living.  Most folks had parents or grandparents to fall back on while my twin sister and I had each other.

The families we meet rarely have anyone to fall back on either when they contact me to help them with their wedding, liquidation, pawning party or funeral.  They are often down on their luck and struggling to make ends meet which is why I use the term Dream Events when describing my client base.   You see, while we do have clients who can afford to book us through Texas Twins Events, we also have families with no money who book through The Pawning Planners.

 Every client is as different as their Dream Event.  All of them want photos and my photography team consists of my son, Robert Hafele and his wife Stephanie to accommodate them.  My twin sister and I along with our second generation twins, The Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney are a TwinTeam.

 Five years in the wedding and events industry have brought us Inlaws and outlaws, family fueding and a few unforgettable events but along the way, we’ve also made lifelong friends.

Sometimes you’ve got to give a little bit to get a little bit and my businesses remind me of this everyday.

While many of my fellow vendors are making tens of thousands of dollars- I’m not and that’s okay because many of my clients are low to middle class which is why my client base is a melting pot of minority clients along with LBGT clients. 

 Occasionally, my twin sister is shocked when I give her a price list of venues.  While I would love to one day be able to afford a venue for our events and my Texas Twins Treasures inventory, it’s going to take a lot of sacrifice to afford and some time to secure a space.

In a few months, I will be marrying a second generation couple.  The father of Rebecca Bowman contacted me regarding his upcoming wedding in September.

Many of our clients are referred from previous clients who were ecstatic we helped them.

Giving back to our community the last several years has taught us one thing above all else- listen to their story and finding a way to help them isn’t always easy but it’s “doable.”

Changing the wedding and events industry one barter at a time from Fort Worth has taken us to barns, trailers and a few dilapidated homes and we’ve had adventures as a family that would have never happened had I not given others an opportunity that had never existed.

Is it fun, dramatic and unexpected at times?  You bet!  But, I wouldn’t trade this adventure and the hundreds of families we’ve met for the world.

Wendy M Wortham The Pawning Planners- Family Owned & Operated