Inked Brides, Pregnant Brides, Interracial Couples & More?  Why No Two Families Are Alike…

It’s not unusual for me to get a phone call or email regarding a few of my “unusual” clients and after all these years, I should be used to it but after reading a comment on one of my photos of a pregnant bride, I took to the internet myself to defend this bride with a flurry of folks backing me up about it.  The bride in question was wearing a white wedding gown and it apparently was offensive to a Texas “Christian Conservative.”  Never mind the fact that her new husband was away throughout her pregnancy serving in the military.  

It always amazes me that the people who are so easily offended don’t care about the facts before judging anyone who might be different than their own family from appearance to ethnic background to an inmate to an inked bride, it’s becoming all too familiar for anyone to say their offended about something.

I’m not easily offended about anything because when you offer services, you offer them to everyone.  Wearing white whether you or pregnant or not is completely up to the bride and not to anyone else.  There are many vendors who “screen” clients regarding their appearance and ask the most intrusive questions that I’ve ever heard of.  How do I know what they ask you may be wondering?  Because the clients they turned away often come to us for help.

Whenever I’m on location, my twin sister is nearly always at my side unless she’s at a different event scheduled at the same time that mine is.  We work together and strive to make everyone’s event as special as they are.  Our clients are treated like families because they are.  Every family is different and our clients are no exception.

A few months ago, one reader took the time to tell me that “the people at that backyard wedding looked like they should be anywhere than at a wedding.”  Hmmm, what a boring world it would be if everyone looked the same.  None of my clients look the same.  Also, I have never (and will never) ask a client if they are pregnant, disabled, missing any teeth, two different colors, LBGT or any other offensive question.  

I find it preposterous that any vendor would find these type of personal questions acceptable because none of them are.  We don’t discriminate- we never have and we have never “screened” potential clients about their friends or others invited to their event although I do always ask if there is a guest or anyone with s drinking problem if the event will have an Open Bar.  My reasons for asking a lot of questions if there will be liquor on site stem entirely from experience.

One reader thought a guest with green hair “shouldn’t have been in the wedding photos because she looks like she’s going to a party.”  

The last time I checked, weddings were a party of family and friends but someone can find fault with nearly anything.  I call these folks “Negative Nancy’s” because no matter what you do, these folks will find something to complain about.

Inked Brides are always controversial for some reason and view their “body art” as self expression.  Many are proud of their artwork and don’t attempt to cover it up for wedding photos.  Whether you like tattoos or not, for the past ten years or so, everyone you know has a friend or relative with body art so don’t pretend you haven’t seen it before because we all have.  Tattoos and weddings are becoming the norm these days.

Veils are optional and completely up to the bride but white dresses are almost always worn by any bride I’ve ever married.  I did have one bride who wore a rainbow tutu but that was unusual even for me.  I’m almost never asked about what the bride plans to wear to a wedding but when I am, I instruct brides (including Prison Brides) to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.  

After all it’s their wedding and they should feel comfortable and pretty during “their day.

If you’ve been on my sites and social media, you’ve noticed that all of our families cover every possible background on the planet because they do.  These families are a melting pot of unique individuals who don’t deserve to have their wedding photos or other event photos commented on by someone who doesn’t approve.  I delete these comments because if you don’t have something good to say- I don’t want my clients to see it.

Comments are closed on all Wendy Wortham Websites for a reason.  Backlinks and/or  critical comments are not allowed on any of my blogs or photography.  If you need to contact me, you can find a link on any of my sites that will be answered in a prompt manner.  Social media posts are screened for critical comments daily to protect our families and our clients from seeing anything that might be viewed as offensive.