Wendy Wortham Texas Twins TV, OCD and Me on a Quest For Perfection At Weddings & Events 

For as long as I can remember, being early has been my idea of being “on time.”  It consistently amazes me that my client base has no conception of timelines at a scheduled event to such an extent that I plan around a 15-30 minute window of tardiness when articulating my schedule.  Being late for me would constitute a panic attack!  Follow the adventures of two sets of twins on our YouTube channel for laughs, adventure and our experiences in the reality TV industry at Texas Twins TV

You see I realize that orchestrating numerous “players” in the wedding party to all be at the same place at the same time is virtually an impossibility.  For me, being 15 minutes early is running late!

My hilarious sidekick and saucy twin sister had a “spin” on my attentive attitude regarding time by telling me to “lighten up!”  Several readers have asked why I’m always wearing a watch on my right arm and it isn’t due to being left handed.  As a child, my most treasured possession was the first watch that was a gift from our sitter, Miss Dorothy.  She used this watch in order to tell Cindy and I apart as Cindy wore hers on her left wrist. 

The watch fascinated me and all of these years later, my fondness of watches, clocks and timepieces has never faded- I love watches and Westminister chimes can be heard throughout the day at WorthamWorld where everything is done on a schedule regarding housekeeping, watering plants and even walking my dog Foxy Wortham.

My personality has been described as “big and bold” by anyone who has ever met me and I’m outgoing, gregarious and often “in charge” which also involves my ability to control the team leaving WorthamWorld in a timely fashion (early) when en route to our events and appearances. Pawning Planners

 My son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele recently moved two blocks from WorthamWorld and I’m hoping that this close distance will “bridge the gap” on departure times at WorthamWorld. 

 Cindy Daniel recently posted her hilarious blog, “Five Females Fighting” regarding routines at the DanielDivaDiggs with her Redneck Reality spin on the humorous antics going on at her home since everyone on my team and in my family has a “schedule” except for my father who is retired and a widower. 

 I’m often dropping off dinner or doing chores at DadsDen and trying to help out as he is a senior and has struggled to keep up with maintenance issues at his home which is also a few blocks from WorthamWorld.  The DanielDivaDiggs are the furthest “outpost” located approximately 25 minutes from WorthamWorld with Cindy and I taking turns traveling to each other’s homes.

Of course I am heavily involved in the decorating and “set up” at HafeleHouse and my dear friend, Tammi Leggett and I are planning to work on landscaping and decor inside to assist my son and his wife with their first house after years of living in condos and apartments.

Several months ago, Sally Garcia contacted me regarding a wedding but had complications regarding planning due to her mother in law struggling with cancer treatment.  

Last night, I finally heard back regarding the scheduling of this Dream Event and scheduled this wedding at her mother in laws home as she is not doing well and is currently in a hospice program. I will also be officiating the funeral ceremony as well as Sally’s wedding and loaning my Texas Twins Treasures floral designs, columns, photographers and other items to ensure beauty and perfection at this backyard wedding. 

Perhaps because when Sally “reached out” with an email requesting a wedding at the hospital and giving me details on the dreaded disease that has gripped her mother in law in its deadly grip, I had “touched base” every few weeks to check back in on her and offered to loan items for the wedding since their budget Texas Twins I will be providing all the bouquets, boutenniers, corsages, photography, centerpieces, columns and anything else needed at no cost as a gift to Sally.

However, with my “strong personality” I feel certain that I’m quite capable of overcoming his objections since I’m well aware that there is not a wedding officiant anywhere that offers the “extras” that I do at no cost or even a ceremony at low cost to accommodate this couple who are struggling with medical expenses regarding the mother in laws illness.

You see, I created all of my companies to address the issues of finances for low to middle class consumers but, even I have limits and have no desire to hire or retain another Minister simply because of gender.  

I’ve made many sacrifices of both my time and my money to create unique and diverse businesses while building my inventory to accommodate nearly anything else needed for a ceremony to save money for clients not in the position to rent or purchase these “extras” themselves. I do not make any additional income for loaning items and am the only person who would that I’ve ever met.

 My creative background gave me the ability to sell, refurbish and evaluate trades taken in exchange for services. The goal was to overcome the obstacles for families who had nowhere to turn when attempting to have everything necessary for a beautiful event and, it wasn’t free for me to build and create my inventory- it was a sacrifice.

 Committed to my community- I’m as far from “ordinary” as anyone you will ever meet and being a woman has never kept me from being extraordinary!  I’m not only passionate but also persevering when overcoming an objection based simply on my gender.  

Wendy M Wortham