Wedding Disaster? Buckle Up Buddy- It’s a Bumpy Ride…Wendy Wortham Explains 

There are a million funny wedding videos and photos of disastrous weddings because let’s face it, weddings are unpredictable! What the heck? Wedding videos document everything from the Bride falling down the stairs to the Groom throwing up because it actually happened and someone had a camera of smart phone to get it on film.  Let’s face it, years ago when I started this business to offer low cost wedding and event services along with photography and floral designs, I had worked with the public for some 20-30 years in retail sales and thought I had “seen it all!” 

The Uneven Dance Floor “Incident”
The Groomsmen with allergies “Sneezing Incident”
They Don’t call us the Wedding Warriors for nothing ya all!  From the unruly guest to the dress that fell off after the Bride kept losing weight worrying she would look fat in the wedding photos.  At nearly every event, I’ve patiently waited for perfect execution only to be blindsided by an unexpected “incident!”  
Comedy Queen Cindy Daniel
My twin sister, Cindy gets most of her Cindyisms from the Dramas and Disasters we’ve been forced to overcome at weddings and events.  Cindy is saucy and quick witted.  If you see me crying at a venue- you will find Cindy laughing because if she isn’t laughing, she would be crying with me! 

Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney
Maryssa isn’t concerned with perfect execution- her twin sister, Makenna is.  Maryssa is concerned with getting paid for her role in the many weddings our tiny Texas Twins are involved in. 

 My son, Robert Hafele is serious at weddings while his wife, Stephanie is fun loving and quick with a laugh. 

Stephanie and Robert Hafele Texas Twins Events Photography
My team is compromised of compensating personalities which can be fairly hilarious without an “incident” occurring but, when the danger of a disaster looms- we band together to overcome the issue at hand.  When you work with your family, there will always be the occasional “bickering and battles.” 

Wendy Wortham “Wonderful Morgan Wedding”
We get lucky occasionally with the perfect wedding and perfect families who are a joy to everyone (thank God) and they more than make up for the occasional Bridezilla or Guestzillas who have us at our wits end with their over the top demands and whining. 

The Pawning Planners and Little Pawners
Traveling with two sets of twins is an adventure all on its own but giving the gift of an event that couples could have never afforded prior to my starting this business? Priceless!  We take trades for weddings & event services my other wedding business, The Pawning Planners, takes trades for services when our customers can’t afford to pay for low cost services through Texas Twins Events.  Meet Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel The Pawning Planners!  This video documents how we appraise trades for services and make dreams come true for working class families that no one else would help.  For them, my team are heroes who sacrifice our time and talents with the gift of a Dream Event.  I’m interested in hearing their stories submitted along with their trade to my sister site Submit your trade and unique story! While my saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel could care less- she wants to know what you have to flip, swap or trade and loves digging through a proposed barter. 

Cindy Daniel creator of Cindyism
You see, with Cindy “it’s all about the money!”  She’s looking for a quick flip and a profit. 

Wendy Wortham with Cindy Daniel on Cindys Blog
Cindy keeps it saucy on her blogs and often documents the disasters that I don’t.  The fact is that weddings are a Life Event and I want the event as close to perfect as humanly possible and Cindy is more interested in making a profit and having some fun.  Twins have compensating personalities and two halves make us whole.

As we gear up for our next event, remember the wedding disasters will make your special day more memorable and try to “lighten up!”

Wendy M Wortham