Texas Twins TV- The Pawning Planners Unique Adventures of My Texas Twins Events Team

My newest website Texas Twins TV will soon be updated and I will be writing blogs from this site in order to rise within search engines.  Both Pawning Planners Blog and the Texas Twins Events Blog will be published at Texas Twins TV Blog within the next few weeks and all subscribers to other sites are encouraged to subscribe to Texas Twins TV in order to follow my unique journey within the wedding and events industry from Fort Worth, Texas. Find me on YouTube Wendy Wortham YouTube

 Going into my fourth year of services that are offered in exchange for antiques, farm equipment, vintage toys and more that I refurbish and sell through Texas Twins Treasures to pay for wedding officiant services, loaned floral designs, photography, baptism, christening, vow renewal, memorial services, house blessings, product promotions, and more my dedicated Texas Twins Events Team and I are excited to share the stories of the families we’ve helped and the adventures we’ve shared with you aka Travels of the Texas Twins with the many hilarious journeys to find a flip or trade with my sidekick twin sister, Cindy Daniel, the Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, 

Robert and Stephanie Hafele, Leigh Ann Blais and Stephaney Mahaney. 
 From dog bites to disasters with brides, inlaws and outlaws and everything in between- I tell it like it is even when it isn’t always easy or pretty because when you are dealing with the public, there will always be the Bridezillas or Guestzillas trying to spoil the fun for everyone!  Expect the unexpected my friend because I’m often in the center of either tears of joy or fits of rage from a few of the “players” in the wedding industry that exhibit some of the most shocking and unexpected antics I’ve ever witnessed and no, I can’t make this shit up!

The wedding dress that wouldn’t fit, the bouquet that caused an allergic reaction and nose bleed, the banjo playing boyfriend and the big mouthed brother?  I’m afraid so, I’ve seen so many unexpected things happen at weddings and funerals from families who were “behaving badly” that I’m currently working on my book, Travels of the Texas Twins, hoping to finish by Winter 2016.

What about our adventures with reality TV? 

Well my friend, the adventure to film our sizzle reel and Skype Interviews and finally our pilot for the Pawning Planners is an adventure all on its own. 

For many of you who assumed that getting a contract for a reality tv concept was easy or didn’t involve some hard work, you are in for a surprise. 

There isn’t anything quick or easy when dealing with the network and although the process has taken a lot of time and dedication from both our production team as well as our camera crew, and team, the adventure is worthy of its own chapter in our lives of voice overs, edits, retakes and laughs. 

Cynical #Cindyisms from my hilarious sidekick and observations from our tiny Texas Twins aka The Little Pawners along with my brother in law, Steve Daniel and photographers, Robert and Stephanie Hafele- this team have big personalities and often argue on how we accomplish our Dream Events.  I’m the ringleader, the boss lady, the task taker and the Dream Maker. I’m also the Minister, Floral Designer, Wedding Coordinator, and creator of all of these businesses created to give the gift of a beautiful ceremony regardless of your income.  My background spans many areas of high end luxury sales from Cadillac to high end patio furniture.  I’m the designer for my unique and sought after designs for Texas Twins Treasures and Cindy Daniel specializes in metal, jewelry and more.  We both appraise trades to evaluate what it will cost to refurbish items and what the possible “flip” may make.  Cindy often doesn’t see the possibilities in antique furniture which is why we sometimes argue over what I know is a worthy trade.

 Perhaps Sandy Malone said it best with “Congratulations, you’ve been selected to do a reality show about your business, the odds of this happening are like being chosen for an NFL Draft Pick!”  Filming for Wedding Island with TLC, Sandy has often said she would do it all over again and enjoyed the adventure.

Filming a wedding or other event is never easy.  In fact, when I wanted everything perfect- everything went wrong.  Why? Well, my team works together with saucy comebacks and crisis when you have cameras all over the place and something goes awry everyone knows about it!  From the table collapsing suddenly to a forgotten bottle of champagne and everything in between, when you are a perfectionist- the “little things” nearly gave me a heart attack for the Dream Event of Lisa and Terry Williams filmed at Rudy Smedley’s Karate Studio.  Transforming a karate studio into a wedding venue on time lapse video isn’t easy and when you throw in my family- it’s chaos!

Although everything turned out beautifully and no one suspected any problems by looking at the photos-  by the time I called my husband to bring champagne glasses and the champagne- I was crying from trying to get it “perfect.”  Life isn’t always perfect and thankfully, I have a team of dedicated family members who throw in some hilarious Texas Humor and Redneck Reality on our Hillbilly How To of pulling off a Dream Event on a shoestring budget.  Duct tape disasters aside, my family and I are thankful for an opportunity to share our unique journey with ya all from Fort Worth, Texas by sharing our stories and adventures by changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time” from Fort Worth.

My goal of giving anyone the gift of a beautiful event regardless of their income by taking trades and offering low cost services and ceremonies came from my own experience when my son married during the real estate crisis and my husband was unemployed.  I realized that if we struggled to pay for a beautiful wedding- other families must be struggling too.

Both Texas Twins Events and the Pawning Planners were created to overcome issues of finance and give the gift of a beautiful ceremony.  Memories that will last a lifetime are important to every parent.

Committed to giving back to our community- we are The Pawning Planners!

Wendy M Wortham