Why Every Bride On A Budget Should Love Baby’s Breath…

I’ve yet to meet a bride who had an unlimited budget.  Everyone has some type of budget when it comes to Event Planning and finding creative ways to save money is my specialty.  Decide what is worth spending more on and what isn’t to get the most out of your event budget.  Do you have crafty friends? That’s great get them to help create a few of your wedding decorations. One of the biggest expenses for brides can be flowers.  Today’s blog will showcase the always inexpensive and readily available Baby’s Breath.  From bouquets to centerpieces, this flower is traditionally used as a filler but perfectly able to stand alone in bouquets or centerpieces. 

You don’t have to look like you saved money on your floral designs either. Recently, at a wedding that I was coordinating and officiating, the budget had been exhausted long before covering the centerpieces. To “overcome the issue,” I suggested using votives and pearls along with Baby’s Breath centerpieces.  Votives are available at discount stores like the 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree.

Chargers bring color to centerpieces and are also relatively inexpensive.  You may have a friend or relative who already owns them and will let you borrow them for your event.

A number of venues don’t allow lit candles but another option is a battery charged candle to add light to your tables.

One of the primary reasons for hiring an Event Planner that is often overlooked is our ability to give you insights on how to save money with your bridal budget as well as our extensive list of preferred vendors who often give us discounts for referral clients.

At a recent wedding, both of the Groom’s used Baby’s Breath for their bridesmaids bouquets as well as the centerpieces and the “rustic country vibe” looked wonderfully “pulled together” with bits of lavender for color.

You can also add a Rose or two to a mostly Baby’s Breath floral arrangement or use flowers in other decorations at your event like we did at this Destination Wedding in California last September.  By keeping your costs down in other areas, you can spend more money on decorations used elsewhere at your reception.

Whether you choose to go with fresh flowers or silk, the cost and value of Baby’s Breath is hard to beat for the Bride on a Budget!

On the Destination Wedding arbor, we used leaves and branches for the base on the arrangement and then added lavender and Baby’s Breath to pull it all together.  Below are the before and after photos.  There was no need to paint the handmade arbor because the leaves, branches and flowers that were twined across it covered up the areas missing paint.  

The makeshift table, table cloth and unity sand kit were purchased “on the dash” the day of the wedding when the bride decided to add the unity ceremony.  My twin sister and I purchased the table and tablecloth at Goodwill for under $13.00 and used a 40% off coupon for the unity set at Michaels.  We are “thrifty planners” who can pinch pennies when needed or give you insight on saving money at your event because we want you to have your day-your way while keeping your budget in check.

Lanterns make great centerpieces! Add a flower or two and fill out with Baby’s Breath for a beautiful look.  There are all types of event rental companies out there so check your rental options before buying lanterns or other decor at full price.  Once the plates and glasses are added to the tables, this size of centerpiece works perfectly without being too tall for guests to look over too.

With inexpensive frames you can add to centerpieces with personal photos on each table. 

Another great way to save money is to consider options for the buffet.  Believe it or not, Pizza Weddings are becoming increasingly popular because everyone loves pizza and it can cut your reception expenses in half too.

Whenever possible try to borrow what you won’t have to buy for Wedding Day decorations and if your friends or family don’t have items you can use or recycle, visit a party rental store or thrift shop for funky pieces to pull your party together.