Our Popular “Elopement Package” is Back! Cake, Champagne, Ceremony & Photos At WorthamWorld 

Yesterday afternoon my team and I were staying busy after making an Appraisal Appointment for a June Wedding.  Cindy and I searched for buried treasure in order to find items equal to the cost of the wedding package with photos and loaned floral designs from my inventory.  Often our clients suggest an item that won’t work and yesterday was no exception when Patrick suggested an old mirror.  

We videotaped this event after many of ya all have asked what happens at an Appraisal Appointment to give you an idea of how the “Pawning Process” works by taking trades in exchange for wedding or event services.  Finding something of value isn’t an easy as some of you may think since we are often crawling through barns and visiting homes loaded to the ceiling with items of no real value.

It’s important that we recognize the difference between a genuine LV bag and an imitation and often real jewelry versus costume because flipping items successfully relies heavily on product knowledge.

Often at an Appraisal Appointment, my twin sister and I are effectively “going in blind” when the client hasn’t submitted photos of an item they intend to barter with.  Appointments generally take thirty minutes to an hour and often if I cannot locate anything of value to trade, we decide to sponsor the family at our own expense which is something none of my competitors would consider.  You see, we don’t have a lot of competition when we are priced far below others and take trades.  My competitors work for cold hard cash and that’s what makes The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team so unique.  Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel Appraise A Trade- The Pawning Planners is a video documentation of how we find items when we go into a clients home.

We finally found a few items and “sealed the deal” after deciding that Patrick’s Backyard Wedding idea wouldn’t work due to the condition of the yard and suggested a park instead.  I will be loaning the wedding flowers to this couple to ensure beauty at their event.

Rushing back to my home aka WorthamWorld to officiate an Elopement, Cindy and Stephanie joined me to take photos and meet this beautiful young couple who waited 9 years to marry and then planned to visit Winstar for their honeymoon. 

 I loaned the bouquet and boutennier to the couple and watched as they enjoyed a toast with complimentary champagne and shared a bite of cake.

They had originally planned to marry at the JP and weren’t excited about a courthouse wedding when they contacted me regarding photography on the courthouse steps.  I suggested marrying at my home and gifting photos to mark their event which were taken by my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele.

As I prepare for a client meeting in my home for a wedding at the Botanic Garden in a few weeks, I’m thankful that Texas rains won’t ruin an event this weekend and an planning a trip to Six Flags with our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney before wet weather ruins an opportunity for some family fun.

For more information regarding how my multigenerational team of family members can help you with your Dream Event, use the contact us link page on this site or to submit a trade, visit my sister site We Take Trades! Submit Yours At The Pawning Planners

Wendy M Wortham